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Finding an engagement ring is an individual and special experience for the man. Someone will choose classical values, someone will ask for the help of the bride's girlfriends, and someone will give their love a family ring. However, it is worth remembering that, like fashion, the trends in accessories and jewellery are also changing. Often, the future bride hints for her lover to buy exactly the ring she imagined. If you want to get a modern ring, our guide will introduce you to the engagement ring trends in 2023.

More than one

It has become popular to wear several rings on each finger. In addition, they must be comfortable, so eternity rings are most often chosen. Those are characterized by many gemstones embedded around the ring. These can be small diamonds carefully attached to the base of the ring or larger, angular gems of different colours. Many fiancées are happy about this trend because what could be better than one engagement ring? Of course, two engagement rings! It is important to choose mutually matched eternity-style rings without fear of bright colours that will stand out.


Drop shape

Pear-shaped (also called drop-shaped) gemstones make the rings look both feminine and sophisticated. It is no wonder that, in 2023, it will be one of the most sought-after stone forms. Pear-shaped diamonds are modern and graceful, and the special shape of the stone allows them to shine even brighter than classic solitaire-style gems.

The pear-shaped stone will make your fingers look longer and slimmer, and it can be worn with the pointed facet of the stone to either side and change direction depending on the mood.


Unique engagement rings

Unique, original, and unusual rings were already in vogue last year, and the trends in engagement rings in 2023 also show that such rings are still trendy. It takes more effort, as you need to come up with a unique design that will characterize the bride and her style. The ring can be personalized by its shape, engraving, or choice of unusual gems or material.


Double band rings

The year 2023 is associated with uniqueness, and one of the most popular trends will be double-band engagement rings. Such a ring consists of two narrow rings connected to a gemstone. It looks as if the stone is floating between the two hoops, which creates an airy and modern impression.


Extra shine

Pave-style engagement rings will be especially trendy. This type of ring has one larger central stone, while many small gemstones are embedded in the base of the ring. They can only be in front of or around the loop. This type of ring is very shiny because it is adorned by many small gemstones, which are reflected in the central stone. The small diamonds around the ring give the impression that the whole ring is a circle of sparkling gems. This will be a luxurious and expressive choice.


Colorful gems

Brides who want a less traditional ring will be happy to know that the 2023 engagement ring tendencies feature diamonds and other bright gemstones of different colours. Choose a gemstone that best describes your style, and do not be afraid of colours. This is your chance to be original and stand out against the background of classic transparent gems. Coloured diamonds are much rarer, but you may choose a ruby, emerald, sapphire, or combine them.


Special ring frame

A frame with a gemstone can also make the ring unique and unrepeatable. The cathedral setting is one of the most popular ring trends in 2023, thanks to its unique style that mimics the classic arches of ancient cathedrals. It visually makes the stone much larger because it gives it a raise. This design will add sophistication, uniqueness, and elegance to the gemstone and will appeal to lovers of vintage-style rings.


Gemstone in the frame of gemstones

What could be more luxurious than a diamond ring in halo style? Many small diamonds enclose the central gemstone, thus accentuating it and making it visually larger. Such a ring indicates richness and luxury, and it can be combined with the base of a pave-style ring for an additional effect.

Ingenious simplicity

Those who do not want to attract too much attention to their ring by choosing bright and expressive gemstones will enjoy this engagement ring trend. Simple and classic rings with a small gem are still in vogue. It can be a classic solitaire ring that will never go out of style or a small minimalist style ring.


Author: Elisa Rudzite

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