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Pedro Filipe Fotografia offers wedding photography and videography services.

Since 2013, I have been working as a professional photographer, driven by a passion for wedding and travel photography. I enjoy collecting images that bring us back to those special moments, filled with the emotions associated with a person, a gesture, or a place.

As a wedding photographer, my mission is to observe and document, with a keen eye and a natural, elegant narrative, the unique and special moments of a couple’s life. I aim to create a physical memory that is both faithful and transferable, preserving the profound emotions and the presence of loved ones on that day. There is nothing more magical than capturing a love story in time and space!

My approach to documenting your day starts with the emotions you share and the story you tell. I capture it authentically, warmly, and discreetly, using natural light. I am dedicated and intuitive, focusing on the feelings, laughter, reactions, and both the small and significant details.

I want everyone to remember this special day as it truly happened, with genuine emotions in every look and gesture, filled with elegance, lightness, and soul. I strive for people to feel happy, beautiful, and special, ensuring the experience is natural, trustworthy, and serene, and the final result is timeless, striking, and precious.

I want your day to be... your day!