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Every woman loves flowers. It is nice to receive them as a gift, decorate your home, or use flowers as a nice accessory in your hair. An even more important role for flowers is in the bouquet, which complements the bride's wedding dress on one of the most memorable days of life. Flowers give romanticism to the bridal image, but there are other reasons for their presence too. The flower bouquet that the bride holds in her hands when going to the altar has a long history. In ancient Rome, brides wore flower festoons, believing that flowers mean new beginnings, trust, and fertility.

In the Middle Ages, it was believed that strong-smelling herbs and spices prevented evil spirits, failure, ill health, as well as had a rather practical function, helping to mask the unpleasant body aroma. The bride's bouquet also includes plants ascribed to aphrodisiac abilities.


Today, ancient traditions have been put aside, but the composition of flowers has become an essential part of the image of the modern bride. Brides choose flowers based on colour, shape, and scent, which is a way to express their style, taste, and personality. This accessory is not forgotten, regardless of whether the wedding is planned in a luxurious mansion or a family home garden. Today's bridal bouquets are becoming more modern, more creative, and more interesting.

Choose the one that suits you the best!


1. Classical values

Although fashion is changing, as are the flowers that brides choose for weddings, most often, the compositions use white or cream-colored roses or other flowers in these shades, and the bouquet is round, sometimes adding barely noticeable colour accents.


2. Flowering trees and shrubs

In recent years, flowers in the traditional sense have been supplemented with various flowers of flowering trees and shrubs. If the wedding is planned for spring, choose for flowering apple, cherry, or plum branches. Scented bird-cherry tree and jasmine will look beautiful, while those who want something brighter will like lilac, jasmine, and pink meadowsweet.

3. Appropriate tones

Since the bridal bouquet is part of the wedding dress, many brides match it with their chosen wedding colour. It will look harmonious if the same flowers and the same colour tones are used in the bouquet and decorations. It is possible to express yourself creatively by using the same type of flowers in different colours or different flowers in a similar range of shades. In recent years, smoky tones have become topical, as well as the use of green plants in compositions.


4. Atypical plants

Lesser-known flowers and plants can also be used in the bridal bouquet. Various tropical flowers and palm branches, strelitzia or birds of paradise, poppies of different colors, ferns, and even creepers - hops, vines, ivy, and honeysuckle - will look interesting and original.

5. Dried flowers

More and more often, the bride's wedding bouquet includes various dried flowers. They will be especially suitable for bohemian-style weddings. Baby’s breath, cotton flowers, strawflowers, bent, grass, and cereal ears will be an unconventional but very modern choice.



6. Herbs

The garden flowers can be enriched not only with the branches of flowering shrubs and dried flowers but even with decorative herbs. Floral bouquets made only of lavender, chamomile, sage, or clover will also look really nice.

7. Seasonal flowers

You can think sustainably, not only when choosing a wedding dress and menu but also the flower bouquet. It is best to use seasonal flowers that grow in the homeland rather than shipping from distant places. Even fragile snowdrops, fragrant lilies of the valley, or aromatic sweet peas can be used in a bridal bouquet. If the wedding is in the fall, give your special day sparkle with fall colors. Choose sunflowers, dahlias, asters, gladiolus, or even colorful autumn leaves.

8. Different sizes

Not only the color, smell, and seasonality of the flowers are important, but also the size. Flowers of different sizes in one composition will look dynamic, but you should not be afraid of large-format flowers, such as hydrangeas and peonies. Sometimes just a few big flowers are enough to create an effective and gorgeous bridal bouquet.



Author: Elisa Rudzite

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