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While preparing for the wedding, a lot of attention goes to the bride's dress, but we should not forget about the groom. His suit should be in harmony with the bride's dress, complementing each other. Although the possibilities of men's wedding attire are not as vast as the bride's, men's wedding fashion is not lagging. In the past, we most often saw grooms in a classic black, sometimes grey suit. Only celebrities stood out with their choice of different cuts, fabrics, and colours. However, as the 21st century approached, more and more grooms dared to step back from the usual image. World-famous chef Jamie Oliver went to the altar in a sky-blue suit, David Beckham complemented his wife Victoria's milk-white satin dress with the same colour suit, and singer Jimmy Allen stood out at his wedding this year with a pink jacket. The groom needs to show his style on his wedding day.

And here goes groom style trends 2023!

Expressive colours

Often at weddings, we see the groom dressed in a blue suit, which is much more refreshing than the classic black. Trends in groom's suits in 2023 will favour wine tones, from soft rose, dark purple to plum, cherry or brownish-red. These colours can be mixed, for example, by choosing a burgundy suit and a red cherry-tone bowtie. Also, do not be afraid of expressive colours like dark green, blue-green or other different shades of blue.

ligavaina terpa tendences 2022

Light earth tones

Cream white, beige sand, light caramel, grey-brown and dark brown will be trendy in 2023. As it will also be one of the most popular wedding colours, it is no wonder these tones will appear in the groom's fashion. They will fit perfectly in different seasons, as well as wedding concepts such as rustic, boho, minimalism, and even a luxurious wedding at the castle. You can choose the most suitable material for the conditions, such as linen in summer, velvet in winter, or even luxurious and shiny taffeta.

ligavaina terpa tendences 2022

Micro prints and large box pattern

Suits with a delicate pattern will still be very relevant this year, which will add the groom's clothing an immediate luxury. The pattern is not even noticeable from a distance, but, as you get closer, you can distinguish fine lines, dots, squares, or other patterns. Fine prints will appear on suits, jackets, and vests, as well as on ties and other accessories. The most important nuance of this trend is to keep the rest of the clothes simple. For example, a microprint jacket will look great with monochrome pants and a vest.

If fine patterns are not a suitable choice for you, suits with box patterns or check patterns have become very fashionable – the bigger, the better. Such a modern pattern will fit perfectly into a more relaxed concept wedding and will create a contemporary look.


Contrasting buttons

The classic tuxedo looks as great as it did a few centuries ago, but it can be refreshed by choosing contrasting coloured buttons on the shirt. For example, to a white shirt add dark red, blue, or black buttons. Remember, the best choice will be a bow tie instead of a tie to make them visible.

ligavaina terpa tendences 2022

Highlight one accent

Usually, in a harmonious groom's outfit, there is an opportunity to be creative by highlighting one of the garments and choosing a matching colour. Remember to highlight no more than one detail so that the overall image is harmonious. A check pattern jacket will look very modern, while the pants and vest are the same colour. Only a vest can be highlighted according to the same principle.

Extravagant and playful

Men who follow fashion daily will like to express themselves on their wedding day. In the trends of grooms' suits in 2023, we will see a daring combination of different materials, as well as a somewhat playful and simplified approach. Good news for those who like suspenders -  these will suit a youthful and cheerful groom.



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