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Wedding lingerie

Elegant wedding lingerie makes every bride feel sensual and irresistible. Wedding lingerie can also help hide any imperfections and highlight her body shape. The wedding and lifestyle media BRIDELIFESTYLE.COM has compiled the best wedding underwear and nightwear brands.

Wedding lingerie can act like a shapewear

Underwear will also determine how the wedding dress will sit on your body, so the bride should always get the right size lingerie for it to fulfil its functions. Wedding lingerie can be beautiful and elegant, and comfortable as well. To make sure the wedding lingerie will be seamless under the wedding dress, it is best to purchase it in person, going to lingerie stores, where it will be possible to try it on and feel the fabric on the skin.

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Only the most exquisite wedding lingerie for the most beautiful bride

Wedding lingerie is often made of the most exclusive fabrics – French lace, delightful ruffles, the highest quality satin and silk.

Wedding nightwear

Wedding night is not any less important than the wedding day. Don’t forget to purchase bridal nightwear that will make you feel sexy, confident and comfortable.

In the media BRIDELIFESTYLE.COM, you can spend several hours gaining practical advice on wedding planning. From the latest fashion trends in bridal lingerie to the most romantic and sophisticated wedding dresses – the media BRIDELIFESTYLE.COM has them all. Here you will also find useful articles on which wedding lingerie will best suit different dresses and body types, as well as a collection of the most popular and high-quality wedding lingerie brands and stores.