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Established in 2008 with a profound passion for artisanal adornments and meticulous craftsmanship, Decolove Atelier is your destination for romantic, minimalistic, modern, fashion and bespoke jewellery and accessories inspired by the wonders of nature and art. Each creation exudes a fusion of passion, sensitivity, and artistic expression.

Helming the vision is designer Karolina Pytlak, whose lifelong devotion to creativity in various forms, from photography to interior design, culminates in Decolove's enchanting pieces. Karolina's inspiration springs from the intricate beauty of everyday moments, from blooming flowers to captivating sunsets, infusing her designs with soulful elegance.

At Decolove, we specialize in crafting serene autumnal collections, dazzling evening embellishments, and timeless retro wedding accents. Every piece is handmade bby us with premium materials, showcasing a century-old technique of hand-cut silk flower production, imbued with heartfelt dedication.

Our creations have garnered acclaim worldwide, adorning clients and boutiques from Mexico to Japan. Renowned designers and publications seek our collaboration, testament to Decolove's freshness and authenticity. Join us in experiencing the allure of Decolove, where each accessory is crafted with love and radiates positive energy.

An information on the care and maintenance of our wedding jewelry

All Decolove pieces will last in beauty for a long time, though they need special treatment and care.

Our accessories arrive in Decolove boxes in order to protect them from dust and damage. There are a few rules to consider if you wish for you accessory to remain intact.

All Decolove flowers are made by hand from specially stiffened and hot formed silk. They are very delicate, just like real flowers with the difference that they do not like water. They shouldn’t get wet or damp. Also, do not tug or crush the flowers with other objects, or place them in the closet along with your clothes, as they may crumble, deform and their edges may fray. We also do not recommend pressing the flowers yourself, as they will loose their dimensional shape.

Exceptionally, you can try to gently clean them using a cloth or a good eraser, and trim their edges with very sharp scissors, but we cannot guarantee their flawless appearance subsequently.

When your silk earrings get dirty from makeup, there is no way to clean them but we have a paid service of replacing the silk flowers for any chosen colour.

Decolove earrings and head pieces are made of raw brass, surgical steel, silver or gold plated. Over time, they can darken, resulting in the effect of vintage jewellery. This condition may be accelerated due to contact with perfumes, increased humidity or high temperatures. This is a natural process that we have no influence on.

Braided wreaths are flexible and allow you to adapt to many hairstyles, you should remember to treat them in a delicate way in order not to break the handmade elements. We also advise you not to use any hairstyling products directly on them because they may cause corrosion and leave a matt coating.

If you have questions or concerns, please contact us love@decolove.com.

A wedding jewelry pieces for a special occasions

We do offer a bespoke designs or made to measure jewellery and accessories. We can either use on of our designs and adjust it with size, length and colour or prepare something especially for the bride or wedding guests. If you are looking for a bespoke piece, please allow more time for us to make a design and creating it for you.

A certifications or an assurances

We use mostly Italian silk for producing our silk flowers, freshwater pearls, rhinestones and crystals, brass and gold coated silver however as these are not materials that comes with any specific certificates.

Resizing services

We do not offer resize of rings however we can resize most of our designs, from earrings to silk flowers and headpieces.


Dorota: "Earrings are so beautiful, they are works of art that complete the whole ensemble :) Thank you very much for the express fulfillment of the order.”

Magdalena: "Light, exquisite, feminine? And complimented by other women!!?”

Anita: "Super fast shipping. You can really count on you. I wasn't disappointed. The earrings are exquisite. The product is made with great care. Perfect. Thank you very much.”

Agata: "Earrings made with the highest attention to detail, they are beautiful and one of a kind!"

Production and delivery time

It is always flexible but usually takes between 14-28 working days but it all depends on the design and if we have to order any specific materials to make it. When there is a need we can always arrange a super fast service for additional fee.

Of course we can and we do it with great joy. We are aware that our offer is really big and it may be difficult to make a decision. That’s why we offer ty styling advice for all the brides, brides maids or other wedding guests.

Additional services for your jewelry after purchase

We do have a service that is designed to refresh silk flower earrings that may get damaged, it is free of charge and the customer is only supposed to cover the both ways shipping cost.

Other than that, when the silk flowers on the earrings get damaged in a way that gives no chance of refreshing them, we also offer a service of replacing the flowers for any chosen colour, not necessarily the one that was ordered at the first place. This service is paid and depends on the size of the earrings and it applies to most of our earrings, however there are some designs that are or possible to replace the flowers.

Exclusive or limited-edition collections

Most of our collections are carry over and we usually introduce one bridal collection a year plus another one which is designed for more everyday or party use.

An insurance for protection against loss or damage

All of our parcels are shipped with insurance. When there is any damage during the shipment, the receiver should take a pictures before unpacking the parcel and fill the complaint form with the courier. If there is no option for that, the complaint form can be also filled online with the proper delivery company.

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