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The first thing might think about right after the proposal is your wedding dress. The selection of the types and silhouettes of wedding dresses is vast, and that’s perfect because brides are so different! A princess wedding dress, an A-silhouette, a slip dress, a mermaid cut dress, a sheath dress, a Greek-style dress, or even a suit – there is a dress for every wedding theme! Find the wedding dress silhouette that will highlight and complement exactly what you want!

Ball gown or princess dress

A ball-type wedding dress is a classic and has been a dream for many girls. They are so popular because of the Disney cartoons many brides grew up with.


  • accentuates the waist and chest;
  • creates visual balance if you have large breasts and narrow hips;
  • the length of the dress to the ground visually lengthens the body.

kazu kleita balles princeses

A-silhouette dress

This is a feminine, elegant and neutral cut, creating a romantic look. Although just like a princess dress, the upper part of the dress is close-fitting, and the part of the skirt is free-falling. The A-silhouette dress may be chunky, but it never reaches the size of the skirt part of a princess dress.


  • suitable for all body types;
  • accentuates the waist and chest;
  • hides belly, full hips, and legs;
  • visually lengthens the body.

kazu kleita a siluets

Slip dress

Ascetic feminine elegance and a touch of silk – if the dress has such qualities, it is no wonder that the popular slip dresses have entered the wedding industry not only as a dress for the wedding morning but also as a dress for the wedding ceremony.


  • highlights the shape of the body;
  • highlights the bride herself, not the dress;
  • if you choose a silk slip dress, you can be sure it will always fit well.

kazu kleita slip

Mermaid cut dress

Princess with a character – a mermaid dress retains the dream of a princess dress. Decorated with lace and crystals if you like, it accentuates femininity. It will suit those brides who want to highlight their body silhouette in their entire height.


  • highlights the shape of the body from the chest to the knees;
  • accentuates the waist and hips.

kazu kleita nāriņa

Sheath dress

This cut will be your choice if you want to highlight the overall length of the body but, at the same time, feel comfortable – the dress does not fit tight.


  • highlights the full length of the body;
  • visually lengthens the body;
  • the perfect combination of classic and modern comfort.

Greek-style dress

Bride-Goddess. This soft and airy dress has a delicate combination of free thinking and elegance.


  • highlights the shape of the body;
  • visually lengthens the body;
  • high waist perfectly suits the plus-size body shape and is suitable for pregnant women.

kazu kleita

Ladies suit

A wedding trouser suit is a great choice for any bride who does not want to fit in standard frames. An elegant trouser suit guarantees a confident and strong image of the bride. At the same time, this is an outfit that you will surely wear more than once.


  • the suit is comfortable;
  • it is possible to choose which body areas to accentuate by varying the length of the jacket, the trousers, and the cut.




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