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Lighting at a wedding is just as important as other decorations. The living light can change the atmosphere of the ceremony and celebration and create a mood. Candles have long been associated with magical abilities and special significance. It is as if the fragile flames are scorching and strong enough to dispel the darkness.

Candlelight at weddings in recent years is especially actual, so here's all you need to know about candlelight at weddings.

Safety first

Understandably, an open flame can be dangerous, so the most important thing is to make sure that the candles are stable, cannot tip over, and that there are no flammable objects near them. If children are also attending the wedding, it is important to make sure that the candles are placed out of reach of them or in containers that do not heat up. Lanterns, large glassware, or chandeliers for candles will be suitable for this purpose. If the candles are placed in candlesticks on the table, it is important to secure them so that they cannot tip over. Candles should not be placed near the busiest areas of the party where games or dances take place.


In which areas to put the candles?

When planning a wedding, it is very important to know the plan of the ceremony and the celebration venue. This will allow you to better plan the activities according to the layout of the venue. It is advisable to plan the placement of the candles, as it will determine what type of candlesticks will be needed. If the candles are to be hung from the ceiling, lanterns or chandeliers are required; if they are placed on tables, suitable candlesticks must be chosen. Candles that will be on the floor should be placed so that the dresses are not accidentally caught.


According to the theme

The wedding concept will also help you choose perfect candle holders. Gold, glass, or copper candle holders will look elegant. Stone and metal will suit the romance of the countryside. For retro weddings, retro-looking candlesticks; for modern ones, large glass or crystal vases. You also need to think about the colour of the candles. You can't go wrong with white candles but, when choosing other colours, you should match them to the overall atmosphere of the wedding. It's not advisable to use too much colour, which can make a chaotic impression. Three different coloured candles will also look tasteful.


Thoughtful candle placement

Candles placed with a purpose, such as marking the place of the ceremony, the path to the altar, or as a table decoration, will look best. Stair decorations with candles will look wonderful. It looks impressive if several candles are placed together. Especially, if they are placed in glass containers and look like a field of living fire. The bigger the candles, the more impressive. It is important to understand whether candlelight will be enough to light a room and make beautiful photos. They are usually used for decorative purposes in addition to the main lighting.


Not just in the evening

Candles can be used as a decoration even if the wedding does not take place in the evening. They will also create a pleasant atmosphere during the day, especially for an autumn wedding. Warm candlelight creates cosiness every time.


Living fire

For weddings in the evenings, not only flashing candle flames but also other types of live fire will suit. Imagine having a wedding by the fire or having torches for the lighting. It will look impressive if the bride's path to the altar is illuminated with large candles or torches. It is important to place them far enough apart so that the bride does not have to worry about safety along the way.


Author: Elisa Rudzite


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