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New year, new trends. What will be actual this year?

Sustainability continues to be a hot topic also in the wedding industry. Another big trend is not to follow the existing wedding traditions only to please parents and guests. More and more couples choose to have an authentic wedding in a way that is meaningful to them. A wedding should reflect your personality, and you should do exactly what you want on your wedding day – there are no rules.

Relaxed atmosphere

Couples increasingly want to create a relaxed atmosphere at their wedding, allowing them to enjoy the moment. This means not giving so much importance to traditions but instead thinking of an atmosphere they want to create. There can be an off-site catering bus or picnic at the wedding; you can skip a formal dinner and arrange a cocktail party with a bar with professional bartenders and fun music to dance to; if you like, get married in a meadow during a sunrise.

kāzu tendences 2022

Several wedding celebrations

The trend of small, intimate weddings has flourished, as well as several wedding celebrations, each different. One in a small company with parents, then a fun dance party with close friends, and finally a yacht trip with brothers and sisters.

kāzu tendences 2022

Wedding at workday

There is no certain day of the week you should get married, however, couples usually preferred weekends. But along with remote work possibilities, we have generally become freer, without feeling as restricted with our time. As a result, there is no need to plan weddings exclusively on weekends.

There are fantastic advantages to a wedding on a weekday – if you are planning a wedding soon, you will probably be able to book the best wedding organizersand photographers, as well as wedding venues, which are usually booked on the weekends.

kāzu tendences 2022

Nature-inspired decorations

Weddings in nature have become more and more popular. It has also influenced the choice of wedding colour tones and decorations. This year the wedding colour palette is inspired by nature – earth, rust, amber, and honey. In decorations, natural materials are in trend – macramé, clay and wood decors, and linen napkins. If you prefer something more sophisticated and not as rustic, opt for soft nude shades.

kāzu tendences 2022

Wedding photos from another perspective

As weddings are increasingly held in venues surrounded by beautiful nature, there is a desire to show the effect of the location in wedding photographs as well. To achieve this, look for new, less usual perspectives to reflect the wedding story. Capturing weddings in beautiful photos from above is becoming more and more popular. Ask your wedding photographer if a drone is available.

Personalized dinner menu

This year, the wedding menu, snacks, and drinks customized to preferences are especially actual. How to express yourself in the choice of food and drink? The menu can consist of your favourite foods, snacks, and drinks, which can take the wedding guests on a culinary tour of your story, starting with the first date meal and the first dish you cooked together, ending with your favourite wines.


Rented wedding dress

Wedding dress rental has several benefits. Firstly, we already mentioned sustainability. This dress has already been created, and no new resources are used on producing the dress.

Secondly, you can choose the most beautiful and charming wedding dress you want, without worrying about what to do with it after the wedding.

Thirdly, you will spend less finances on the dress and will still get a high-quality designer dress.

Fourthly, there will be no need to wait for the dress to be sewn.

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Alcohol-free wedding

With the growth of a healthy lifestyle, non-alcoholic weddings are gaining popularity. With a professional bartender or bar service, you will be amazed by the delicious and tempting cocktails that do not contain a drop of alcohol.




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