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Majestic destination wedding in Dolomites

Majestic destination wedding in Dolomites

A wedding in the Dolomites blends elegance with the inspiring beauty of nature. Nestled amidst the majestic peaks and valleys, the Dolomites is an enchanting backdrop for a wedding.

In this article, Viviana Verzi Reatti, a highly regarded destination wedding planner, shares her expertise in planning a unique and personalized wedding in the Dolomites. Her valuable insights offer a comprehensive guide for couples looking to create a memorable celebration against the backdrop of this picturesque mountain range in Italy.


The Dolomites – an unparalleled wedding backdrop

The Dolomites are known for their breathtaking landscapes. Asked about what drew her to specialize in planning weddings in the Dolomites, Viviana Verzi Reatti shares that it was a heartfelt choice, as her grandparents were hoteliers in Cortina d'Ampezzo and built a refugio (an Italian mountain hut) which is still managed by her family today.

She grew up in Cortina d'Ampezzo and, until 2018, she had a jewellery shop there. Viviana designed jewellery, and she was awarded in Paris. In 2012, she organized her first destination wedding.

Speaking of how she draws inspiration from the stunning landscapes of the Dolomites, Viviana Verzi Reatti agrees that the natural beauty of the Dolomites speaks for itself, from the breathtaking views to the colours of the rocks, the characteristic refugios, and the lakes.


In terms of integrating the natural backdrop and beauty into the overall wedding design and décor, Viviana always tries to maintain a design contextualized to the place the couple decided to get married, to be sustainable in her choices, to respect the mountain, with an elegant but not opulent design.

Dolomites wedding inspiration

When inquired about creative elements or personal touches the couples are most interested in incorporating into their Dolomites weddings, Viviana Verzi Reatti explains that primarily it is the view, then the traditional mountain food. Additionally, most of her couples wish to have the ceremony outdoors in the snow or on the meadows, so she and her team take great care of the ceremony area and provide the details for the guests.

In winter, she advises adding fleece blankets or white fake fur, and in the evening, candles at the table to create a romantic atmosphere, lots of wood, moss and all the elements of the forest.


Mountainous regions can have unpredictable weather, both in winter and summer. With the right knowledge, you can turn this into a great advantage and include the natural elements in your wedding.

Speaking of this, Viviana always recommends a wedding dress with a jacket to her brides in the winter and also something to wear over the dress in the summer because above 1 800 meters days can be both hot and cold. However, all her brides have worn beautiful wedding dresses, with veil, without veil, short, long, with train or without.

The best time to get married in the Dolomites

As Viviana Verzi Reatti illuminates, first, it depends on the budget, as there would be a difference in the high season and off-season, especially for hotels, since couples and their guests always stay for at least 3 or 4 nights. Before Christmas, in January, February, and March, you can have a fairy winter wedding, and at the end of June, July and September – a summer wedding in the mountains.


Viviana notes that hotels, restaurants and ski lifts are seasonal, they close after Easter and reopen at the end of June until October 1st. For elopements, however, there is no problem organizing a wedding all year round because you don’t have to think of accommodating your guests.

Dolomites wedding venues and logistics

Viviana Verzi Reatti loves every type of wedding venue in the Dolomites. The choice depends on the number of guests - some venues could host only small groups, while others are more suitable for bigger groups. Her favourite wedding location in the Dolomites is Cinque Torri for the view. However, you could only have a civil or symbolic ceremony there and not a private party. The Dolomites have castles and 3 Michelin stars venue in Alto Adige – this mountain range offers a great variety of venues.


Viviana Verzi Reatti notes that mountainous regions can present logistical challenges. She can confidently say that she has won them all. For example, she organized a wedding at 2 800 meters altitude where the flowers and the musical group went up on Jeeps, the guests went up on the chairlift, and then they went back down at night, everyone in the jeep.

Certainly, this type of transportation has a high cost, but the location is unique and exclusive for a small wedding. Sometimes, they use the cable car, and there is only the chair lift, in winter, they use snowmobiles or snowcats. Her team is well organized, and all her suppliers are experts and know their way around the mountains.


Speaking of unexpected challenges during a wedding in the Dolomites, she explains that they are mostly weather-related. Although two days before the wedding they had a clear picture of the weather, once she brought forward the ceremony by half an hour to avoid a summer storm, another time in winter, they went down with the snowcat instead of the cable car to the wind. However, if everything is prepared well in advance, there are no problems to solve.

Dolomites wedding planning timeline and costs

Viviana Verzi Reatti has organized weddings in 4 months, 6 months and a year. It depends on the complexity of the event - the more days longer the wedding is, the more time in advance you have to think about starting to book the hotels and the venue.


The minimum to organize a perfect wedding in the Dolomites is 6 months in advance, but she also has last-minute requests, and they still turn out great. Additionally, the wedding budget is very important, for example, for a lovely wedding of 70 guests, the budget for the hotel and some extra activities starts from 42 000 euros.

Wedding in the Dolomites – classy and timeless

As Viviana Verzi Reatti has observed, the wedding trend that is gaining popularity is more and more intimate, curated, sustainable, and experiential weddings with activities for guests the days before, the party, and also the day after the wedding. Additionally, simplicity with elegance, care and attention to detail is always on trend.

Speaking of secret dreams regarding wedding planning, Viviana reveals that she has one, but she’s waiting for a couple who wants to invest because it's a bit financially demanding, but it would turn out to be a true fairy tale if it were to come true.


Author: Renāte Berga

Destination wedding planner: Viviana Verzi Reatti | WeddingInCortina

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