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Wedding music

When the emotional wedding ceremony is over, the festive dinner begins, and it's time for the wedding musicians to start playing. The newlyweds have their first dance, and the guests are welcome to join the dance floor. Wedding musicians will be the ones who create the festive atmosphere, so take enough time to look for the musicians.

Book wedding musicians well in advance

Many professional wedding musicians in Europe and around the world offer quality services at weddings and corporate events. Nevertheless, the couple should contact and book wedding musicians at least a year before the big event. The earlier the reservation is made, the more likely you will get the wedding musicians you want, and if you book a year in advance, it will probably be more financially rewarding than doing so at the last minute.

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Like with other professionals in the field, make a formal contract with the wedding musicians and settle all the relevant matters so there are no misunderstandings later. The contract may also include the repertoire and any song orders, specifying the music for the wedding ceremony, reception and first dance.

Wedding music

Most wedding musicians follow the traditional wedding scenario, and their repertoire includes songs of various genres and styles. On average, wedding musicians play for 2.5-3 hours with short breaks. Of course, if necessary, you can arrange with the wedding musicians to perform longer.

Communicate with different musicians, tell them about your vision and listen to their advice to create the perfect musical accompaniment for your wedding.

If you want to include your favourite songs in the wedding, discuss them with the musicians to prepare for the performance. Keep in mind that wedding musicians set prices for the performance depending on the length and complexity of the program.

Live music – the best wedding accompaniment

Live music and romantic wedding songs will elevate any wedding reception. Musicians often offer various programs for large or small weddings, classical and informal celebrations. Are wedding musicians necessary for all weddings? Of course not, you can structure and prepare the musical program yourself, but be aware that it takes time and knowledge to put together a playlist for the whole event. By entrusting wedding music to professionals, you will get:

  • great sound;
  • an original performance;
  • opportunity to enjoy the wedding instead worrying about the music.

Do you know what music is best for a wedding?

Nowadays, weddings can be held in any style. Music for weddings can also be varied, and professional wedding musicians can compose a musical program for the whole wedding night. Whatever program you choose, live music will add extra elegance to your wedding day.

Creative musicians at the wedding will play:

  • wedding songs – you can arrange with your musicians to play your favourite compositions;
  • music for dancing – there are rarely any weddings without dancing, and live music is especially suitable for both the first dance of the newlyweds and for the dancing with your guests;
  • relaxing music – during the dinner wedding musicians switch to slow lounge or funk-type music.

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