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How to preserve wedding bouquet

Wedding day is so momentary and goes past too fast, naturally you would like to come back again and again to taste some nice wedding moment. Thanks to photos and video made to dwell wedding feeling one more time. But if you want to preserve not only memories and feelings, wedding bouquet preservation is the best option to do it.

A bouquet toss tradition

It’s better not to realize some of the most popular wedding tradition in the world – a bouquet toss tradition, if you want to preserve your wedding bouquet. Why? First of all, you lose your original wedding bouquet. Secondly, it will lose its original form. Flowers and decor may be broken after this really nice tradition is done. However, if you want to delight some of your girlfriends, ask your florist to make identical bouquet (or different one, as you like) and use it for throwing.

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When ordering a bouquet, tell your florist that you would like to preserve your wedding bouquet. Professional florist will give you helpful advice, how to preserve and treat exact those flowers and plants are used in your wedding bouquet to make it especially durable on wedding day and easier to preserve after the wedding.

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How to preserve and dry wedding bouquet

You may want to preserve every little petal and stalk of flowers. But the truth is that not every little detail will remain as it is. Drying bouquet in a dry place it will remain neatly, but some petals will fall in the process. At the same time, drying is the easiest way to remain a bouquets original form. There is no need for neither investment nor special skills. Thing to remember – bouquet shrinks while moisture dries, and gorgeous colours of flowers fades out. But don’t worry, shape of bouquet will remain.

Before put your wedding bouquet for drying, release it from leaves and flowers which is going to fall off or decay already. Wrap the stems with tape or rubber, so you can ensure it will remain original form while drying. The shape will be maintained if hanging the bouquet upside down in dark and dry place. Drying can take two weeks up to month depending on plants.

Put the dried bouquet in carton or wooden box, thus protect it from the dust and wet. If you want more aesthetic pleasure, glass box will be fantastic choice.

Individual flower drying

Maybe your wish is to preserve only individual flowers? Remember some nice trick from childhood when flowers where pressed between the pages of heavy books. Choose the flowers and dry them this easy and playful way. To avoid spoiling or dirty book paper, put between the pages white sheets of paper as copy paper or drawing album paper. Afterwards you can even create your own artwork making composition of dried flowers in the frame.

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