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Best engagement ring designers bring a unique flair to their creations, offering a diverse range of exquisite and timeless designs to suit different tastes.

16 personality types and the best engagement ring brands for each of them

The concept of 16 personality types is derived from a popular psychological tool developed by Katharine Cook Briggs and her daughter Isabel Briggs Myers. These types reflect inherent preferences in how individuals perceive and interact with the world, make decisions, and approach tasks. In this article, we’ll look at these personality types and ascribe each engagement ring brand that we believe will suit them the best.

Remember, the best engagement ring designer is the one whose creations resonate most deeply with the personal aesthetic and sentiment of the wearer.

The Architect

The Architect personality type encompasses individuals with the traits of introversion, intuition, thinking, and judging. These contemplative strategists take pleasure in refining the intricacies of life, infusing creativity and logic into all their endeavours. Their inner world is typically a private and intricate realm. Architects are known for their analytical and strategic thinking, valuing quality, precision, and uniqueness. A high-end engagement ring will align with their appreciation for fine craftsmanship, attention to detail, and a desire for something distinctive.

Alexis Russell

Alexis Russell offers a range of unique high-end engagement rings. Their designs frequently include raw diamonds, unconventional gemstones, and nature-inspired elements.


The Logician

The Logician personality type is characterized by introversion, intuition, thinking, and prospecting traits. These adaptable thinkers delight in adopting unconventional approaches to various facets of life. They frequently explore unlikely paths, combining a willingness to experiment with their creativity. Logicians are known for their analytical and independent thinking and a keen appreciation for intellectual pursuits and creativity. Exquisite engagement rings, characterized by intricate designs, unique craftsmanship, and attention to detail, align well with the Logician's appreciation for complexity and beauty.

Their logical and curious nature may lead them to value a ring that not only symbolizes commitment but also sparks intellectual interest. Rings with distinctive features, perhaps incorporating unconventional elements or designs, could be particularly appealing to the Logician's sense of individuality and originality.


Kimai is a sustainable jewellery brand that offers lab-grown diamonds in modern and stylish designs, providing an exquisite and ethical option for engagement rings.


The Commander

The Commander personality type embodies individuals with the traits of extraversion, intuition, thinking, and judging. These decisive individuals thrive on momentum and achievement. While they gather information to build their creative visions, they seldom hesitate for an extended period before taking decisive action. Commanders are known for their assertive and goal-oriented nature, valuing success and status. Luxury engagement rings align with their preference for high standards and are likely to be appreciated for their quality, sophistication, and the status they symbolize within the social sphere.


Mociun is recognized for its one-of-a-kind, handcrafted engagement rings. The brand often incorporates unconventional gemstone choices and intricate designs.


The Debater 

The Debater personality type is characterized by extraversion, intuition, thinking, and prospecting traits. Known for their bold and creative nature, they possess great mental agility, often deconstructing and reconstructing ideas. They pursue their goals with determination, facing any resistance they encounter with vigour. Debaters are known for their innovative thinking, spontaneity, and desire for intellectual stimulation. High-quality engagement jewellery, characterized by excellent craftsmanship and unique designs, aligns with the Debater's appreciation for creativity and individuality, making it a fitting choice for a symbol of commitment that reflects substance and style.


Renowned for its exceptional diamonds and intricate designs, Graff is a British luxury jewellery brand synonymous with opulence and elegance.


The Advocate

The Advocate personality type encompasses individuals with the traits of introversion, intuition, feeling, and judging. They typically engage with life thoughtfully and imaginatively, guided by their inner vision, personal values, and a quietly principled form of humanism. Advocates are known for compassion, idealism, and appreciation for meaningful and sentimental gestures.

Fine jewellery engagement rings, characterized by exceptional craftsmanship, meaningful details, and perhaps personalized elements, align with the Advocate's desire for depth and emotional significance, making them a fitting choice for a symbol of commitment reflecting elegance and sentimental value.


Garrard has a long history of creating luxurious and refined jewellery pieces. Known for its association with the British royal family, Garrard offers fine engagement rings with a touch of regal elegance.


The Mediator

The Mediator personality type exhibits introverted, intuitive, feeling, and prospecting traits. These uncommon personalities are characterized by their quietness, open-mindedness, and imagination. They bring a caring and creative approach to all aspects of their lives. Mediators are known for their creativity, individuality, and appreciation for beauty and aesthetics.

Designer engagement rings often feature unique and artistic designs, aligning well with the Mediator's desire for personal expression and a deep connection to meaningful symbols. Choosing a ring from a designer collection allows one to find a piece that resonates with the Mediator’s unique style and reflects the depth of their emotions.

Vera Wang

Renowned for her bridal fashion, Vera Wang's Love Collection includes a range of engagement rings characterized by elegant and modern designs. The collection features intricate details and is known for its romantic aesthetic.


The Protagonist

The Protagonist embodies traits of extraversion, intuition, feeling, and judging. Known for their warmth and directness, these individuals have a strong inclination towards assisting others and often possess firm ideas and values. They support their perspective with the creative energy necessary to accomplish their goals. Protagonists are known for their warmth, charisma, and a strong sense of social responsibility.

Premium engagement ring brands typically offer exquisite craftsmanship, exceptional materials, and designs that carry a sense of prestige, aligning well with the Protagonist's appreciation for quality and their desire to make a meaningful statement. Choosing a premium brand allows the Protagonist to symbolize commitment with a ring that reflects luxury and a sense of social consciousness.

David Morris

A British luxury jewellery brand, David Morris is recognized for its exquisite designs and rare gemstones. Their premium engagement rings are known for their sophistication and timeless aesthetic.


The Campaigner

The Campaigner personality type is characterized by extraversion, intuition, feeling, and prospecting traits. Individuals with this personality type embrace grand ideas and engage in actions that convey their sense of hope and goodwill towards others. Their lively energy is versatile and can manifest in various directions.

Campaigners Campaigners are known for their creativity, enthusiasm, and appreciation for meaningful experiences. Opting for the best-rated ring brands ensures a well- regarded combination of quality, customer satisfaction, and perhaps unique designs, aligning with the Campaigner's desire for authenticity and positive connections.

James Allen

James Allen is an online retailer known for its vast selection of diamonds and customizable engagement rings. It has been praised for its transparency, 360-degree diamond viewing technology, and excellent customer service.


The Logistician

The Logistician personality type exhibits the traits of introversion, observance, thinking, and judging. Individuals with this personality type are often reserved but determined, approaching life with a rational outlook. They meticulously plan their actions and execute them with a methodical sense of purpose. Logistician types value practicality and dependability, making it fitting to choose from the best-rated engagement ring companies known for their attention to detail, durability, and adherence to high standards. Opting for such companies ensures a straightforward and trustworthy experience, aligning well with the Logistician's preference for well-established and reliable brands.


Known for its intricate and handcrafted designs, Tacori is a premium brand specializing in engagement rings and wedding bands.


The Defender

The Defender personality type is characterized by the traits of introversion, observance, feeling, and judging. Individuals with this personality type are often warm and unassuming in their consistent manner. They display efficiency and responsibility, paying meticulous attention to practical details in their everyday lives. Defenders are known for their practicality, loyalty, and commitment to traditional values. Opting for high-value engagement rings aligns with their appreciation for lasting quality, stability, and the significance of a long-lasting investment. Choosing a ring with substantial value ensures that the Defender can symbolize commitment with a timeless and enduring piece that reflects their values of dedication and reliability.


Known for its luxury goods, including jewellery, Hermès offers high-value engagement rings that reflect the brand's commitment to craftsmanship and quality.


The Executive

The Executive personality type exhibits traits of extraversion, observance, thinking, and judging. Individuals with this personality type demonstrate considerable strength, steadfastly relying on their practical judgment. They frequently serve as a stabilizing influence within groups, guiding them in the face of challenges. Executives are known for their practicality, decisiveness, and appreciation for traditional values. Opting for elite engagement ring designers aligns with their desire for excellence, quality, and a sense of prestige. Choosing a ring from designers with a reputation for exclusivity ensures that the Executive can symbolize commitment with a piece that reflects their high standards and appreciation for sophistication.


Bvlgari is an Italian luxury brand known for its bold and sophisticated designs. Bvlgari's elite engagement rings often incorporate rare and precious gemstones, showcasing meticulous attention to detail.


The Consul

The Consul personality type is characterized by extraversion, observance, feeling, and judging traits. These individuals are attentive and people-oriented, finding joy in actively participating in their social community. Their accomplishments are guided by firm values and they readily guide others. Consuls are known for their social and nurturing nature, and they often appreciate trends and societal standards. Opting for celebrity engagement ring designers aligns with their desire for a ring that symbolizes commitment and reflects current styles and a touch of glamour.

Lorraine Schwartz

A favourite among celebrities, Lorraine Schwartz is known for designing high-profile engagement rings. Her creations often feature large, exceptional diamonds and unique designs.


The Virtuoso

The Virtuoso personality type exhibits traits of introversion, observance, thinking, and prospecting. Individuals with this personality type often possess an individualistic mindset, pursuing their goals with minimal dependence on external connections. They approach life with curiosity and personal expertise, adapting their approach as necessary. Virtuosos are known for their hands-on, practical, and creative nature. Opting for custom engagement rings aligns perfectly with their desire for unique and individualized designs. Custom ring makers allow Virtuosos to express their creativity, choose specific materials, and actively participate in the design process, ensuring that the engagement ring reflects their distinct style and preferences.

Brian Gavin Diamonds

Known for their precision-cut diamonds, Brian Gavin Diamonds offers a custom design service, allowing customers to create unique engagement rings with expert guidance.


The Adventurer

The Adventurer personality type is characterized by introversion, observance, feeling, and prospecting traits. Individuals with this personality type have open minds, embrace life, and new experiences and people with a down-to-earth warmth. Their capacity to stay in the present moment enables them to discover exciting possibilities. Adventurers are known for their outgoing, spontaneous nature and appreciation for a variety of experiences. Opting for popular engagement ring makers aligns with their desire for options, trends, and the flexibility to choose from a diverse selection. These makers often offer a wide range of styles to cater to the Adventurer's dynamic and ever-changing preferences.

Kay Jewelers

As one of the largest jewellery store chains in the United States, Kay Jewelers is popular for its wide range of engagement ring styles, catering to various tastes and preferences.


The Entrepreneur

The Entrepreneur personality type exhibits traits of extraversion, observance, thinking, and prospecting. Individuals with this personality type are dynamic and action-oriented, skilfully navigating whatever challenges lie before them. They have a passion for discovering opportunities in various aspects of life, whether in social interactions with others or in more personal endeavours. Entrepreneurs are forward-thinking individuals who appreciate ethical business practices and the impact of their decisions. Opting for sustainable engagement ring brands aligns well with an entrepreneur's commitment to environmental and social responsibility.

S. Kind & Co.

S. Kind & Co. focuses on sustainability by using recycled precious metals and ethically sourced gemstones in their engagement rings. They also emphasize transparency in their supply chain.

Ring: S. KIND & CO.

The Entertainer

The Entertainer personality type is characterized by extraversion, observance, feeling, and prospecting traits. Individuals with this personality type have a deep appreciation for vibrant experiences, eagerly engaging in life and finding joy in uncovering the unknown. They are often highly social, actively encouraging others to join in shared activities. Entertainers are known for their vibrant, social, and expressive nature. Opting for modern engagement ring brands aligns with their desire for contemporary styles that make a statement. These brands often offer cutting-edge designs that resonate with the Entertainer's dynamic and trend-setting personality, providing a ring that also serves as a stylish and eye-catching symbol.


Kwiat is a well-established jewellery brand that offers modern and elegant engagement rings. Known for their craftsmanship, Kwiat's designs often feature timeless yet contemporary elements.


Author: Renāte Berga

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