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Wedding jewellery

Wedding jewellery adds the final touch to complete the bride's look. While the wedding ring undoubtedly takes centre stage, it's important not to overlook other pieces of wedding jewellery, including hair accessories.

Matching wedding jewellery to the wedding style

Every bride is unique, and so are the wedding accessories she chooses for her special day. However, it is essential to align the selection of wedding jewellery with the overall wedding style and dress. The prevailing traditions and beliefs surrounding weddings also play a role in determining the choice of jewellery. It is advisable to choose wedding jewellery only after purchasing the dress, as different wedding dress styles call for different types of jewellery.

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How to choose wedding jewellery?

Flowing, free-falling wedding dresses often pair well with delicate, fine jewellery, while a royal- style dress can be complemented by wedding jewellery adorned with large stones. For unconventional and ethnographic-style weddings, jewellery crafted from stones and leather can also be a unique choice. However, it's important to remember that sometimes, less is more. When selecting wedding jewellery, keep a balance and avoid overdoing it.

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