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Wedding decorations

Wedding decorations

The wedding day is unimaginable without wedding decorations. Wedding decorations will highlight your wedding style. Regardless of whether it is a luxurious wedding in a castle or a simple wedding by the sea, wedding decorations will elevate the event of any scale. Entrust decorating to a professional wedding decorator, or use services, such as wedding decoration rental.

The wedding and lifestyle media BRIDELIFESTYLE.COM brings together the best wedding decorators. To book the wedding decorator whose work you adore, we recommend not delaying the choice of wedding decorator until the last minute because finding a great wedding decorator can be more time-consuming than it seems. At BRIDELIFESTYLE.COM, you will find the best wedding decorators, wedding decorations for the car, and wedding decorations to rent – everything you need for a beautiful and sophisticated wedding design.

The cost of wedding decorations

To determine how much the wedding decorations will cost, you should already know: ∙

  • wedding date (at certain times of the year decorators can have a bigger workload; types of available flowers may vary through the seasons); ∙
  • number of guests;

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  • wedding seating layout;
  • overall wedding style and theme;
  • any special requests; ∙decorating time allowance;
  • wedding venue (its measurements; if there’s any furniture);
  • what exactly needs to be decorated (depending on the planned activities, you might need decorations not only for the ceremony and reception space but also extra decors and flower arrangements in other rooms for relaxed lounge and bar setups, props for photo booths, kid corners, and others).

What does a wedding decorator do?

Wedding decorators will make sure that the atmosphere you dreamed of is achieved, regardless of the venue.

Main services that wedding decorators will offer for your special day:

  • development of wedding visual concepts and outlines;
  • execution according to your preferred style for your wedding ceremony location;
  • wedding reception layout and floor planning according to the concept;
  • decorating a location or activity place as a surprise for the newlyweds;
  • some wedding decorators also offer florist services, which include making a wedding bouquet, flower arrangements for the car;
  • decorations for relaxed lounge and bar setups, props for photo booths, and kid corners at the wedding.

In media BRIDELIFESTYLE.COM, all relevant information about wedding decorations

Here you will find useful articles on different wedding styles, decors and accessories and photo galleries that will inspire you to come up with the most beautiful wedding decoration concept.

Every wedding vendor you can find in our wedding and lifestyle media is a top-level professional in their field. Every expert listed on this site will be able to answer all of your questions – what type of scenery will suit your special day, how to create a specific mood with the decorations, and what common wedding decoration mistakes you need to avoid.