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Weddings in Switzerland are uniquely special, seamlessly blending breathtaking landscapes with contemporary elegance and the country's multiculturalism.

In the heart of Europe lies a country where love echoes against the majestic peaks of the Alps and the historic streets of charming towns. We will look at Swiss weddings through the lens of Vanda Scazzari, whose artistry unveils the magic of Swiss love stories. Additionally, we'll step into the world of Two Souls Bridal and Leaf and Lace, where bridal couture becomes a harmonious reflection of modern elegance.

Swiss destination weddings offer a captivating blend of romance and stunning landscapes, attracting couples from around the world. From the enchanting shores of Lake Geneva to the snow-kissed peaks of the Swiss Alps, each venue serves as a picturesque backdrop for unforgettable ceremonies. The allure of Swiss destination weddings lies not only in the breathtaking settings but also in the seamless integration of the country's multicultural influences, adding an extra layer of richness to the celebration. Switzerland further distinguishes itself by providing the highest level of wedding services, ensuring every detail is flawlessly executed.


Modern wedding photography inspired by Swiss architecture, art and fashion

Vanda Scazzari is a visionary wedding photographer, renowned for her distinctive approach that combines minimalism, aesthetics, and contemporary flair. With an artistic eye for capturing the essence of love, Vanda’s work is marked by a refined simplicity that enhances the beauty of every moment. Her minimalist style allows emotions and details to shine through with clarity.

Through her lens, Vanda crafts images that reflect the purity and sophistication of each wedding she captures. As she explains herself, with wedding photography, she tries to be different, to leave room for authentic moments, details and modern romance. She finds her inspiration in the beauty of architecture, art, and fashion.


Vanda’s Scazzari story of how she became a wedding photographer is very personal and heartfelt. Asked what made her to want photograph weddings, she tells her story: “Photography has always been with me, and if you had asked me 5 years ago if I would like to photograph a wedding, I would have said no without hesitation. What has changed? In October, exactly 5 years ago, I photographed my first wedding.

The wedding of my younger sister. In preparation, I attended a workshop on how to professionally photograph a wedding. At that moment, I realized how creative and diverse wedding photography can be. No wedding is the same, I am fascinated by the people, the details of a wedding, and the appeal of making it all together into a personal story.”

What makes her stand out is not only her aesthetics but also her genuine interest in each couple she works with. When building a connection with the couples, she tries to feel their style, respond to their wishes, and fulfil them perfectly. This includes an intensive pre-talk and getting to know each other. On the wedding day, she is close to the couple, much like a good friend and less than just an employee.


Wedding photography in Switzerland – scenic and diverse

Multiculturalism is intertwined in every aspect of weddings in Switzerland. As Vanda Scazzari shares, there are 4 official languages spoken in Switzerland, and a lot of different people from all over the world are working and living here. This influences the trends. And that is why she is convinced that there is no typical Swiss wedding photography. Rather, the diverse landscape conditions and history of Switzerland leave a lot of room for different styles and requirements.

Being diverse, Swiss wedding photography is still unimaginable without some scenic shots and captures of the landscape. Vanda Scazzari agrees that the light and especially the weather is a central theme at every wedding in Switzerland, no matter what time of year it is. The topographical and climatic conditions in Switzerland place extraordinary creative demands on the photographer.


Asked how she helps couples choose the best times of day for their wedding photos to take advantage of Switzerland's stunning light and scenery, she answers that during the pre-talks, she discusses the schedule of the day with the couples, and together they look for the ideal time slot for the couple shoot. While doing that, she takes into account all the couples' wishes as far as possible.

Touching on Swiss wedding traditions, the customs in Switzerland are not much different from the rest of Europe. But, as Vanda Scazzari elaborates, Switzerland is very multicultural, thus, many different influences flow into Swiss wedding customs. She has had the pleasure of accompanying and capturing weddings with people from all over the world.

Speaking of Swiss wedding etiquette and some general cultural considerations, Vanda shares that the Swiss are very reserved people who care a lot about good quality. The principle less is more is followed, and weddings tend to be with close family and friends. The Swiss love luxurious minimalism and the look at the quality of food and drinks. Personally, Vanda is inspired by the great historical heritage that Switzerland has to offer, the architecture, but also the wild and organic textures of nature. The many lakes and the mountains give the wedding photos a very special atmosphere.


The beauty of Swiss destination weddings

When inquired about what makes Switzerland a unique and attractive destination for couples planning their wedding, Vanda explains that it’s the high standard of quality and precision as well as the different landscapes. Switzerland is very versatile and has a lot to offer in a small space to capture this unforgettable day. From world-famous places like Zermatt, the elegant city of Zurich or Geneva, to the Italian part of Switzerland Ticino with the beautiful Lake Maggiore and the Mediterranean climate that strongly reminds of Lake Como.

Switzerland offers a diverse array of enchanting wedding venues. Alpine wedding venues, nestled amid the breathtaking peaks, provide a majestic backdrop for couples seeking a dreamlike setting for their nuptials. Swiss mountain weddings evoke a sense of grandeur, where towering peaks become witnesses to the union of love, while rustic Swiss receptions bring a touch of warmth and authenticity to the celebration.

Lake Geneva ceremonies unfold against the backdrop of shimmering waters, where the serene beauty of the lake creates an atmosphere of tranquillity and romance. Romantic Swiss venues, scattered throughout charming towns and historic locales, invite couples to immerse themselves in an ambience that whispers tales of timeless love. For those desiring an opulent affair, luxury Swiss nuptials unfold in venues exuding elegance and sophistication.

Venue: ENGADIN ST. MORITZ, Switzerland / Photo: DOMINIK BAUR

Vanda’s Scazari kindly shares some of her favourite wedding venues in Switzerland:

The Dolder Grand in Zurich stands as a pinnacle of luxury, offering an idyllic setting with its opulent ballrooms and lush gardens. Nestled in the Swiss Alps, this five-star hotel combines historic charm with modern sophistication, providing panoramic views of the city and Lake Zurich.

Tenuta Castello di Morcote, situated in the picturesque Canton Ticino, is a fairytale castle surrounded by the beauty of Lake Lugano. This historic venue boasts terraced gardens, medieval architecture, and stunning lake views.

Villa Emden on Isola die Brissago, an island sanctuary in Lake Maggiore, offers an unparalleled setting for intimate weddings. Surrounded by lush botanical gardens and the serene waters of the lake, this art nouveau villa exudes elegance and charm. It is a perfect choice for couples seeking a secluded escape, where every corner of the island becomes a canvas for a love story.


Casino Bern, located in the heart of the Swiss capital, is a sophisticated venue with grand halls and ornate architecture that provide a distinguished backdrop for elegant ceremonies and receptions. Casino Bern offers couples a unique and cultural wedding experience in the heart of the charming Old Town.

Chateau Gütsch Luzern, perched on a hill overlooking the city of Lucerne, is a fairytale castle with breathtaking views of Lake Lucerne and the surrounding mountains. This historic venue combines medieval charm with modern luxury, offering an intimate and romantic setting for weddings. The Chateau's elegant interiors and panoramic terraces create a magical atmosphere, making it a sought-after destination for couples seeking a storybook celebration.

The Chedi Andermatt, nestled in the Swiss Alps, is a luxurious and contemporary venue that harmoniously blends Asian and Swiss influences. Surrounded by snow-capped peaks, this five-star hotel offers a chic setting for couples desiring a modern and cosmopolitan wedding experience.

St. Charles Hall, located in the heart of Zurich, offers couples a touch of old-world glamour and a sense of grandeur for their special day. With its high ceilings, grand staircase, and classic ballrooms, this venue provides a sophisticated backdrop for traditional weddings.


Weddings in Switzerland – complemented by elegant bridal fashion

Two Souls, a distinguished wedding boutique in Switzerland, is the epitome of bridal sophistication, seamlessly blending the elements of simple elegance, timeless aesthetics, and modern design. Renowned for its curated selection of wedding dresses, Two Souls caters to the brides seeking a gown that transcends trends. Two Souls showcases the perfect fusion of classic beauty and contemporary style, ensuring brides find their dream dress that resonates with grace and chic sophistication.

Nicole Strasser, the founder of Two Souls, explains that her concept store is about every bride being able to create her look, be it through delicate accessories, stylish shoes or special details. In her concept store, every bride is welcomed to a world of simple beauty and creative freedom.


Personally, design creativity and style play a big role in Nicole’s Strasser life, and with her Two Souls bridal concept store, she has realized a long-awaited dream and created a place where everything comes together for her and where she can live out her passion every day. Nicole Strasser works very closely with her twin sister Claudia Fellino, who is a wedding photographer and her timeless, elegant style suits Two Souls brides perfectly. This year, they combined Nicole’s store and Claudia’s studio.

What sets Two Souls boutique apart is that Nicole Strasser primarily focuses on curated, high-quality bridal fashion in a relaxed, feel-good atmosphere. She dedicates a lot of time both to her brides and to selecting designers to showcase at her store at wedding fairs. She has a very good eye for aesthetics and fashion, which helps her to make the most thought-through selections. Additionally, her brides appreciate her helpful and sensitive nature. Nicole believes that the wedding dress fitting should be one thing above all else: fun. To make everything go easy and fulfil every bride’s wishes, she takes a lot of time to get to know them better and to find their special wedding dress together.

Speaking of Swiss influences or elements that go into the wedding dresses Two Souls concept store offers, Nicole Strasser mentions quality instead of quantity. This approach also translates to wedding dress trends in Switzerland – the bridal fashion varies from year to year, but overall, the brides choose timeless looks.


Some of the recent bridal fashion trends are boho and vintage style and floral lace. When inquired about what can we expect from 2024 when it comes to wedding dresses, Nicole shared that simple elegance, flattering cuts and sustainable materials will be on trend. She believes that the bride is in the foreground and should be herself on this day.

Asked how Switzerland's diverse landscape and climate influence the choice of bridal fashion, Nicole Strasser explains that, for example, in the mountains, especially in winter, long-sleeved dresses are preferred. While on the lakefront, lighter and breezy styles may be more appropriate. She clarifies that weddings on the lakes usually take place between May and October.

But weddings in the mountains depend on whether you prefer summer or winter. Winter weddings usually take place between November and March. Nicole emphasizes that, when planning a wedding in Switzerland, couples should take the climate into account.


Modern and unique Swiss bridal fashion

Leaf and Lace, the distinguished bridal boutique in Switzerland, is a haven for brides seeking a unique and modern touch for their special day. Renowned for its individualized approach, the boutique curates a collection of dresses with distinctive flair. The exclusive selection from the most renowned international designers ensures that each gown tells a distinct story of style and sophistication.

Nadia, the founder of Leaf and Lace says that she wanted to create a modern surrounding for brides. The boutique is centred around a warm and natural environment with elegant details and fantastic service. At Leaf and Lace, they offer more time for a consultation to comfort the brides and treat them with prosecco and welcome tea, refreshing hand towels and superior service.


All the bridal styles in the boutiques are hand-picked to filter dresses that have truly their vision of beauty. But it doesn’t mean there’s one aesthetic. Quite the opposite – Leaf and Lace have dresses of all different styles, from romantic or boho to sleek and simple. Speaking on how the local climate affects the choice of dress, Nadia explains that summers in Switzerland are quite warm and comfortable. Between May and September is the high season for weddings here in the Alps, and lighter dresses are more desirable.

Inquired about the bridal fashion trends in recent years, Nadia says that light dresses are very popular, as well as dresses with detachable sleeves and reduced glitter. She believes that, in 2024, bridal fashion will probably continue going in a more minimalistic direction.


Nadia from Leaf and Lace kindly shares a general tip for couples thinking of a destination wedding in Switzerland. She advises having a local wedding planner, which would be a huge advantage for foreign couples. She encourages couples to get married here because the country offers different environments for a wedding, from rural mountains to antique villages and towns. Moreover, there are three regions with different languages and influences, French, German, and Italian, of which each is unique in its way.


Weddings in Switzerland – the epitome of natural beauty and modern luxury

Swiss weddings elevate the art of celebration with a fusion of natural beauty and modern luxury, epitomizing high-level photography and exclusive fashion. This harmonious blend of nature's grandeur and contemporary elegance transforms weddings in Switzerland into a celebration where the essence of love is elevated by the splendour of the surroundings.

Author: Renāte Berga

Swiss wedding photographer: Vanda Scazzari

Swiss bridal boutiques: Two Souls Bridal, Leaf and Lace

Cover photo: Dominik Baur, Claudia Fellino

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