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Wedding dresses

Often the search for the right wedding dress is the one process that brides are waiting for the most in preparation for their wedding. Designer wedding dresses, vintage wedding dresses, rented wedding dresses - every bride can choose the solution they like best. Wedding dresses in 2021 surprised its wearers with many new trends. Look for wedding dresses 2022 and their latest trends in BRIDELIFESTYLE.COM articles. Wedding dresses in Latvia and elsewhere in the world can be found in our media.

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Designer wedding dresses

Designer wedding dresses are something that many brides dream of. The new iconic theme of wedding fashion - flowers - has flourished in the world this year. The designers have also improved the classic dresses with corsets and given them loose, voluminous and puffy sleeves.

In turn, the alternative to white this year is a warm pink tone, which gives the image a softer and more romantic mood. Designer wedding dresses can be found both in Latvia and elsewhere in the world, as well as purchased online. Of course, keep in mind that wedding dresses tend to be very different in price, and designer wedding dresses will not be one of the cheapest options.

Exclusive wedding dresses - for a special day

On this day full of love, you will definitely want to look so special that those around you cannot take their eyes off you. This effect can be achieved by an exclusive wedding dress that will make you feel fabulous, elegant and one of a kind - so that you will remember this day and the thrilling feelings for a lifetime.

On our wedding media you will find:

  • the best wedding and evening dress salons in Latvia and elsewhere;
  • the most popular wedding dress designers;
  • native brand wedding dresses;
  • wedding dresses for different body types, including wedding dresses for pregnant women;
  • all about wedding dress rental offers.

All the most popular wedding dress designers and wedding salons in one place! In BRIDELIFESTYLE.COM you will find out all the necessary and most important information to find your dream dress:

  1. Descriptions of designers, brands and wedding salons;
  2. Dress galleries;
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  5. Contact information.

Wedding dresses for picky, practical and luxury-loving brides

In our media, every bride will get inspiration while choosing her upcoming wedding dress. Buying a wedding dress is quite a time consuming, sometimes worrying, but without a doubt very enjoyable process. BRIDELIFESTYLE.COM will help to find the most suitable dress for even the most picky bride, so take a look at the photo galleries of our media and choose the designer or salon that match your wedding style!

Wedding dresses for romance lovers

On our media you will find information about many native wedding dress brands, for example, the Latvian brand AMORALLE, which offers elegant, romantic and feminine dresses.

New look wedding dresses

Fans of this style will definitely choose a stunning outfit made of satin fabric. Our recommendation - on the wedding day, do not forget about Christian Dior's favorite flowers - roses, which will perfectly complement the purchased wedding dress. On the portal BRIDELIFESTYLE.COM you will be able to get acquainted with the diverse offer of the wedding salon La novia couture or San Patric Latvia.

Sophisticated simplicity

For brides who want a simple but sophisticated wedding, light and laconic dresses, for example, with straps, will be suitable for this style. If the wedding takes place in the summer, a good addition to the dress will be a bouquet of meadow flowers. Find information on the collections of airy and romantic dresses of the world-famous KATYA KATYA SHEHURINA fashion brand or designer Līgas Bangas collections on our wedding media.

The realm of lace

Victorian-style lace, romantic accessories and your prince charming on a white horse at the wedding venue - arrange an aristocratic wedding by choosing the appropriate style of wedding dress. You will find a dress similar to Kate Middleton's wedding day in the wide selection of dresses of the wedding salon Fiancée and Ingrida Bridal, as well as the design studio AMELII.

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