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Wedding photography trends are exciting. They are all about having fun and living in the moment. But when it comes to wedding photography, these are photos that will hold the memories for many, many years. Including some trends in your wedding aesthetic and photography can be a great way to make your wedding look modern. But how to acquire that fine balance between being trendy and timeless?



To find out, we asked well-experienced and rewarded wedding photographers, Paulina and Matas, a couple who works together as JūrasDuo. They shared their observations and philosophy regarding wedding photography trends.

Wedding photography trends – contemporary or short-lasting?

When asked about their opinion about trends in general, JūrasDuo gives an advice – don’t blindly follow them, that way the photos won’t go out of style. They explain that they as photographers want the core of their style to remain intact throughout the years. It’s tempting to follow the latest trends, but if they want their photos to stand the test of time, it’s essential to stay true to their unique style and vision. When they teach other photographers, they always advise – don't randomly follow trends, instead embrace your individuality, and create photos that are authentic and enduring.


But for those who are not aspiring photographers but who are looking for wedding photo inspiration, JūrasDuo gives some simple tips on how to recognize a trend. Because it is not always easy to distinguish trends from different styles and aesthetics.

  1. Firstly, if it’s super popular – it’s probably only a short-lasting trend. They share a story from their own experience: “20 years ago it was trendy to make Black&White images leaving only some parts colourful, e.g. red roses. Everyone loved it! When our wedding photographer refused to do it, we didn’t understand at first. But it was one of the best advice he could give us then. Thank God we don’t have this kind of images of our wedding.”
  2. Secondly, look at the skin tones. If they are weird – it’s probably a trend. JūrasDuo now observes that it’s quite popular to give a yellowish tint on the colour photos. If it’s done correctly it might look good. But what they often see are distorted colours of people's faces. It will definitely look weird 10 years later.


Choose your wedding photography style

Before googling the newest photography tendencies think about the context of your wedding. Maybe some trends won’t even work in your chosen wedding concept. For example, soft and airy photos depicting natural tones will be easier to take in nature. But 90’s paparazzi-style photos will better suit a cocktail party in the city. If you can define the style of your wedding you can more easily find a photographer who will be able to translate your aesthetic in the photos. As JūrasDuo sees it, there are 6 main different wedding photography styles. They note that there is no superior or inferior style, it's merely a matter of difference, each unique and beautiful in its way. Beauty is subjective, and so is style.


Here is a little guide to wedding photography styles that you can use to better understand what you like and what will suit your wedding the best.

As JūrasDuo adds, these photographic styles won’t go out of fashion. They are not short-lasting trends. They can be a reflection of your unique personality as a couple, you just have to find out which style represents you and speaks to you. And each of them will stand the test of time.

  • Photojournalistic. Also known as documentary style, this approach emphasises candid and unscripted moments. The goal is to capture the wedding as it unfolds, telling the story of the day through a series of candid and authentic images.
  • Fine Art. It's all about soft, light, elegant and very airy wedding photography.
  • Artistic. This style is more creative, often featuring unconventional compositions, lighting and unique perspectives. For those couples who would like to have some true art from their wedding day.
  • Rustic/Vintage. Characterized by its warm, nostalgic, and intimate look and feel. This style often includes images that have a muted colour palette, with a focus on earthy tones and soft, natural lighting.
  • Editorial/Fashion. This style takes inspiration from fashion photography, using dramatic lighting and posing to create striking and glamorous images.
  • Elopement wedding photography. Capturing intimate, private wedding ceremonies that typically involve only the couple. Elopements are often held in unique or remote locations, such as a mountaintop, beach, or city rooftop, and the photographer's role is to document the special moments of the day in a creative and meaningful way.


Wedding photography – always changing

When asked about their observations on how wedding photography has changed and what trends have they seen during their career, JūrasDuo tells that wedding photography has changed from staged photoshoots in the studio to more authentic shoots. Years ago, a wedding photoshoot was all about capturing posed images of the bride, groom, and their wedding party. Especially in the Baltic States, it was all about the photoshoot in the studio. Then 15-20 years ago it started to slowly change, but it was still all about posing. These meticulously arranged shots were the main focus of the photography, with little room for spontaneity or candid moments.


However, in recent decade, there has been a significant shift towards candid photography. Brides and grooms now prioritise authentic and unscripted moments that truly capture the essence of their wedding day. JūrasDuo notes that this trend towards photojournalism has allowed for a more intimate and honest depiction of weddings, with candid moments becoming cherished memories that stand the test of time. These images, frozen in time, serve as a reminder of the joy, love, and celebration that marked the couple's special day.

They add that planned and posed shots changed significantly since wedding photography started shifting towards a more authentic approach. If a photographer is doing a posed photoshoot during the wedding – many times it’s all about art, not just simple portraits, where people are looking at the camera and weirdly smiling.


How to choose the right photographer for your wedding

It isn’t a secret that one of the most important people at your wedding is the photographer. That’s why you should find someone that you feel comfortable around and with whom you share the same vision. Also, a photographer is an artist who creates all these beautiful pictures of your special day, so your wedding photographer should be someone you completely trust. You know that they are excellent at what they do and you can rely on them.


JūrasDuo shares some honest advice on how to find the right wedding photographer if you want your wedding photos to look timeless and you don’t want to jump on short-lasting trends:

  • When choosing a photographer think about how those images will look like 10, 20, or 50 years later.
  • Choose a photographer whose style you adore, but who is not super trendy. Otherwise, your wedding images will go out of fashion.
  • Choose a style, not a trend.

Wedding photography can be very different. The main goal is to find this difference in something that represents you and will be relevant also in the future and not in something trendy at the moment. As JūrasDuo wisely states – choose a style, not fashion. Because fashion comes and goes, but style is something personal and unique.


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Authors: Renāte Berga and Jūras Duo

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