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Accomplish yet another task in your checklist accordingly

The Interactive to-do-list

Are you deep in the planning process?

This interactive planning tool will be a great support to anyone planning any sort of celebrations, events, social gatherings, birthday parties or anniversaries, weddings, intimate engagement surprise or just wants to put a smile on someone’s face.


What is it for?

This checklist will help you ease off the planning stress, make the organizing process quicker and more joyful. If you are planning a large-scale event, this checklist will be extra handy!


What's in it?

In your online profile, you can virtually pin all necessary vendors. The list includes event venues, stock hire, clothing, gifts, gift registry, photographers, country house hotels, courses and training, everything for beauty care, bridal fashion, everything for kids, for your home, and so much more!


How does it work?

Save vendors in your to-do list that you are planning to contact in the future. You can pin the tasks later on. At the same time, keep following everything that you are interested in. Bridelifestyle.com provides new information every day in a never-ending world of trends. Come and check our "Ideas & tips" section right now!

After registration

What happens after registration when you have filled all the extended profile fields?


No.1 Ads

We will not send you countless emails and promotions


No.2 Answers

Our experienced team members will answer all of your questions


No.3 Help

Bridelifestyle.com representatives will try to offer the best promotion strategy for your product or service


No.4 Benefits

Your business will gain a valuable and, at the same time, practical control panel, which is an easy-to-use tool for the growth of your company.