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Wedding activities

If there are numerous guests at the wedding, the wedding activities are an integral part of the celebration. You can plan some activities for a smaller wedding as well. Even if you have just a few guests, it is nice to do something fun together. Wedding activities can be very different – from quizzes and games to surprises.

Wedding activities for guests – from photo booth to magician

Often at weddings, while the newlywed couple goes on a little trip for a photo session, guests are left alone for several hours. You can schedule wedding activities in advance to entertain guests. There are various wedding activities, such as a decorative photo corner or a photo booth, where guests can get personalized photos. You can give each guest a disposable camera, allowing them to capture the special event from their viewpoint. Also, wedding entertainment can be something unique, like a cartoonist or a magician.

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Wedding activities for the newlywed couple

Wedding activities are just as important for the newlywed couple as they are for the wedding guests. The wedding host must think about activities that will delight the couple. Wedding activities include different surprises such as guest-staged dance, song or other performances. In the wedding media BRIDELIFESTYLE.COM, you will find numerous wedding activity ideas!