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Special Offers

Videography style

I love to create engaging videos that can be unconventional, vibrant and romantic at the same time. The trailer video I edit is generally more artistic, the film (longer video) is more documentary-style. My studio is involved also in making corporate video and events and photography.

I always prefer to capture moments the way they happen, reportage style for instance. My aim is to create a tailor made experience so that the couple can enjoy their best day knowing I'll take care of every detail.

My videos are very dynamic and good vibes without being overly focused on romance.

Photography environment and locations

Me and my staff are flexible and we can work in any condition in order to meet the needs of the couple. I like every location, from a marvellous masseria in Apulia or an enchanting tenuta in Tuscany to an elegant villa in Como lake.


  • Wedding story;
  • elopement;
  • engagement;
  • corporate video and event;
  • drone;
  • photography.


Every event is tailor made but prices generally changes depending on how many videomakers are requested and if the couple wants the trailer video (shorter version) or also the film (longer version). Drone is always included in all our packages.

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