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Alessia & Alessio

Alessia & Alessio

Elopement in Rome at Piazza Navona on December 14, 2023

Alessia and Alessio met in college; they were part of the same group and became best friends. Theirs was a slow, thoughtful, gradually growing, and firmly built bond. They fell in love as adults; Alessio was always convinced, but it took Alessia a little longer to realize she couldn't do without him anymore. I guess he noticed something special in her right away. Today, they are very close, albeit different, and share many passions. Alessio allows her the freedom to be the person she wants to be, and he is unquestionably the man in her life.

Elopement Planner: Sara Tusset | Wedding Planner

Bouquet Designer: Sara Tusset | Wedding Planner

Photographer: Elisa Rinaldi

Make up: Monica Tusluc

Cake design: Annikka Toni