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Suggestions for the original honeymoon

Suggestions for the original honeymoon

Honeymoon is a wonderful time that newlyweds spend together, now as husband and wife. This is a holiday just for the two of you, a time to get used to the new married status before returning to everyday life. When planning a honeymoon, many choose popular romantic destinations, but there are other ways to make this time magical and unforgettable.

1. Unusual destinations

When you think of a honeymoon, Santorini, Fiji, or any other corner of paradise come to mind. Those are great and romantic destinations, but also very common. A honeymoon trip can also be to a lesser-known, unusual place. Adjust it to your interests. Discover the ancient cultures of Machu Picchu, the Egyptian pyramids, or the Jordanian city of Petra. Nature lovers will enjoy the greenery of Romania, the wildness of Iceland, or the lake-rich Kazakhstan. You can enjoy delicious food in Georgia, France, or Italy.

2. On the move

This will not be a typical honeymoon, but it will be memorable. It can be a good way to blend in with nature and enjoy each other's company and your journey together. Choose one of the hiking routes abroad or in your homeland. It is worth paying attention to the difficulty and duration of the hike to know what to put in your backpack. Don't forget to pick up wine and strawberries for the first night under the starry sky.


3. Tent with extras

Those who want to take their overnight stay in a tent to the next level will enjoy glamping. It is an overnight stay in a tent with a real bed, electricity, and other amenities. You will still be close to nature, but you will not have to worry about setting up a tent and sleeping on the ground.


4. Adventure every day

How about waking up every day in a different place?

Discover new places and experience unforgettable adventures with your spouse. A new chapter in your life needs to be celebrated impressively, so plan a trip with a car, camper, or even a scooter. Plan a route, go sightseeing, and have adventures. For example, a hot air balloon flight on Monday, a boat trip on Thursday, and horse riding on Saturday. Don’t forget to plan a relaxing day with sauna treatments and a massage, ending with sparkling wine and delicious snacks.


5. Open waters

Who said a honeymoon should be spent on land? If you do not suffer from seasickness, arrange a romantic vacation on a yacht or go on a cruise. Being far away from the land, you will be able to enjoy each other's company and relax from everyday life.

Photo: HAYLSA / Philipines

6. Honeymoon at home

If, for some reason, it is not possible to go abroad or organize another type of holiday, turn your home into a honeymoon paradise. Good if you have a private house and a garden. Lock the door, turn off the phones and disappear from the outside world. Plan a variety of activities that you never had time for. Have a movie night at home or in the garden with a projector and a big screen. Make delicious cocktails and snacks while lounging on the sunbeds. Order food with delivery service and forget about every day worries. This time is just for you two.

Author: Elisa Rudzite


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