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Ethereal weddings are concept associated with exquisite and dreamy aesthetics, a romantic and sensual atmosphere. It represents an understanding of weddings as an event where the deepest essence of two people unites. We live somewhere between earth and sky, possessing a physical body, a part of the material world, and a spirit - a connection to the transcendent. Love is a force that encompasses two individuals, affecting them both spiritually and physically. On the wedding day, the material aspect holds great importance - everyone present is finely dressed, the table is adorned with the finest cuisine, and the environment is designed to provide sensory pleasure. Yet, weddings are not solely about the material. We arrange all this beauty to encourage the recognition and experience of something higher.

As if out of this world

Ethereal is something extraordinarily delicate, almost intangible, beyond and above this world. It is less physical and material but more spiritual, almost celestial. It is a perfect concept for weddings. In everyday life, relationships and coexistence often revolve around practical matters and mundane problems, getting stuck in lower, material levels. However, a wedding day is a day to indulge in a deep, spiritual, and emotional plane. Ethereal weddings are not just about dreamy, delicate, and unobtrusive aesthetics; they are about an atmosphere full of love, infused with peace and surrendering to the flow of the day.


Wedding dress of a soulful bride

And yet, since the visual aesthetics create atmosphere, if one desires an ethereal wedding, the newlywed couple should look as if they radiate romantic and effortlessly dreamy vibes. It will be especially easy for brides to create such an image this year, as among the current wedding dress trends observed during the recent Bridal Fashion Week in New York, there were many dreamy motifs.


You can feel like you're in seventh heaven wearing a baby blue wedding dress, which is a particularly popular colour choice. You can express your playful nature by opting for an unconventional mini-dress design. The white and colourful floral motifs in designer collections will suit everyone - from a forest nymph to a garden fairy, even a flower queen. Choose who you want to be and find a wedding dress that resonates with your feelings. Lastly, what could be dreamier and more ethereal than semi-transparent fabrics to adorn yourself on your wedding day?


The balance between higher powers and your beliefs

When two people fall in love, the outside world ceases to exist. They become each other's universe, and everything else becomes secondary. However, over time, a desire arises to share their love with others, to express their feelings and promise to continue loving each other even more in front of their families, friends, and the people around them. After all, the more you share your love, the wider it spreads.


Love itself is a higher power. When we experience it, we realize there is so much intangible yet undeniably present in this world. Regardless of the higher power one chooses to believe in - God, the Universe, Nature, or anything else - marriage is the celebration where we honour these powers and seek their blessings for our shared journey ahead. The couple can understand what matters to them through honest and open conversations. The most important thing is for all the rituals and activities performed on the wedding day to be purposeful and to hold meaning for you. You should believe they are the right way to embark on your married life.

A religious ceremony usually follows certain customs and canons. However, a spiritual wedding ceremony can be held almost anywhere and in various formats. You can incorporate traditions and rituals that feel powerful and significant to you. Additionally, you can create the ceremony script, ensuring that it aligns with your desires. You can write your vows, select texts to quote, choose music to play, and so on.


In harmony with nature

We are indeed physical beings, and it helps to be present in the here and now, in this environment, in this body to connect with higher energies and intangible realms. Therefore, weddings that focus on spiritual and soulful aspects are best held in nature or in a place where you can feel the presence of natural elements in some way. In the city, there is a fast-paced and hectic rhythm. In nature, time flows a little differently. In meadows, forests, mountains, or by the water, we surrender to the natural flow effortlessly.

In nature, we come into contact with the four elements, all present within us. These elements are not only simple and universally known but also beautiful and powerful symbols to incorporate into your wedding day in various ways. When we are in direct contact with the earth, we ground ourselves and return to our core. If the wedding takes place on a warm summer day under the open sky, you can take a moment to walk barefoot. Air represents our mental clarity.


By the seaside during the wedding, you will feel this element. Air and fragrances can also create a powerful atmosphere, you can play with moods using incense and aromatic candles. Water represents empathy and openness. Water flows and accepts. Having a wedding by the sea, lake, or river, conducting a refined ceremony by a fountain, or drinking some water directly from spring are ways to incorporate this element into your wedding day. Fire symbolizes creativity and passion. You can include this element in weddings by making a bonfire in the evening or lighting some candles.


Find focus and connect to each other

For the wedding day not to rush by in a blur and for the memories to be more than just hazy images of heightened emotions, it is important to practice mindfulness both on the wedding day itself and during the preparations. Being present in the here and now, savouring the moment - it may seem simple, but it is not always easy to achieve, especially on a wedding day when emotions and thoughts are overflowing. To calm the mind, you can focus on your body, close your eyes, feel each part of your body, and then open your eyes and concentrate on each of your senses - list what you see, hear, smell, and feel. It will help to clear the mind from all the chaotic thoughts.


Similarly, although there is a tradition of spending the morning before the wedding separately and seeing each other only during the ceremony, a recent trend is to spend the morning together. Being together, preparing for the special occasion side by side, you will likely feel much calmer, and by your presence, you will reassure each other - there is nothing to worry about, we cannot miss anything, we are both here and doing this together because we truly want it.


On the wedding day, not only the newlyweds, but also the guests, especially close friends, relatives, and parents of the couple, may feel anxious. They have also prepared, rushed, and hurried. You can dedicate a moment before the ceremony for everyone to attune themselves, to arrive in the present moment with their minds and souls, so that all other trivial thoughts stay outside the venue. A collective meditation can assist in this purpose as part of the wedding ceremony. Just a few minutes to calm down and gather thoughts, and both you and the guests will experience the wedding on a much deeper level.

Author: Renāte Berga

Photo: Stefano Santucci, Anna SteenDos SantasThis Day Forward, ZK Photography, Maley photography

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