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Ponce studio.

Ponce studio.

Barcelona, Spain

Alicante, Spain

+34 651653240



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Ponce Studio is a creative studio for unconventional weddings based in Barcelona. Specializing in wedding design, we design and organize your bespoke wedding, for weddings where less is more and for weddings where every detail transmits the energy and the essence of the couple.


If you have arrived here is because you are getting married or you are thinking of celebrating a love party, CONGRATULATIONS COUPLE! This is the beginning of a very exciting stage in your lives and I would love to join you.

I introduce myself, my name is Ana, I am a Wedding Planner & Wedding Designer and I started this project because I organized my own wedding and I would have loved to have someone to support me and advise me along the way.


I know that organizing a wedding is an extra work for which many couples do not have all the time they would like, so no matter when we meet, I value your interests and priorities and I adapt myself to design your bespoke wedding. 

Surely at this moment you have a thousand ideas in your head and many doubts about how you would like to celebrate your love party. My job is to organize all these ideas, coordinate them on the day of the wedding and, as a designer and fashion professional (that's why you will see me as a model in some photos of Ponce Studio :)), I can also help you to transmit your image and your essence through design, creating an aesthetic and a unique and personalized visual identity that will be reflected in each of the aspects and details of your day so that, you only have to worry about saying YES, I WANT!



It is the most complete service and it is designed for all those couples who wish to get married in Barcelona and/or Alicante, because we take care of absolutely everything; we advise, organize, design and coordinate your love party!


Decoration and design services. As a designer and fashion professional, I know how important it is for a couple to be true to their image on their wedding day, so I like to customize every detail, and in the case of weddings, wedding branding is booming! It is about reflecting your essence and your story through aesthetics and how to transmit that unique feeling to your guests. 

After an initial interview (very funny, by the way :)), in which you will tell me all your adventures and what defines you best, my mission will be to design your visual identity that will be the common thread of the whole wedding, that is, we will apply it to the menu, seating plan, invitations... 


The coordination service is for you if you have already organized your wedding, but you want to live the B DAY without worries. My job will focus on coordinating the wedding day and I will accompany you from your arrival to the beginning of the party. I will manage the various contracts stipulated with the different suppliers, in order to plan the logistics and timing of your day, so that you can enjoy it to the fullest.


This service is designed for those couples who have already advanced in their wedding but need to resolve any specific questions, such as:

  • Advice on the organization.
  • Advice on suppliers.
  • Image and styling advice.
  • Advice on design and decoration.

It is a totally personalized service that adapts to the needs of each couple.

And remember...

Have fun, it’s your love party!

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