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Silvia Sánchez Fotos

Silvia Sánchez Fotos

Seville, Spain

+34 636958575



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Hello, I´m Silvia Sánchez  and I’m a documentary wedding photographer willing to capture stories through my photographs anywhere in the world, where you, spontaneity, and naturalness are the protagonists. I enjoy having slow breakfasts, eating pizza, having a glass of wine with friends while watching a sunset, and the calmness the sea brings me in any season of the year. But I also adore the city’s asphalt and the stories hidden within, finding me at every corner. Right there, in the unexpected, chance encounters, the everyday, and the serendipitous, my wedding work is born.

As a documentary wedding photographer, over the years, I’ve had the privilege of working on a variety of projects ranging from editorial fashion shoots to social events and personal portraits. This diversity of experiences has allowed me to develop a unique approach that combines the best of both worlds: the naturalness and authenticity of everyday life with the elegance, sophistication, and style of editorial fashion. Always with the aim of capturing all the emotional moments while remaining unnoticed and intervening in the scenes as little as possible.