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People learn all their lives. We all are increasingly realizing and appreciating the invaluable benefits of knowledge, skills and competence, complementing ourselves both practically and emotionally.

That's why we bring together the best educational providers for couples, brides and grooms, providing opportunities for multifaceted development, skills and knowledge, both practical and self-cognitive.

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Courses and their types

These are courses that will help and support relationship building, design courses, painting courses, various trainings, confectionery master classes, style and design courses, felting master classes, couple development courses and many other useful training courses. The offered face-to-face and online courses will be a great benefit to your personal and relationship development.

Personality growth courses

Take time to explore, get to know and develop yourself! It will be the best investment in you and also in building your relationships as well as it will increase the joy of life in each of your family members!

Couples development courses

Get to know yourself and your loved one or your children truly, and your relationship will be more harmonious, in order and full of love. You will learn why your relationships sometimes get to dead ends, and how to deal with it in time. You will learn to understand each other's love language and motivation.

Design and interior courses

Not just for professionals! According to what principles you need to decorate your home, how to choose the right furniture, how to decorate your rooms ergonomically, which will be the most favorable color tones in the interior, how to get a healthy minimalism in the interior and many more useful tips to master in interior courses.

Full-time and online courses

Pandemic, mismatch with working hours or young children at home - now nothing is an obstacle to learning something new! You can choose both face-to-face or online courses without even leaving your home.


Masterclasses as an activity are suitable not only for pre-wedding parties, but also for various other celebrations and events. Masterclasses can be varied - from baking cakes and making jewelry to even diving lessons.

Masterclasses for adults and children

Masterclasses are a format for activities that suits everyone. That is why you will be able to find both masterclasses for adults and masterclasses for children. Wedding and lifestyle media BRIDELIFESTYLE.COM has compiled the best masterclass offers throughout Europe and International.

Masterclasses - a way to spend some quality time together

Masterclasses provide pleasant emotions, so it is not surprising that they have become one of the most popular pre-wedding party activities in recent years.

The main principle in any masterclass is to learn something new and to coincide with the interests of the person to whom it is given. Recently, a painting masterclass has been very popular, where one's own work of art is painted accompanied by an artist - and it can also be done together with a loved one. Even without the artist's talent, a master class can create a beautiful work that can then be hung at home in a place of honor so that it serves as a beautiful memory. That way, different masterclasses can also become a great dating idea.