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Beauty is an integral part of a wedding day. Every bride wants to look great on her wedding day. Of course, the special sparkle of the bride is what will make her the most beautiful, but a beauty specialist can also help. Preparing a bride for a wedding is not just about her wedding make-up and hairstyles.

Wedding beauty

This means much more - for many brides, the beauty salon visits become a regular activity at least six months before the wedding. Wedding and lifestyle media BRIDELIFESTYLE.COM has gathered the information about the best wedding beauty specialists and beauty salons in Europe and internationally.

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Recommendations from beauty specialists

Beauty experts recommend that in order to achieve the image of the perfect bride, do not try to change your appearance radically. Makeup, hair color and choice of the wedding dress must be in harmony with the bride's own personality.

You should also consider trying out makeup before the wedding. First time meeting with a makeup artist and hairdresser could take place about a month before the wedding. This is enough time to develop the overall image of the bride.

A beauty specialist must be visited three months before the wedding

Brides should start taking care of their facial skin and appearance well in advance of the wedding. Beauty salons will help prepare both the skin of the face and body. Of course, women also take care of their appearance on a daily basis, but the wedding day is a special event, so you need to start thinking about the overall image in time. If this is done, the wedding makeup will be smooth and beautiful, and the image of the bride will exceed all expectations.

That is why it is recommended to start the procedures in the beauty salon three months before the wedding. A series of quality procedures and consistent home care does wonders. A beauty specialist will help you choose products that will improve your facial skin, make it cleaner and dazzling.

On our media you will find:

  • Contact information - addresses, telephone numbers, emails and websites, as well as the range of beauty services offered- for the best beauty salons, SPA centers, wedding makeup artists and hairdressers in Europe and internationally;
  • Articles on beauty topics, current bridal makeup and hairstyle trends, inspiring picture galleries that will help you choose the most suitable beauty solutions in your area.

Beauty professionals will be able to work out a plan for each bride to achieve their goals:

  1. Facial care plan;
  2. A plan of body corrective procedures;
  3. Dietary recommendations.

If everything is done with consistency, then it will not be without results and a visit to the beauty salon will give the expected outcome.

We say no - for stress; and yes - for a SPA procedure!

Everyone knows that a wedding, although a pleasant event, provides stressful moments for both the bride and groom. It should be remembered that stress is also considered to be a factor in the formation of psoriasis and acne, which promotes the secretion of skin cells and oil. These theories have not yet been proven, but it is nevertheless known that stress clearly affects the immune system, hence the way the bride looks. Relaxing massages and spa treatments are recommended for the bride to help her immune system and stress level. If you have no idea how to choose a massage, you can try one of the following:

  • Ayurvedic massage;
  • Champi head massage;
  • SPA chocolate massage and others offered by beauty and SPA salons in Europe and elsewhere.

Body corrective procedures, if necessary, must be started very early - a month before the wedding will be too late. Beauty experts recommend starting with lymphatic drainage procedures, then continuing with massages and apparatus procedures.

And definitely the sooner, the better to start doing physical activities you enjoy - preferably aerobic exercise in the fresh air (running, Nordic walking, cycling, skating or swimming as well as various fitness classes).

The newest information about wedding beauty care - in our media BRIDELIFESTYLE.COM

All wedding service providers in our media are professionals in their field, including wedding beauty salons,makeup artists, hairdressers and SPA centers in Europe and elsewhere in the world. They will be able to answer questions about the current trends in the bride's make-up and hair arrangements, which will suit you better and how to prepare your body for the special day.

The answers to these and other questions you can ask to any beauty specialist, whose contact information can be found in our media. We, BRIDELIFESTYLE.COM team, will help every bride to achieve her goals, and look and feel the most beautiful on her wedding day - just like she would feel after a fresh beauty salon visit.