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A city wedding in France offers a captivating blend of history, romance, and cosmopolitan allure. Choosing France as your wedding destination infuses the celebration with elegance, style, and sophistication. Every corner of France can be an attractive wedding destination, and it’s not easy to choose your perfect wedding venue. Let’s explore 7 cities and their characteristics to help you understand what type of wedding venue in France speaks to you the most.

Exclusive wedding venues in Paris

Paris, the City of Love, is an iconic wedding destination that needs no comments, as the beauty of the city speaks for itself. Paris boasts numerous exclusive wedding venues that blend historic charm with modern luxury. To name just a few, Hôtel de Crillon is a luxurious palace hotel located on Place de la Concorde, offering opulent event spaces and stunning views of iconic Parisian landmarks. Four Seasons Hotel George V is known for its impeccable service and lavish décor, as it provides elegant event spaces and a world-class culinary experience. Maison des Polytechniciens is a historic mansion with elegant interiors and a private garden, providing an intimate and refined atmosphere for weddings. Located near the Champs-Élysées, Pavillon Gabriel is a wedding venue offering versatile event spaces with a touch of French sophistication.

Venue: Pavillon Gabriel

You can explore the arrondissements of Paris, such as 18th arrondissement and Montmartre for a more authentic wedding experience. Its artistic charm, cobblestone streets, iconic landmarks like the Sacré-Cœur Basilica, and many intimate wedding venues, whether in charming bistros or hidden gardens, make it an ideal choice for couples seeking a culturally rich wedding experience in Paris.

Venue: Sacré-Cœur Basilica

The Moulin Rouge has a significant influence on Montmartre as not only a renowned cabaret but also a cultural landmark that has shaped the district's identity. The Moulin Rouge attracts visitors and artists alike, contributing to the arrondissement's lively atmosphere and making it a focal point for inspiration in this historic Parisian neighbourhood. And weddings are no exception. Whether having a wedding in Montmartre or anywhere else, you can draw inspiration from Moulin Rouge’s bohemian spirit.

Destination wedding musician Eric Sax is a saxophonist at Moulin Rouge, but he also enjoys playing at weddings. He will enliven the Parisian energy in any destination you choose!


Picturesque wedding venues in Nice

Nice, located on the French Riviera, captivates with its azure waters, pebbled beaches, and vibrant flower-lined promenades. The Old Town (Vieux Nice) enchants with its narrow winding streets, pastel buildings, and bustling markets. The city's artistic legacy is celebrated in museums dedicated to Matisse and Chagall. Nice's mild Mediterranean climate offers year-round appeal for outdoor activities, and its central location makes it an ideal hub for exploring the wider French Riviera region, including destinations like Cannes and Monaco.

The city's coastal elegance makes it a captivating destination for couples seeking a taste of southern France's enchanting lifestyle. Couples can celebrate their special day in luxury resorts overlooking the azure sea or in charming villas such as Château de Crémat, with stunning views of the French Riviera from its hilltop location, or the rustic Domaine de Toasc, a vineyard estate in the hills above Nice that offers a rustic yet charming ambience. Located in the hills of Vence, Château Saint-Martin features terraced gardens, Provençal architecture, and panoramic views. Nestled in the medieval village of Cagnes- sur-Mer, Hotel Le Cagnard offers breathtaking views of the sea and countryside along with charming architecture.

Venue: Hotel Le Cagnard

Romantic wedding venues in Arles

Arles, situated in the picturesque region of Provence, is a town steeped in history and artistic heritage. Its well-preserved Roman ruins, including the Arena of Arles and the Roman Theatre, offer a glimpse into its ancient past. Arles is also renowned for inspiring artists like Vincent van Gogh, who captured its landscapes in his iconic paintings. Its unique appeal continues to lie in its rustic beauty and vibrant artistic community. Couples can have a wedding immersed in Provençal culture, with wedding ceremonies in quaint chapels, medieval courtyards, or ancient Roman amphitheatres.

For a romantic wedding, consider Domaine de Manville, a luxurious estate featuring a beautifully restored farmhouse, lush gardens, and serene landscapes. A venue for a rustic wedding in Provence is Mas des Comtes de Provence, set amid picturesque olive groves. But located just outside Arles, Château de Valloubière is a historic castle that offers a blend of elegance and natural beauty, creating a romantic ambience for a destination wedding in Provence.

Venue: Domaine de Manville

Modern wedding venues in Marseille

Marseille is a vibrant port city blending its maritime heritage with modern urban life. Its bustling Old Port (Vieux-Port) is the heart of the city where colourful fishing boats mix with modern yachts, and lively markets offer a taste of local life. The historic district of Le Panier is a maze of narrow streets, vibrant street art, and charming squares. With its maritime heritage, diverse neighbourhoods, and authentic character, Marseille stands as a dynamic and intriguing wedding destination on the Mediterranean coast.

Marseille offers a diverse wedding experience as the bustling ports and coastal views create an authentic yet modern backdrop for wedding celebrations. For example, Les Docks de Marseille is a contemporary event space set in a renovated warehouse that offers a modern industrial-chic atmosphere for weddings with a unique urban flair. But MuCEM is a striking museum that offers modern architecture and a stunning waterfront venue, making it an artistic and cultural backdrop for a contemporary wedding in Marseille.

Venue: Les Docks de Marseille

Outdoor wedding venues in Rouen

Rouen, located in Normandy, is a city steeped in history, Gothic architecture, and artistic inspiration. Its most famous landmark, the stunning Rouen Cathedral, captured the imagination of artists like Claude Monet. The Place du Vieux-Marché marks the spot where Joan of Arc was martyred, adding a poignant historical touch to the city. Rouen's maritime connections are evident in its picturesque waterfront along the Seine River.

Rouen is a suitable city for an outdoor wedding due to its picturesque medieval streets and romantic ambience that lend themselves perfectly to open-air celebrations. The city's iconic landmarks and half-timbered houses create a timeless backdrop, while its gardens, squares, and riverside areas offer diverse outdoor settings. You can have a wedding ceremony surrounded by lush greenery in a botanical garden, such as Jardin des Plantes. But situated in the countryside near Rouen, Les Jardins d'Angélique is a garden wedding venue offering a blend of beauty and tranquillity, perfect for an outdoor wedding.

Venue: Les Jardins d'Angélique

Unique wedding venues in Reims

Reims, located in Champagne, is a city that carries a celebratory spirit. It is most renowned for its pivotal role in French history as the traditional site for the coronation of French kings. The magnificent Reims Cathedral, a masterpiece of Gothic architecture, stands as a testament to this history. The city is also synonymous with champagne production, being home to numerous prestigious champagne houses.

Reims' vibrant streets are lined with charming cafes, shops, and historical buildings, creating a lively and inviting atmosphere. With its regal past, champagne heritage, and architectural splendour, Reims offers couples a captivating wedding destination in France. To capture the essence of Reims' heritage, consider getting married at Hôtel de Ville. But to celebrate the region’s contribution to champagne production, plan your wedding at Domaine Pommery, an estate that offers picturesque gardens, wine cellars, and art installations.

Venue: Domaine Pommery

Intimate wedding venues in Lyon

Lyon is a dynamic city in southeastern France that seamlessly intertwines history, gastronomy (Lyon is known as the culinary capital of France), and modernity. Its Old Town (Vieux Lyon) features winding cobblestone streets, Renaissance architecture, and hidden traboules (secret covered passageways) that harken back to its medieval past.

The Presqu'île, Lyon's peninsula, is a bustling hub of shops, restaurants, and cultural attractions. Lyon is a perfect destination for an intimate wedding due to its romantic ambience and charming historical wedding venues, such as La Tour Rose, a historic building, and La Cour des Loges, a boutique hotel featuring hidden courtyards, cosy alcoves, and stylish event spaces.

Venue: The Presqu'île, Lyon's peninsula


For a throughout French wedding experience, regardless of the venue and city you choose, greet your guests with champagne and elegant French pastries upon arrival, evoking a sense of luxury. A live jazz band playing classic French tunes could set the ambience during cocktail hour, creating an atmosphere of timeless romance. From the fashion choices to the table settings, infusing French chic into the wedding creates a seamless blend of cultural charm and contemporary urban flair, ensuring a refined wedding experience in France.

Author: Renāte Berga

Cover photo: Eva Vasiljeva

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