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We are Sara, Marta, Zé, and Tiago.

Colibri Films is about a group of four long-time friends who share a passion for video. We studied together, either in secondary school in the Audiovisual field or at university in cinema. We grew professionally together, and we love what we do.

We are super grateful to be able to tell beautiful stories, meet so many different couples and cultures, spend time with their families and friends, and create empathy with so many different people. We live for this, and we are fully aware of how beautiful and eternal our work is; it is the only memory that remains of your day—the sound, the environment, the voices of your dearest people. We really want you to watch your video years later and feel the same as you did that day.


Our purpose is to document your day, we do not want to force moments, no staging, we like spontaneity and simplicity, we just record what is happening, creating a natural film. Faithful to the event and to you.


Each wedding is different, which is why we have some packages available with different services, so you can choose what makes the most sense for you.


We love challenges and adventure, which is why we work in any type of environment or places. Whether within our country or on another side of the world, we always do our best.

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