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All about wedding budget

All about wedding budget

Once you have decided on the wedding date and wedding style and concept, whether it will be a grand celebration or an intimate wedding, in your homeland or abroad, the inevitable question arises – what is our wedding budget?

Wedding budget planning and the magical ten percent

There is one true thing about the wedding budget – the budget is always overspent. Why? Because wedding organization is a long and complex process. Unless you are a professional wedding planner, it will not be possible to identify all the expenses from the beginning. During wedding organization, additional costs will emerge, which may not seem significant at first, but these unexpected expenses will stack on each other. These relatively small expenses can be, for example, reusable eco-friendly cocktail straws or the rental of light chains. Therefore, it is very important to add another ten percent to the planned budget for unexpected expenses. Thus you will avoid any financial surprises.

viss par kāzu budžetu

Myth: wedding organizer makes the wedding more expensive

The assumption that hiring a professional wedding organizer increases the cost of the wedding is a myth that does not match reality. Hiring a professional wedding planner is not only a practical but also economically wise decision because the wedding organizer is the one who knows the specifics of the wedding market – where to buy, rent, or book services on favourable terms, and cooperates with other service providers such as wedding decorators or caterers.

You can consult with a wedding planner even if you don't intend to book them for the whole planning process. The wedding planner will answer your questions, so you will be much more knowledgeable and will be able to successfully avoid overspending when preparing a wedding budget.

viss par kāzu budžetu
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Where not to save when planning a wedding?

There are certain areas to save on at the wedding, and there are those where you should not save because the saver will always be the loser.

Choosing the cheapest option is not advisable for these services and professionals:

For example, if you choose a less experienced wedding photographer, you risk disappointment when you receive your wedding photos. There are cases when the couple hires a professional wedding photographer, make-up artist and hairstylist after the wedding and organizes a fake wedding photoshoot. The same story with wedding rings – it's not a temporary piece of jewellery; we wear wedding rings all our lives.

viss par kāzu budžetu

How to save on a wedding?

Here are some safe ways to save not compromising the quality of the wedding services:

  1. Choose the wedding day pragmatically. On weekends and during the wedding season, wedding venues are more expensive than on weekdays or the off-season.
  2. Consider the number of guests as it significantly changes the cost of meals, accommodation, gifts, and entertainment.
  3. Decide if you need the accommodation – if the wedding ends and midnight or sooner, the accommodation costs for the guests will be eliminated. Additionally, you will need to book the reception venue and staff for fewer hours.
  4. Book one venue for the ceremony and reception. Combining them in one location can save you transportation and decoration expenses.
viss par kāzu budžetu

How to make a wedding budget?

The budget distribution may vary depending on the wedding concept and your preferences, but the general ratio is this:

40% Wedding venue and catering

15% Wedding photographer and videographer services

10% Wedding music

10% Wedding floristry

10% Wedding decorations

5% Wedding attire

3% Wedding transport

3% Wedding stationery

2% Wedding gifts for guests

2% Wedding cake


Author: Ieva Krastina

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