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Anni Graham is a Luxury Wedding Photographer.

Storytelling in photography goes beyond capturing beautiful images. It involves delving into the layers of depth inherent in each moment. Understanding the significance of the location, the people, and the traditions is paramount. It extends to appreciating the time and intention invested in the design, the florals, and the food. Even the selection of outfits holds a purpose, aligning with a specific aesthetic, evoking a feeling, or encapsulating a moment.

Opting for only a few weddings each year reflects my commitment to more than just photo-taking. I aim to synchronize with the meticulous planning and intention that goes into every aspect of your wedding. I strive to go beyond the surface, to feel, know, and comprehend—both during the event and as I meticulously edit your timeless images—what truly matters to you.

Photography has been a part of my identity for as long as I can recall, evolving into an integral aspect of who I am today. When engaging with clients, I adopt an empathetic approach, seeking to comprehend their essence, priorities, and the means through which I can authentically portray their narrative in a profound and meaningful manner.

Over the course of 15 years spent in India and various destination weddings across Europe, Asia, South and North America, both photography and life have taken me on a remarkable journey around the globe. I find immense joy in pushing the boundaries of my knowledge, constantly exploring new horizons to bring fresh perspectives to life through my lens.

You can view a portfolio here!