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Wedding videography captures the essence of love, transforming the celebration into a captivating narrative through inventive cinematography and thoughtful editing.

Original wedding video ideas

To discover unique and realistic wedding video ideas, we asked the best wedding videographers in Europe.

Marta and Rui is a wedding videographer duo Sublime Films. They admit that choosing just one unique and memorable location or moment is challenging. Over nearly 10 years at Sublime Films, they’ve had the opportunity to capture weddings in various European countries and the United States. This diversity has allowed them to immerse themselves in different traditions, environments, and scenarios, enriching them not only professionally but also as individuals.


These diverse experiences have enabled Marta and Rui to push creative boundaries and tailor their approach to the uniqueness of each couple and the distinctive features of the chosen location. This commitment to capturing the essence of each story defines their journey at Sublime Films, making each project an adventure in creativity and cultural exploration.

Salvatore Esposito from SE Wedding Films has been in wedding videography since 2008 and has filmed around 800 weddings. He also has had the honour of being in many different venues with diverse couples and feelings. He was especially impressed by the elegance of venues like Villa Balbiano, Villa Cimbrone, and some French castles.


Sara from Colibri Films also admits that it is difficult to answer because they have had many amazing shoots. Perhaps the wedding that marked Colibri Films the most was in Portugal, in the middle of Alentejo. The wedding was in the middle of nowhere, there were few people, and it was very intimate. The ceremony was held by friends, and it was all very familiar. The team of videographers felt special, like a part of the family. For them, it was very beautiful!


Luísa Coelho from OS Pixel says they think about new ideas organically and according to each reality. They take the best out of each wedding and allow themselves enough freedom in the editing room to express their individuality. But answering the question, for OS Pixel, shooting in exotic places like India, and Oaxaca in Mexico was quite a once-in-a-lifetime experience, and, undeniably, special locations offer a sense of the world and its endless connections.


It’s all about is a wedding videographer and photographer team. Catarina from the team shares that one of the wedding videos that they vividly remember was filmed in Lake Como. It was during the pandemic, that the couple changed their destination from Portugal to Lake Como, and It’s all about went there to make the coverage of the wedding. It was challenging because it was a different country at a specific and strange time. But it was amazing.

Cinematic wedding films

Tobias Wögerer from Tobi Films is a visionary wedding videographer renowned for crafting cinematic masterpieces. With a distinctive style marked by innovative cinematography, Tobias transforms each wedding into a captivating narrative, skilfully weaving together emotions and moments to create a timeless visual experience for the couples he documents. What distinguishes Tobi Films is a modern and unique twist, infusing each production with a contemporary flair that sets it apart. With an innovative approach to storytelling, Tobi Films brings a fresh perspective to the traditional wedding video.


Storytelling wedding videos

Wedding videos are undoubtedly a medium to express the couple’s tastes, providing a canvas for personalization. Still, some classic shots need to be incorporated. We asked our videographers how they approach those and if they have any favourite moments during the wedding that they always capture.

Marta and Rui at Sublime Films enjoy letting themselves be carried away by the moment and the wedding. However, one of the things they most appreciate capturing at weddings is a moment when the bride and groom run, often from a more editorial perspective. This allows them to create more dynamism.


Of course, each couple is unique, so it always depends on the moment. Although Marta and Rui don't follow a strict list of specific shots or angles for every wedding, they prefer to be guided by the natural flow of the event. They believe this spontaneous approach allows them to capture authentic and genuine moments.

Salvatore Esposito from SE Wedding Films explains that, as every videographer does, he has his scheme, so he does some must-have shots on the ceremony to be sure to have everything he needs for the final result. But usually, he gets inspiration from the couple and their feelings, from some angles of the venues he particularly loves and, of course, from the light of that moment.


In short, Salvatore gets his inspiration from the wedding theme, which he uses as a link for every part of the wedding film. He catches personal elements during the wedding, for instance, from the words in their vows, and then he uses these to add new shots to the footage that, mixed with the classic shits, give the original film he prefers.

Cecilia says that at Semilla Films, they love to capture the right moment at sunset, for them, it is essential to be able to do the couple's session at that moment. The atmosphere is perfect, the golden hour is magical, and Semilla Films reflects it in all their videos.

Luísa Coelho from OS Pixel agrees that epic light is always appreciated by videographers. Additionally, exotic locations, architecture, unique atmospheres and characters, this kind of hidden beauty, is always cool to capture. Luísa’s favourite is a heartfelt first dance. For It’s all about, every moment of the wedding day matters, especially the moments with the couple, the ceremony and the newlywed session.


Sara from Colibri Films reveals that they loved two moments of the wedding day, both for different reasons. The first is the getting dressed part because videographers see the couple come into contact with those closest to them for the first time, they also get to know the environment and each other, this connection is super important for the rest of the day.

And their second favourite moment is the images they take with the couple when all the most stressful parts of the wedding have passed, when the bride and groom are more relaxed, and videographers are alone with them. Additionally, the final light of day is perhaps the best moment when videographers can do their magic and be free to create beautiful shots with the couple.


B&G Films is a premier wedding videographer duo celebrated for crafting wedding films that are uniquely distinguished by their timeless and elegant essence. They are always looking for new ways to create unique wedding cinematography. Renowned for their artistry, B&G Films captures the romance and beauty of each celebration with meticulous attention to detail, ensuring that every frame exudes sophistication and stands as a lasting testament to the couple's special day.

Video: B&G FILMS

Personalized wedding videography

We just touched on the must-have wedding video shots, but let’s dive deeper and find out how to make these shots more personal and original.

Marta and Rui from Sublime Films appreciate capturing more classic and elegant shots, as they believe they significantly contribute to the film's ageing with refinement, displaying timeless taste. However, they recognize the importance of innovating and exploring new approaches to capture the special moments of a wedding.

In some cases, it is crucial to take risks and assess whether there are other ways to immortalize the same moments uniquely and innovatively. This willingness to experiment and break from the conventional inspires Sublime Films to constantly seek new ways of telling wedding stories. Their inspiration comes from various sources, such as the films they watch, the people they meet, and, of course, their experience in the industry.


In this way, Sublime Films maintains a balance between the timelessness of classic wedding films, which they value for their enduring charm, and the constant pursuit of innovation, driven by the passion for telling wedding stories in fresh and memorable ways.

Regarding original wedding videography, Semilla Films emphasizes that they capture moving images as videographers. They learned the classic technique when training as audio-visual filmmakers, now, as creative videographers, they break the technique and create experiences. Catarina from It’s all about has a similar approach – she says that, in the end, what will make the difference is the passion they, as videographers, put into the moments.

To capture personal and emotional wedding highlights, Colibri Films takes inspiration from the couples because each radiates different feelings. They always make the couple comfortable so that the images they get are as natural as possible. Luísa Coelho shares that OS Pixel relies on basic wedding structure, love and emotions. But they also know that there are millions of combinations to edit the wedding footage you collected in your camera, to put together the cuts, the sounds, the soundtrack, the pace, the mood, etc. Thus, there is always room for your unique side of the story.


Wedding videography techniques

To achieve an aesthetic, personal and original wedding video, there are several techniques videographers need to skillfully apply. Marta & Rui from Sublime Films believe that each couple is unique, and as storytellers, they must tailor their style to the essence of each wedding. Their approach is dynamic and flexible, allowing them to adapt to the personalities, preferences, and overall vibe of the couple they are working with.

Whether a more cinematic narrative, a documentary-style approach, or a combination of various techniques, Sublime Films strives to create a storytelling framework that complements and enhances the distinctive qualities of each wedding. This adaptability not only keeps wedding videos fresh and innovative but also ensures that the final product resonates authentically with the couple's journey.

By embracing the uniqueness of each love story, they aim to craft a wedding video that feels personal, heartfelt, and truly reflective of the couple's individuality. Ultimately, Sublime Films’ favourite technique is the one that best serves the narrative needs of the particular wedding they are capturing. This flexibility allows the delivery of a diverse range of wedding videos, each with its special touch.


Salvatore Esposito from SE Wedding Films loves to tell his stories based on a classic way because he thinks that classic and elegant things can be eternal. But, using his sensibility, sometimes he creates something new, mixing the different parts of the wedding to give his films a unique touch. Meanwhile, It’s all about focuses on candid wedding moments and understanding the style and mood that best reflects the couple.

To create intimate elopement films, Colibri Films includes speeches and vows in their wedding videos. They are an excellent way to tell your story. In the editing, they use parts from the various speeches throughout the day. For a wedding video, it is super important not to have just music and images. Colibri Films like to have a lot of original sounds with people talking to each other to include the voices of those who are special to the couple.


Luísa Coelho says that OS Pixel always looks for a way to explore new boundaries. They deliver 2 approaches, the conceptual film (as seen in OS Pixel social media) and a documental and journalistic version of the wedding. Context, preparations, decor, celebration, speeches, hugs and laughter, dancing, toasts, etc. – it’s all there with candid aesthetics and curated content. They are 100% convinced that delivering this documentary-style video allows such an ease of mind to edit the conceptual piece.

Collaborating with the couples

To achieve artistic wedding storytelling and show the personalities of the couple through it, wedding videographers have to establish a connection with them. Marta and Rui from Sublime Films connect with their couples by initiating meaningful conversations to understand their backgrounds and shared experiences. For them, establishing trust is crucial for capturing authentic moments, and they encourage couples to enjoy their day to the fullest.

Salvatore Esposito from SE Wedding Films suggests that couples be themselves. Cecilia from Semilla Films adds that couples who choose them as their wedding videographers have some resonance with them, and it is easy to adapt. Sara from Colibri Films emphasizes the importance of making the couples feel comfortable. If the couple feels free to ask or suggest something from their wedding videographer, if they don't feel forced into anything and have confidence in the videographer, the result will be beautiful.


Luísa Coelho from OS Pixel admits that she’s no expert on going chameleonic and changing her way of relating to people, but she just feels it and measures how to handle different couples. She believes that if you play cool and be light, you’ll get along even with the hardest couple. The videographer's goal is to make everything easy for the couple. They should not worry, everything is in the hands of the wedding videographer.

Catarina’s from It’s all about tip for couples would be to choose your wedding videographer based on stylistic preferences and personal connection. You have to feel that the videographers understand you and that you trust them to do what they do best.

Speaking of bespoke wedding cinematography, Alessandro Pardi is a visionary wedding videographer known for his unparalleled ability to create documentary-style films. Through his lens, each wedding becomes a personalized narrative, capturing authentic moments with a heartfelt touch and delivering a cinematic experience that not only documents the day but also elevates it into an emotional and uplifting celebration of love.


The role of the soundtrack in wedding videos

After the wedding day comes the editing, and a big part of that is choosing the most suitable wedding video soundtrack. Marta and Rui from Sublime Films agree that music and sound design play a vital function in enhancing the emotional impact of their wedding videos. Music has the power to intensify the emotional resonance of each moment, establishing a deeper connection with viewers.

Carefully selecting soundtracks that complement the atmosphere of each scene, Sublime Films aims to amplify the narrative and add a sensory dimension.

Furthermore, sound design is crucial in providing an even more authentic perception of the day. Sublime Films capture not only spoken words but also ambient sounds such as laughter, applause, and other sonic details that help recreate the wedding atmosphere, creating a more immersive experience for viewers.

There are various creative ways to use music in wedding videos. In addition to choosing soundtracks that match the emotional tone of each moment, they explore meticulous synchronization with wedding events. This involves intensifying the music during emotional moments like vows or ring exchanges and selecting tracks that reflect the couple's style and personality.

Salvatore Esposito from SE Wedding Films also uses a lot of original audio in his works, in fact, he always records with 3 or 4 microphones during some parts of the wedding. Also, the live music during the reception can provide a chance to have something different.

Salvatore thinks that the right audio at the right moment can take you back to those moments. And this is what he always searches for in his films. Catarina from It’s all about adds that the music played on the wedding day meant something to the couple, and it’s an option to include it in a wedding video.

Cecilia from Semilla Films and Sara from Colibri Films agree that music plays a fundamental role in a wedding video and should be tailored to the couple’s tastes and the moments in the film. Colibri Films also uses the original sound recorded on the day, for example, the clapping, the wind, the birds, the sound of friends and family hanging out, etc.

Luísa Coelho from OS Pixel explains that music and sound design are the heart and should of the equation to achieve a resonant and creative wedding video. She can’t even state how critical they are. You can only go right if you have the complete chemistry between soundtrack, sound design, pace and visuals! For instance, Luísa shares that there are between 97 to 230 million songs out there, besides, humanity spreads across 8 billion different individuals, so, if you think about it, the creative possibilities are endless.

Documentary-style wedding videos

Wedding video styles are not strictly separated, and videographers usually tailor them to their needs. For example, with a documentary-style approach you can achieve modern wedding films. We asked our wedding videographers which styles they prefer.

Sublime Films embraces a versatile approach to filming weddings, combining spontaneous, documentary-style footage with creatively choreographed shots for a cinematic touch. While valuing the authenticity of spontaneous moments, they also enjoy incorporating artistic and editorially styled moments, striking a balance that delivers emotionally captivating wedding videos.

This dynamic approach ensures each video is a unique blend of genuine moments and visually stunning sequences, providing couples with a comprehensive and beautifully crafted representation of their special day.

Salvatore Esposito from SE Wedding Films and Cecilia from Semilla Films focus on natural and spontaneous scenes with a cinematic eye. Sometimes, Salvatore asks the couple to change position, for instance, to search for the best light or frame. Sara from Colibri Films also doesn’t like staged shoots, but she might ask the couple to adjust a bit if the light somewhere else might be better.


OS Pixel and It’s all about would define their style as candid. OS Pixel also weaves a bit of visual poetry to create a true love story videography. Nonetheless, epic and handheld raw footage adds so much personality to the overall pack, and the poetic video is just one way to show the couples their wedding day.

Joao Rosa Visuals is renowned for crafting timeless wedding cinematography that draws inspiration from the beauty of nature. With an artistic approach that seamlessly integrates natural elements, Joao Rosa Visuals transforms each wedding into an enchanting story. The result is a cinematic experience that not only documents the special day but also beautifully mirrors the organic and enduring qualities found in the natural world.


Drone wedding footage and experimental wedding videography

Most wedding videographers include drone footage in their wedding videos, and the ones we talked to are no exception. Marta and Rui from Sublime Films confirm using drone footage, primarily, capturing landscapes. For them, drones provide a unique and breathtaking perspective, showcasing wedding venues in a cinematic way that traditional cameras cannot achieve. The aerial views add grandeur and a distinctive element to videos, offering sweeping shots of the surroundings.

Speaking of experimental ideas they’ve been wanting to try, Sublime Films discloses that lately, they have been exploring and prominently incorporating the use of artificial light in wedding videography. This approach is something they hadn't considered a few years ago, but now they have discovered that it adds a unique and exciting dimension to their productions.


Artificial light allows to creation of more dramatic and aesthetically appealing environments, especially in challenging lighting situations. For instance, during night-time events or in enclosed spaces with limited natural light, the ability to manipulate artificial light opens up new creative possibilities. This experimental approach with artificial light not only challenges innovation constantly but also enhances the visual experience for the couples, providing them with a unique and personalized record of their special day.

Sublime Films is excited about the positive feedback they have received so far and will continue to explore new techniques and technologies to further enhance the quality and creativity of their wedding videography productions.

Salvatore Esposito from SE Wedding Films has been using drones in his films for 10 years because they offer a different perspective. He likes to try new equipment, and he reveals that he’s going to experiment with the FPV drone shots, he just needs more tests to figure out if it could match his style and the wedding film in general.


Colibri Films also employs several techniques, including drones, that is an extra in their videos. They would also like to do some shots underwater. It’s all about also uses drones but they believe that the main focus should be on the footage from the ground where the real story happens.

To create romantic wedding movies, OS Pixel also loves adding new layers to their visuals, especially colour, which is an impactful factor on our brains. Speaking about experimentation, Luísa Coelho says that they want to explore new places and couples that can fully feel empathy with their approach. She believes that to achieve breathtaking wedding visuals, you need to constantly work in new places and with new people.

Not all experiments go as planned. Inquired about the situations where a couple had a specific idea, but it didn't work well in practice, Salvatore Esposito says that sometimes it happens. In these situations, he suggests what, in his opinion, is the best way, keeping in mind that he is not the final user of the film. Of course, if the couple asks him for something he hates to do from the beginning, he can refuse, but, in general, he tries to communicate his ideas with the couple.

Sara from Colibri Films also says that similar situations have occurred. Some couples come with something very specific in mind, or they saw a video and want the same, but that doesn't work because each marriage is different, what worked with another couple may not work with them. For example, when choosing songs, only in editing the videographers will be able to understand if it works.

They always give their opinion, and the couple always end up understanding and letting them make the musical choice. The same works in doing shots on the wedding day, videographers do everything they ask, but if it doesn't work, they suggest some changes, and it ends up bringing together two visions and making something more beautiful that works for the couple.

Video: B&G FILMS

Luísa Coelho from OS Pixel shares that some clients like to say what kind of mood they would like to have in their wedding short film. Most of the time it, doesn’t sit far from what they think is a good vibe for that one. OS Pixel doesn’t close the door to any inputs their couples want to share with them.

Also, on the wedding day, some couples ask for some shots at a given location or staged to the videographers’ criteria, most of the time videographers gladly do it and then, if it fits the mood of the film, they use them. If it’s completely off mood, they can put them aside on the short film and try to include them in the documental version.

Speaking about the suggestions from the couples, Catarina from It’s all about explains that it is impossible to make a wedding video with a script. When couples bring some inspiration, they, as videographers, always try to clarify that the styles of one video or one wedding will not be repeated. Because the wedding is influenced by so many factors on the wedding day.


Memorable wedding video

Lastly, we’ll touch on what makes a wedding video stand out. Sublime Films believes that a wedding video becomes memorable when the couple is fully focused on the day, relaxed and thoroughly enjoying each unique moment. Authenticity, naturalness, and a genuine celebration of love are essential elements in creating an engaging emotional narrative.

Capturing not only the events but also the emotions experienced throughout the day makes the video a vivid and touching memory. The couple's wholehearted involvement makes it easier to create unique and unforgettable moments, resulting in a cinematic experience that lingers in the memory.

Sara from Colibri Films encourages couples to live their day to the fullest, have fun with friends and family and trust videographers’ work. The result will always be beautiful! Colibri Films usually says that the result of the wedding video is what they give them on the day. If the couple give a lot of celebration and party, the video will reflect that, if they give a lot of emotion and tears, the video will reflect that.


Salvatore Esposito adds that the feelings between the spouses, the venue, a good timeline, and the decorations add to the wow effect. Catarina from It’s all about agrees that a memorable wedding video should represent the couple. Of course, wedding videographers have their own style, but they always have in mind that they are the eyes of the couple.

Cecilia from Semilla Films emphasizes the importance of good editing. Creating a story through editing is where the viewer enters and forgets about the rest. That's where the magic happens.


Luísa Coelho from OS Pixel summarizes that the answer would be long and subjective. In short, she would say that individuality is something that leads the way in what makes a film stand out. She thinks this is valid for photography, cinema, painting, architecture, anything! She admits that in wedding films, most of the stuff is out of the videographer’s control, so this individuality is highly related to being in the right place at the right time, that’s undeniable, you need certain ingredients to make it shine!

Author: Renāte Berga

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