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Malina Photography

Malina Photography

+49 17621226126


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I am Malina and a passionate photographer located near Frankfurt!

I love creating unique moments for eternity with my photographic shots. It is an art to tell special stories through pictures and I have the pleasure to live out this art every day.

The connection to the people and places I photograph particularly drives me. I truly believe that every person has a unique story that is worth telling. With my camera in hand, I am looking for these stories – the smile that reaches the eyes, the tears of joy, and the quiet moments of reflection.

It is very important to me personally that my clients feel comfortable in front of the camera and that their natural radiance comes to the fore. Whether it is the intimate smile of a bridal couple or the playful joy of a child – I love capturing real and authentic moments.

I am incredibly grateful for all the people I have already met and whose wonderful stories I have been able to capture. Likewise, for all the moments and experiences I have been able to live. I look forward to meeting you and expressing your emotions in my pictures.

Let us create memories together that last a lifetime – one click after the other.


Wedding story, engagement, family photo session, single photo session, video, wedding album.


There is no general price catalogue as I am offering always a customized offer, which fully covers all needs. The conditions are depending on the location/destination, time, efforts and requests.


I can do shoots in any environment. It does not matter if the shoot is indoors or outdoors. In addition, shoots at night with different light conditions are possible. In addition, I also have a drone and can take incredible recordings from the air. I am available worldwide


I am always open for a spontaneous call if my calendar can match it. For the main wedding season, a reservation should be done as early as possible.