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With over 15 years of experience, Silvia's make-up journey began in the fashion industry, transitioning to beauty and creative editorial work for magazines, alongside a decade-long teaching career. While initially hesitant, she found herself drawn to the wedding industry, captivated by the genuine emotions and attention to detail it demanded. Working closely with brides, she values the personal connection and satisfaction of her clients.

Silvia's technical prowess and friendly demeanor make her popular among brides and colleagues alike. Her versatility in makeup styles, coupled with her experience with various skin types and ethnicities, stems from her international studies. Clients appreciate her precision, calm, organization, attention to hygiene, cooperation and punctuality, in addition to her innate problem-solving ability.

Listening attentively and observing natural light and facial structure are crucial aspects of her work. Silvia understands that make-up for special occasions goes beyond superficial enhancements; it plays a significant role in a bride's overall look and confidence.

Based in Florence, Silvia happily travels throughout Italy, offering her services also in other highly demanded locations such as the Amalfi Coast and Sorrento, Como and Garda Lake, Venice, Rome and Apulia. She provides a range of wedding day solutions, including retouches and alternate looks, ensuring a personalized experience for each bride.

Silvia extends her services beyond brides to all involved with the help of her expert team, ensuring each receives personalized and high-quality service for an unforgettable experience.