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Wedding floristics

Wedding floristry allows you to fill the most beautiful dreams about your wedding decorations and bridal bouquets, while wedding florists are the people who take care of it. The bridal bouquet is one of the most important and long-awaited wedding elements for many brides, so finding the right wedding florist is a very important aspect.

Wedding floristry - service providers that create a special mood

Wedding florists will definitely agree that the size of the bridal bouquet matters. If the bride is a fine body, then it is recommended to choose a bouquet not too big. With the right shape of the bridal bouquet, it is also possible to highlight the outline of the body, while choosing the wrong shape and size of the bouquet can achieve the opposite effect.

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Wedding florist tips

Wedding florists will definitely know how important it is to choose the shape of the bridal bouquet that is in harmony with the wedding dress, because together they form a set. It is important that the arrangement of flowers perfectly complements the wedding dress, not overshadows the beautiful details. If you want the arrangement of live, large flowers, which are noticeable and boldly arranged, then the front of the dress should not be too detailed, because the most important accent will be the exquisite bridal bouquet.

Wedding florists point out that if all the accents are on the back of the wedding dress, then perhaps the best choice to balance the look is with a more impressive bouquet. On the other hand, if the dress has lace or embroidery on the front, it is recommended to choose a bouquet that does not overwhelm it and does not cover it too much.

These and various other wedding floristry tips, as well as the best wedding florists, can be found in the wedding and lifestyle media BRIDELIFESTYLE.COM.

The bridal bouquet and wedding florist must be booked in advance!

We, the modern wedding media BRIDELIFESTYLE.COM, recommend that you do not postpone choosing a wedding florist and ordering a bridal bouquet, because finding your dream bouquet (and florist) may take more time than you might think. If you are organizing a wedding and your task is to take care of wedding flowers, then BRIDELIFESTYLE.COM will be the right place to look for inspiration and advice.

In our wedding portal you will find the best wedding florists and floral masters who will realize the new couple's ideas and provide professional advice, which flowers are best to choose, with what they should be combined and what flower bouquet will suit the bride.

In order to make it easier to find your ideal bridal bouquet, which is just as perfectly in line with the selected wedding mood, we offer all the most important information in one place.

On our media you will find:

  • Contact information of wedding florists who specialize in creating bridal bouquets and various wedding flower decorations - addresses, telephone numbers, emails and websites, as well as the range of services offered;
  • Beautiful wedding floristry picture galleries to help you choose the most appropriate florist.

TOP trends in wedding floristry

Current trends in wedding floristry and the diversity of flower bouquets lie in colors, shapes and composition. There are three main trends in color:

  • Classic and delicate bouquets;
  • Saturated colors, dramatic and large bridal bouquets;
  • Forest / greenery bridal bouquets.

When ordering a bridal bouquet, it is important to remember about the other details as well:

  1. Wedding flower wreaths, if needed for the bride.
  2. A groom's pin that a florist can make using the same flowers that dominate in the bride's bouquet. Often brides choose to form a harmony between the flowers - both in the wedding bouquet and in other wedding flower decorations.
  3. If the bridesmaids also have a role to play at the wedding, you should not forget to order bouquets for them as well.
  4. If it is planned to throw a bridal bouquet at midnight for an unmarried girlfriend, then there are brides who order a duplicate bouquet of flowers - to keep hers as a reminder of the special day.

The most up-to-date information about wedding florists - on the wedding media BRIDELIFESTYLE.COM

All wedding service providers in our media are professionals in their field, including wedding florists. They will be able to answer questions about the current trends in bridal bouquets, which flowers should be combined and which, however, is better avoided in wedding floristry. The answers to these and other questions are known to professional wedding florists, whose contact information can be found on our media. We, the BRIDELIFESTYLE.COM team, will help to conjure up the wedding mood you have always dreamed of - with the most beautiful bridal gown, the most admired bridal bouquet and the most original wedding ceremony ideas!