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The New Collection "PULSE OF INSTINCT" By Ritual Unions Is Out Now

The New Collection

Ritual Unions, the sustainable couture fashion label based in Berlin proudly presents the launch of its latest collection "PULSE OF INSTINCT" on 25.03.24.

Below, you'll find insights into the background of the label, a description of the collection, its unique features, information on production and materials used, as well as details on distribution and contact options.

About Ritual Unions

Founded in 2017 by designer Karin Brettmeister, Ritual Unions embodies a fusion of modern chic and couture craftsmanship. With over ten years of experience in the couture industry, including stints in New York, London, and Paris, Karin aims to disrupt the traditional bridal fashion world with new edgy, avant- garde designs. Operating from Berlin, Karin has created one collection per year that has sold all over the globe. Since 2023, the new showroom and adjacent atelier have been located at Choriner Str. 3, 10119 Berlin, where both fittings and production take place.


Quality, sustainability, and diversity are at the core of Ritual Unions' philosophy. Each dress is crafted using couture techniques and high-quality materials sourced from Europe. Our production is exclusively made to order to ensure sustainability. Additionally, we place great emphasis on the individuality of our clients through bespoke designs and personalized adjustments.

New Collection "PULSE OF INSTINCT"

The new collection "PULSE OF INSTINCT" from Ritual Unions unleashes the power of inner impulse and encourages following one's intuition. For designer Karin Brettmeister, this means freeing oneself from all expectations - whether self-imposed or from others. Too often, numerous voices in our heads and in our lives obscure our true essence. It's a call to introspection and courage, even if it means challenging decisions made by others.

The collection presents itself boldly and daringly in various aspects. It captures attention with large, handcrafted organza blossoms, pearl-embroidered 3-D lace, and opulent feather embroidery. The wide range of styles, cuts, and combination possibilities reflects the individuality of the wearers, a principle that has been fundamental at Ritual Unions from the outset. Each dress for this special occasion is designed to accentuate the wearer's unique personality.

The versatility of the collection is evident in the ability to transform many of the outfits through sophisticated combinations into various looks. From long overskirts worn over a mini dress that can be easily removed for the party, to corsets that transform minimalist dresses into maximalist looks, the collection offers endless possibilities.

Graphic structures such as transparent corsets, now one of the designer's signature design elements, meet playful, soft details like flowers and bows; classic elements that here bring a new, casual vibe to the wedding world. A touch of coolness breaks through the collection with silver hardware on straps and laces, emphasized by a Y2K-inspired styling with platform high heels and hoop earrings.

The highlight of the collection is undoubtedly "Gloria," a versatile gown made of silk organza with refined cut-outs, pockets, and detachable, handmade floral brooches. These can be attached anywhere on the dress to create an infinite variety of styling options.

For "PULSE OF INSTINCT," the designer opts for the highest quality fabrics. Silk appears in satin, crepe, taffeta, and organza. In addition to plains, this time the label also uses elaborate pearl lace with an organic floral pattern, 3-D floral lace, sparkling sequin and pearl embroidery, and the finest ostrich feathers. Each dress is handcrafted in the studio, with special attention to detail and craftsmanship, ensuring a sustainable approach.

The collection is aimed at modern fashion brides who are not afraid to be a little edgy. Due to the elaborate manufacturing process - 100% handmade in Germany - and high-quality fabrics, the dresses can be classified in the upper to high price segment.

The quantities are limited, and the production time is at least 12 weeks, with individual requests or custom designs taking at least 24 weeks.

The collection is now exclusively available for fittings and ordering as bespoke garments in the showroom in Berlin. Acceptance of orders from stockists is available upon request.

  • Collection PULSE OF INSTINCT by Ritual Unions / www.ritual-unions.com
  • Photography by The Saums / www.the-saums.com
  • Make Up and Hair by Stella Loewnich / www.slmakeupandhair.de
  • CD & Founder Ritual Unions Karin Brettmeister
  • Artistic Support, Casting & BTS Sophie Mashraki
  • Set Assistant Ilka Schischke
  • Model Rim Tekle via Mint Artist Management / www.mintartistmanagement.world / Model Luca J. Elliz via VIVA Models / www.vivamodels.de
  • Production Katharina Koronowski
  • Location Oatmilk Studios / www.oatmilkstudios.com
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