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Outdoor wedding venues in Europe cater to a wide range of tastes, ensuring each couple can find the perfect location to mark the beginning of their journey.

In this article, we’ll discover the plenitude of outdoor wedding venues in Europe. Let’s dive into the different regions and types of European open-air wedding locations they offer.

Italy – the destination for the best garden weddings

Gardens in Italy emerge as the epitome of idyllic wedding venues in Europe. These gardens are living canvases adorned with blooming flowers, ancient statues, and elegant fountains that evoke a sense of classical romance. Whether exchanging vows amidst the manicured elegance of Renaissance gardens, such as those found in Florence or the Vatican City, or amid the lush, vibrant landscapes of Southern Italy, it is the best destination for a romantic garden wedding in Europe.


The gardens of Italy offer a seamless fusion of nature and history, allowing couples to organize elegant garden party weddings in settings that have witnessed centuries of romance. Imagine the scent of citrus blossoms in the air along the Amalfi Coast, the panoramic views of the Tuscan countryside, or the iconic cypress-lined avenues of the Italian lakes – these al fresco wedding destinations tell a story that transcends time. 

Italian gardens cater to a variety of preferences, whether it's the grandeur of Villa d'Este's terraced gardens in Tivoli, the intimate charm of secluded courtyards in Venice, or the opulence of the Boboli Gardens in Florence. The versatility of these venues allows couples to tailor their celebrations, from intimate gatherings to lavish affairs, against a backdrop that is nothing short of magical.


Europe's picturesque outdoor weddings – France and Belgium

Europe's most picturesque outdoor wedding venues beckon couples to the enchanting landscapes of France and Belgium. In France, a country synonymous with love, couples can choose from a myriad of captivating settings – from the lavender-drenched fields of Provence to the historic châteaux of the Loire Valley and the sun-kissed vineyards of Bordeaux.

Domaine Le Mezo is a stunning wedding venue in France, offering a picturesque setting for couples seeking a perfect location for their outdoor celebrations. With its enchanting garden and elegant glass conservatory, the venue provides an ideal backdrop for a wedding. The beautifully landscaped garden adds a touch of natural beauty, while the glass conservatory enhances the atmosphere, creating an exquisite blend of indoor and outdoor spaces.


Speaking of charming outdoor reception locales, Chateau de Santeny effortlessly steals the spotlight with its timeless elegance and enchanting surroundings. Nestled in the heart of the French countryside, this exquisite chateau offers a dreamlike setting for couples seeking a romantic celebration.

The manicured gardens, adorned with fragrant blooms and ancient trees, provide an idyllic backdrop for open-air receptions. The chateau's historic charm is further complemented by its regal architecture and the inviting ambience of its outdoor spaces.


Belgium, with its fairytale-like towns and diverse landscapes, stands as another jewel for outdoor wedding venues in Europe. From the cobbled streets of Bruges to the picturesque Ardennes and the tranquil countryside, Belgium offers a romantic backdrop that blends history and natural beauty.

European countryside wedding venues – Portugal and Spain

Portugal and Spain emerge as the epitome of European countryside wedding perfection. In Portugal, the Algarve region boasts sun-kissed beaches, while the Douro Valley showcases terraced vineyards. The countryside venues exude rustic charm, creating an idyllic setting.


Similarly, Spain enchants with its diverse and captivating countryside wedding venues. From the rustic Andalusian haciendas to the coastal beauty of Costa Brava, Spain offers a spectrum of stunning open-air wedding settings. The rolling hills of the Spanish countryside, dotted with olive groves and vineyards, provide an exquisite backdrop for couples dreaming of a tranquil outdoor wedding.

Pasion Eventos stands as a premier wedding planning service with a dedicated focus on delivering high-quality and bespoke events in the picturesque setting of Mallorca, Spain. Renowned for their commitment to excellence, Pasion Eventos specializes in crafting original, distinctive, and creative celebrations that reflect the unique essence of each couple. With a wealth of experience, their team brings a meticulous approach to planning, ensuring that every detail is thoughtfully curated.

Pasion Eventos' expertise in Mallorca, known for its stunning landscapes, adds an extra layer of charm to weddings, making them a sought-after choice for couples seeking a uniquely tailored and unforgettable celebration in this beautiful destination.


Unique outdoor marriage celebrations in Europe – Croatia and Germany

In Croatia, couples have the extraordinary opportunity to host unique outdoor marriage celebrations amidst the breathtaking landscapes. Whether exchanging vows against the backdrop of the azure Adriatic Sea, amid the historical charm of Dubrovnik, or within the enchanting vineyards of Istria, Croatia offers a diverse array of stunning outdoor venues.

Germany presents a plethora of dreamy outdoor wedding locations, each offering a unique and enchanting atmosphere. From fairytale-like castles nestled in the Bavarian Alps to the romantic vineyards along the Rhine River, the country boasts diverse landscapes.

The Black Forest, with its dense woodlands and charming villages, provides an idyllic backdrop, while historic cities such as Heidelberg offer a blend of cultural richness and outdoor allure. Whether the serene lakes, picturesque meadows, or historic estates, Germany unfolds as a canvas of dreamy outdoor wedding locations, inviting couples to create unforgettable moments in the heart of Europe.

Panoramic wedding venues in Europe – Scandinavia, Slovakia and Austria

Panoramic wedding venues in Europe reach their zenith in the mountainous areas, particularly in Scandinavia and Slovakia. Nestled amid the majestic peaks, these venues offer breathtaking views that elevate the wedding experience to unparalleled heights.

From the snow-capped fjords of Norway to the rolling hills of the Swedish highlands, couples can exchange vows against a backdrop of awe-inspiring natural beauty. Alternatively, Slovakia's High Tatras and scenic mountainous regions provide a captivating alternative, offering couples a perfect blend of elevation and romance.

In Austria, couples can embark on exclusive outdoor wedding experiences that redefine elegance. The enchanting landscapes, from the alpine beauty of the Austrian Alps to the serene lakeside settings, provide an idyllic backdrop for exclusive celebrations.

Whether exchanging vows in a historic castle courtyard, amidst lush vineyards, or on the shores of a crystal-clear lake, Austria offers a diverse range of exclusive outdoor venues. The meticulous attention to detail, combined with the country's rich cultural heritage, ensures that couples can curate an unparalleled wedding experience.

Rustic outdoor wedding venues Europe - Greece

Greece stands as a captivating destination for couples seeking rustic outdoor wedding venues in Europe. Amidst the timeless charm of the Greek landscapes, rustic venues offer a unique blend of simplicity and elegance for a memorable celebration.

From the rustic simplicity of traditional Greek villages with their whitewashed buildings and cobblestone streets to the rustic elegance of countryside estates surrounded by olive groves, couples can choose from a variety of enchanting settings. Greece's warm climate and picturesque backdrops, including the stunning islands and coastal areas, make it an ideal choice for those desiring a rustic outdoor wedding experience that combines natural beauty with a touch of Mediterranean charm.

Europe's hidden gem wedding spots – Czechia and Hungary

Czechia unveils a treasure trove of Europe's hidden gem wedding spots, inviting couples to discover enchanting locales off the beaten path. From the charming cobblestone streets and historic squares of Prague to the rustic beauty of the Bohemian countryside, Czechia offers a myriad of unique and picturesque settings for weddings. Secluded castles, vineyard-draped landscapes, and medieval towns create an atmospheric backdrop for couples seeking an intimate and off-the-radar destination.

Hungary beckons couples with its enchanting woodland wedding venues, offering a fairytale setting amidst nature's embrace. From the mystical forests surrounding Budapest to the serene woodlands near Lake Balaton, Hungary provides a diverse range of enchanting backdrops for couples seeking a magical outdoor celebration. These woodland venues, with towering trees, dappled sunlight, and rustic charm, create an ethereal atmosphere.


Destination wedding photographers in Europe

Choosing an experienced and adaptable wedding photographer for your destination wedding in Europe, particularly one familiar with outdoor venues is crucial for capturing the essence and magic of your special day.

An experienced photographer who knows the ins and outs of outdoor wedding venues in Europe will understand the unique challenges and opportunities these locations present. They'll be adept at working with natural light, choosing the best angles, and navigating the specific features of each venue to capture stunning and authentic moments.

European outdoor weddings are often subject to unpredictable weather conditions. A seasoned photographer will be well-prepared to adapt to changing circumstances, whether it's sudden rain, changing light, or unexpected wind. Their ability to adjust on the fly ensures that your wedding photos are not compromised by unforeseen challenges.

Photographer: MIKS SELS

Outdoor wedding venues in Europe often feature breathtaking landscapes and historical architecture. A knowledgeable photographer will know how to incorporate these scenic backdrops into your photos, creating a visual narrative that not only focuses on the couple but also highlights the beauty of the chosen location. Their ability to think creatively and use the surroundings to their advantage ensures that your photos are beautiful and distinctive.

Alice Elma specializes in capturing outdoor weddings with a focus on genuine emotion and an editorial touch. Renowned for her keen eye for detail, she artfully documents the heartfelt moments of joy, laughter, and tenderness that define each celebration. Her editorial approach brings sophistication and narrative storytelling to every image. Alice seamlessly integrates the natural beauty of the surroundings into her photographs, ensuring each image is stunning and evocative.

Photographer: ALICE ELMA

Annalisa Bombarda, an experienced destination wedding photographer, specializes in a candid, reportage style that authentically captures the essence of each celebration. With a keen eye for natural settings, she skillfully incorporates the environment into her work. Her expertise in destination weddings allows her to navigate diverse locations seamlessly, while her commitment to authenticity ensures that each photograph tells a genuine and unique love story.


Agne Katmandu is celebrated for capturing vivid and natural moments at weddings, particularly excelling in showcasing the beauty of outdoor venues. With a masterful touch, she turns each celebration into a visual masterpiece, adeptly using natural light and surroundings to enhance the storytelling. Known for her creative composition, Agne crafts a diverse collection that reflects the unique essence and beauty of every outdoor wedding she captures.

Photographer: AGNE KATMANDU

Miks Sels, an esteemed destination wedding photographer, distinguishes himself through a strong emphasis on the couple's connection and a commitment to capturing authentic moments within the wedding environment. With expertise in destination weddings, he adapts his style to diverse settings, weaving a visual narrative that authentically portrays the unique love story of each couple.

Photographer: MIKS SELS

Destination wedding videographers in Europe

Europe's top destination weddings unfold in enchanting outdoor venues, where the beauty of nature becomes an integral part of the celebration. To immortalize these memorable open-air weddings in Europe, having a skilled wedding videographer is essential.

A videographer with expertise in capturing outdoor events can artfully document the romantic atmospheres, scenic backdrops, and heartfelt moments that define these European destination weddings. Their skill in navigating natural light, framing the picturesque surroundings, and translating the unique ambience into cinematic memories ensures that every precious detail of European nature-inspired weddings is preserved for a lifetime.

DOLCEVITA Wedding Cinema stands out as a premier choice for luxury destination weddings, specializing in capturing the essence of opulent celebrations across the globe. With a distinctive cinematic approach, their team of skilled videographers brings a touch of glamour to each wedding, showcasing the grandeur of luxurious venues and the intricacies of high-end ceremonies. They are a sought-after name for couples seeking a portrayal of their destination wedding experience that elevates the art of wedding videography to new heights.

Raw Love Films specializes in capturing authentic emotions and transforming them into elegant wedding films. With a commitment to storytelling, their videographers document the genuine moments, laughter, and tears that define each unique love story.

Their artistic vision and attention to detail result in films that not only reflect the couple's journey but also exude a sophisticated aesthetic. For couples seeking a heartfelt and cinematic representation of their wedding day, Raw Love Films brings a distinctive touch to the art of capturing real emotions.

Photographer: AGNE KATMANDU

Cotó Films specializes in crafting delicate and timeless wedding videos. Renowned for their artistic finesse, their videographers bring a refined and elegant touch to every film, capturing intimate moments and emotions.

With a commitment to storytelling, Cotó Films seamlessly weaves together the narrative of the day, creating films that stand as cherished mementoes for a lifetime. Their attention to detail and ability to capture the subtleties of love make Cotó Films a sought-after choice for couples seeking a cinematic and enduring representation of their wedding day.

MOMENTI Wedding Films stands out for creating art-inspired and aesthetic wedding videos that elevate the storytelling experience. With an eye for composition and a commitment to capturing the essence of the day, MOMENTI Wedding Films transforms weddings into timeless pieces of cinematic art.

Their meticulous attention to detail ensures that each frame is a work of beauty. For couples seeking a wedding video that transcends traditional documentation, MOMENTI Wedding Films delivers an unparalleled artistic experience.

B&G Films specializes in creating personal documentaries that artfully capture the unique stories of couples on their wedding day. With a commitment to showcasing the couple's journey, B&G Films turns each wedding video into a heartfelt and enduring keepsake for years to come. For couples seeking a truly personalized and documentary-style representation of their wedding, B&G Films brings a distinct touch to the art of wedding videography.


Unconventional outdoor wedding ideas – Europe

Secluded outdoor wedding venues in Europe offer couples the opportunity for intimate celebrations surrounded by nature's tranquillity.

Examples include Belgium's mystical Caves of Han in the Ardennes region which provide an unconventional underground experience, while Germany's Fairy-Tale Road boasts venues like Burg Colmberg in the Franconian Hills for a medieval and enchanting celebration.

The Swiss Alps offer unconventional outdoor wedding sites, with venues like Berghaus Diavolezza providing a unique alpine backdrop for adventurous couples. In Norway, the dramatic Lysefjord, with venues like Preikestolen Lodge, offers a secluded escape surrounded by towering cliffs. The Karlštejn Castle in the Czech Republic and Hungary's Tihany Peninsula on Lake Balaton provide historical and vineyard-studded backdrops.

These secluded and unconventional outdoor venues redefine the wedding experience, allowing couples to exchange vows in serene and distinctive landscapes across Europe.


An unforgettable wedding experience in Europe

For an unforgettable outdoor wedding experience in Europe, entrusting the planning to an experienced wedding planner is essential. A seasoned wedding planner not only offers guidance on Europe's best outdoor event spaces but also provides valuable insights into the diverse landscapes and regulations across countries. Moreover, they navigate the intricacies of logistics, weather considerations, and cultural nuances.

Stress & Success Events stands out as a premier wedding planning agency, renowned for its team with an exceptional eye for detail and design. Specializing in creating extraordinary events, their planners are adept at navigating every aspect of the wedding journey.

Stress & Success Events go beyond traditional planning, ensuring a bespoke experience. Couples can entrust Stress & Success Events to curate a wedding that not only meets but exceeds their expectations, making every moment a testament to their dedication and expertise in the art of event management.


Outdoor wedding magic in Europe

Whether nestled in secluded woodlands, atop alpine peaks, or along sun-soaked beaches, the diversity of outdoor wedding venues across Europe is a testament to the continent's charm. With timeless beauty as a backdrop and the expertise of Europe’s best wedding vendors, outdoor weddings become not just ceremonies but unforgettable journeys that weave together love, culture, and nature.


Author: Renāte Berga

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