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Bringing together international wedding vendors to your destination wedding

Bringing together international wedding vendors to your destination wedding

Weddiing photographer: PEOPLE TRUELOVE TELLERS

Destination wedding vendors are professionals with rich experience working in different environments and can bring their invaluable expertise to your wedding.

The advantages of building an international wedding vendor team

When planning a destination wedding, it’s crucial to have an experienced international wedding planner like Ana Cunha from Made With Love Events or Melissa Wilpotte. Speaking of their experience working with wedding vendor teams from different countries, Ana Cunha says that it has been incredibly rewarding. It brings diverse perspectives, creativity, and a unique blend of cultural elements to weddings. Melissa Wilpotte agrees that it is very enriching; she has learnt the working methods of other service providers from different countries. And it requires even more knowledge of our business.

Wedding planner: MELISSA WILPOTTE

Renowned wedding photographers usually are the ones providing excellent overseas wedding services. And Claudia from Klassen Weddings is no exception. She shares that destination weddings have become her speciality and great passion, and her experiences with wedding vendors from all over the world have also contributed to that. When planning a wedding abroad, one often selects a specific destination for various reasons, including perhaps the culture and the people there. And it's even more beautiful when you find this vibe reflected in your foreign wedding suppliers – whether because they are from there or because they understand and love it as much as the couple.

Additionally, in Claudia’s numerous destination weddings, she has come to greatly appreciate that all vendors for destination weddings are incredibly flexible and full of joy – the collaboration is always an incredibly beautiful experience because everyone is pursuing their greatest passion in a destination they love. No matter where in the world she has been, she has never had bad experiences with the most diverse people. For the people and service providers for destination weddings, including Klassen Weddings, it's never a standard job but rather a new experience every time, and you can feel that behind the scenes.

Wedding photographer: KLASSEN WEDDINGS

Luxury wedding photographer Sara Sganga agrees and says that in the case of teams of wedding suppliers from different countries, everyone can bring and share their knowledge and new ideas and create a synergistic and exciting result. Wedding photographer Daniel Alonso from People True Love Tellers adds that working with wedding vendor teams from different countries has been an enriching and inspiring experience.

Each country brings its own unique culture, traditions, and style to the table, and collaborating with diverse teams has allowed him to broaden his creative horizons. He has had the privilege of working with talented florists in Italy, skilled caterers in France, and innovative decorators in Thailand. Each team brings their expertise and local knowledge, which has helped Daniel capture the essence of the destination and create truly memorable weddings for his clients. Communication and respect are key in these collaborations, and he has learned so much from the different ways vendors approach their craft around the world.

Wedding photographer: PEOPLE TURELOVE TELLERS

Cross-border wedding planning includes bringing together global wedding vendors. For example, Melissa Wilpotte encourages her couples to book international wedding vendors because, with their knowledge, the couple can have the wedding they imagine. Ana Cunha from Made With Love Events adds that international vendors infuse weddings with a global flair and give access to specialized services that may not be available locally. However, certain vendors like florists and caterers may benefit from sourcing locally to ensure freshness and authenticity.

Daniel Alonso from People Truelove Tellers encourages couples to consider bringing wedding vendors from different countries because it allows for a more personalized and unique wedding experience. Vendors who travel with you already understand your vision, preferences, and style, ensuring that every detail aligns with your expectations.

Additionally, international vendors often bring a fresh perspective and innovative ideas that can enhance the overall aesthetic and experience of your wedding. Mixing local vendors with international ones also creates a beautiful fusion of cultures, making your wedding truly one-of-a-kind. It’s a wonderful way to blend your cultural background with the charm and traditions of your chosen destination, especially if you’re considering exotic wedding destinations.

Wedding photographer: PEOPLE TURELOVE TELLERS

Claudia from Klassen Weddings elaborates that some trades only make sense locally, while others are worth seeking regardless of location. This can vary greatly, depending on various factors, from destination wedding logistics to the tastes and wishes of the couple. Whether the local florist, due to local flowers and simple logistics, or the florist from one's home country who then purchases flowers on-site at the destination. Whether the local photographer who has accompanied numerous weddings at this venue and knows it well or the imported photographer whose work and artistry one greatly admires.

Claudia stresses that the decision shouldn't necessarily be based solely on convenience (unless it's not feasible otherwise, such as with furniture rental), but rather, it should be a decision made from the heart. Often, non-local vendors are also more open-minded and view things with fresh eyes. From her experience as a photographer, it's incredibly rewarding to work at a new location or destination. Beforehand, she familiarises herself with everything, often arriving earlier to explore the surroundings. This allows her to react very sensitively to the environment.

She sees things in a new light and approaches them with fresh eyes, as opposed to just repeating the same standards. So, if as a couple you only seek local vendors, they may miss out on opportunities and options that they could have with non-local vendors and multicultural wedding services. In Claudia’s opinion, it always comes down to weighing what's more important to you – whether someone is just going through the motions with a standard routine or whether someone with fresh ideas and a fresh perspective can capture, embody, and reflect your understanding of art and love.

Wedding photographer: KLASSEN WEDDINGS

Sara Sganga resumes that engaging suppliers from different cultures can broaden the vision and bring professionalism and creativity to the next level. Although, in Italy, the spirit of Italian belonging flows through her veins, Sara, like other Italian photographers, is perfectly in line and tune with their nation, knowing places, customs, and traditions.

Italy is the homeland of art, and Italian photographers love working in their country with foreign couples who choose Italy as a destination for their dream wedding. Everything is relative, however. You have to choose the photographer who, with his work, makes your heart beat and hire him. Often couples from the United States hire photographers from Italy to photograph their destination wedding in beautiful exotic locations. So, the ultimate advice is to follow your heart!

Wedding photographer: SARA SGANGA

International vs local wedding vendors

When inquiring which ones are wedding vendors couples can easily book internationally, but which ones are advisable to source in the chosen destination, the insights from planners and photographers indicate that there are two main groups of wedding services.

Ana Cunha from Made With Love Events says that couples can easily book photographers, videographers, and planners internationally but, for services like catering and venue, it's often best to work with local vendors due to destination wedding coordination and quality control reasons. Melissa Wilpotte adds that in addition to wedding photographers and videographers, you can also book wedding musicians and beauty specialists internationally. She also advises sourcing the caterer and wedding florist locally, because international wedding décor supplies may not be so easy to organize.

Wedding planner: MELISSA WILPOTTE

Daniel Alonso from People True Love Tellers agrees that photographers, videographers, wedding planners and makeup artists typically have the flexibility and experience to travel and adapt to different locations while maintaining a consistent level of service. However, he advises sourcing florists, caterers, and musicians locally.

Local florists have a deep understanding of the native flora, which can be crucial for creating stunning arrangements that are in harmony with the season and setting. Local caterers know the regional cuisine best and can offer the freshest ingredients and authentic flavours. Musicians familiar with the local culture can add an authentic touch to the wedding ambience.

With experience providing overseas wedding photography services, Sara Sganga shares that international photographers and wedding planners love to interface with different cultures and learn about new places. However, for services such as catering and flowers, she also recommends looking for local suppliers to ensure authenticity and reduce costs, as these are physical items (food or flowers) that need a particular treatment based on the type of service.

Wedding photographer: SARA SGANGA

Claudia from Klassen Weddings also shares some destination wedding planning tips regarding vendor selection – regardless of location and, thus, internationally, the couple should book a photographer, videographer, wedding content creator, and stationery. In her opinion, the choice of a wedding planner also requires more of a heartfelt decision than necessarily a local affiliation. Similarly, DJ, hair and makeup, and floristry do not necessarily need to be local, while furniture rental, decoration rental, and entertainment are more in need of a local affiliation.

International wedding vendors who will elevate your wedding experience

Incorporating international wedding vendors into cross-cultural wedding celebrations can significantly enhance the event, infusing it with diverse perspectives and invaluable global insights. These professionals bring a wealth of experience from different cultural backgrounds, providing invaluable global wedding planning advice. To help you find the perfect match for your special day, here are some of the best wedding photographers and videographers in Europe.

Joy Zamora is a highly sought-after destination wedding photographer known for his elegant and personal photography. His work captures the true essence of the destination, creating images that are deeply intimate and meaningful. His approach is characterized by a commitment to telling each couple's love story within the context of their chosen location, resulting in timeless, evocative images.

Wedding photographer: JOY ZAMORA

Side by Side is a talented wedding photography duo renowned for their unique blend of editorial and documentary styles. Their editorial approach ensures that every image is artistically composed and visually striking while their documentary style focuses on the genuine, unscripted moments that tell the true story of your special day. This fusion allows Side by Side to create a rich, multifaceted portrayal of your wedding, reflecting both the beauty of the location and the heartfelt emotions of the celebration.

Wedding photographer: SIDE BY SIDE PHOTOGRAPHY

Annalisa Bombarda is a distinguished wedding photographer celebrated for her natural approach, which is ideal for destination weddings. Her photography style masterfully combines documentary and artistic elements, capturing candid moments with an effortless grace. Annalisa's work is characterized by its authenticity and emotional depth, as she focuses on the genuine interactions and spontaneous moments that make each wedding unique. Her ability to blend the beauty of the destination with the personal story of the couple results in images that are both stunning and deeply personal.

Wedding photographer: ANNALISA BOMBARDA

Lucia Franca is a talented wedding photographer known for capturing vivid and genuine moments from destination weddings. Her approach focuses on creating a deep connection with both the couple and the destination. Lucia's work is characterized by its vibrancy and authenticity, as she strives to document real emotions and candid interactions. Her ability to seamlessly blend the couple’s story with the character of the location results in images that are both striking and heartfelt.

Wedding photographer: LUCIA FRANCA

AR-videography is a distinguished wedding videographer known for capturing destination weddings in a natural and non-intrusive manner. With a deep respect for both the couple and the location, AR-videography ensures that the beauty and authenticity of the wedding day are preserved without disrupting the flow of events. Their unobtrusive style allows them to document genuine moments and raw emotions as they unfold, creating wedding films that are both intimate and cinematic.

Wedding videographer: AR-VIDEOGRAPHY

High Up Films is a renowned wedding videography team known for capturing weddings in a genuine and personal way. Their approach focuses on storytelling; they excel at documenting the authentic emotions and intimate moments of the wedding day, creating videos that are true to life. By blending cinematic techniques with a documentary style, High Up Films produces wedding films that are both visually stunning and deeply personal.

Wedding videographer: HIGH UP FILMS

As one can imagine, international wedding vendors bring a wealth of benefits to your cross-cultural wedding celebration. They offer fresh perspectives, bringing unique styles and techniques influenced by different cultures and trends, which adds an innovative touch to wedding photography and videography. Their cultural sensitivity ensures that the nuances of various traditions are seamlessly integrated into your wedding, with every important detail respected and celebrated.

International wedding vendors and wedding costs

Moving onto destination wedding budgeting, booking international wedding vendors affect the wedding costs, adding factors like travel expenses, accommodations, and currency exchange rates, Melissa Wilpotte and Ana Cunha from Made With Love Events share. However, Ana also mentions that the added value, in terms of unique offerings and experiences often outweighs the additional costs. Destination wedding photographers tend to agree with that.

Daniel Alonso from People True Love Tellers believes that even if booking international wedding vendors can significantly impact the overall wedding costs because of travel expenses, including flights, accommodation, and transportation, the investment can be worthwhile for the peace of mind and assurance of having trusted professionals who understand the couple’s vision. It's essential to balance the wedding budget by prioritizing which services are most critical to bring internationally and which can be sourced locally without compromising on quality.

Wedding photographer: PEOPLE TRUELOVE TELLERS

Sara Sganga agrees that couples should carefully consider the budget and evaluate the added value of a provider they love, especially the photographer, who is one of the most important and impacting investments in marriage. You have to choose and understand the priority of the photo shoot, after all, the photographer is the one who will allow you to relive that day forever. However, Daniel Alonso notes that it is important to inquire the vendors about their pricing policy in advance as some vendors might charge a premium for destination weddings due to the extra time and effort required.

Claudia from Klassen Weddings adds that generally, the prices of international wedding vendors are identical to those of local professionals and the additional costs, such as travel expenses, are often already included in the price for vendors who work internationally or can be added as a flat fee.

Destination wedding coordination

In addition to budget considerations, destination weddings may come with logistical and coordination challenges. However, with the right professionals, it can be handled smoothly.

Ana Cunha from Made With Love Events explains that common logistical challenges include time zone differences, language barriers, and navigating local regulations. Coordination is key and having a dedicated planner who understands the local landscape is invaluable.

Wedding planner: MADE WITH LOVE EVENTS

Claudia from Klassen Weddings adds that the couple should always ensure that any potential delays in arrival are covered. For example, arriving not on the wedding day itself but at least a day earlier to account for flight delays. She also strongly recommends having a wedding planner and coordinator for the day and organizing the arrival of guests so that there are no unpleasant surprises on the day itself. It's important to remember that you can't just hop in the car two hours before the wedding and arrive on time; it requires a bit more effort.

Speaking of logistical challenges, Sara Sganga elaborates that they may include language barriers, understanding local legal requirements, international marriage laws and travel coordination. Fortunately, in her studio, the professionals speak three languages fluently, and English is one of them, so they love working at destination weddings because they have no difficulty communicating.

Wedding photographer: SARA SGANGA

Daniel Alonso from People Truelove Tellers touches on coordinating travel and accommodation for wedding vendors and stresses the importance of ensuring timely delivery of equipment and supplies and navigating different legal and regulatory requirements. Another significant challenge is the unpredictability of weather and how it might affect outdoor shoots or events. To mitigate these challenges, thorough planning, contingency plans, and open communication with all involved parties are essential.

When inquired about his experience regarding coordination with other vendors he might not meet until the wedding day, Daniel Alonso says that it involves a lot of pre-planning and communication. He usually starts with virtual meetings or conference calls to discuss the timeline, expectations, and specific requirements. Sharing detailed itineraries, shot lists, and venue layouts ensures everyone is on the same page. On the wedding day, he makes it a point to introduce myself to each vendor and establish a collaborative working relationship.

Flexibility and a positive attitude are crucial, as is the ability to quickly adapt to changes or last-minute adjustments. Claudia from Klassen Weddings adds that coordination takes place through video calls, WhatsApp, phone calls, or emails, including location maps, schedules, etc. In her experience, everyone is flexible and responds accordingly.

Wedding photographer: KLASSEN WEDDINGS

Sara Sganga agrees that clear and detailed communication, along with planning, is essential to coordinate with suppliers her team may not encounter until the wedding day. They try to have everything under control and to interface with the wedding planner who, listening to our photographic needs and those of the newlyweds, will create the perfect timeline for an unforgettable day. Wedding, from the point of view of suppliers, is teamwork, and the photographer and wedding planner must always have a relationship of synergy and mutual trust.

Overseas wedding etiquette

As discussed above, when bringing together an international wedding vendor team, communication is crucial. Also, there are some guidelines, a wedding vendor etiquette, that ensure the communication is pleasant for everyone. Ana Cunha from Made With Love Events explains that wedding vendor etiquette varies across cultures, but, universally, clear communication, respect, and timely payments are essential.

Wedding planner: MADE WITH LOVE EVENTS

Also, couples should familiarize themselves with local customs and expectations to ensure smooth collaboration. Sara Sganga agrees that it may vary from country to country, but it is important to respect local practices and communicate clearly and respectfully with all providers involved. It is also important to document yourself and request information to avoid unpleasant inconveniences.

Claudia from Klassen Weddings notes that she can only speak for herself as a photographer. However, it is understood that communication will be in English if the local language is not mastered. Otherwise, there are certain ethics and etiquette for a photographer and videographer, but these do not necessarily pertain to the topic of destination weddings, but rather weddings in general, thus, the couple should simply trust their professional service providers and be open-minded.

Daniel Alonso from People Truelove Tellers shares that wedding vendor etiquette can vary significantly across different countries. For instance, in some cultures, it’s customary to share meals with vendors, while in others, a more formal, business-like interaction is expected. Understanding and respecting these nuances is essential for smooth collaboration.

Couples should communicate any specific cultural practices or expectations to their vendors in advance. Additionally, tipping practices can differ widely; in some countries, tipping is expected and appreciated, while in others, it might be considered inappropriate. Researching and discussing these aspects with your vendors can help ensure mutual respect and understanding, contributing to a harmonious and successful wedding celebration.

Wedding photographer: LUCIA FRANCA

Have a wedding celebration that knows no borders

Incorporating international wedding vendors into your destination wedding team brings an enriching dimension to your celebration. By blending the expertise of both international and local vendors, you can create a seamless and culturally rich event. While coordination challenges may arise, careful planning and clear communication can overcome these hurdles, ensuring a smooth experience.

Understanding and respecting international wedding vendor etiquette further enhances the collaboration, fostering a harmonious and professional relationship. Ultimately, the diverse perspectives and skills that international vendors offer can transform your wedding into a beautifully orchestrated affair.

Wedding photographer: JOY ZAMORA


Author: Renāte Berga

Destination wedding planners: Made With Love Events, Melissa Wilpotte

Destination wedding photographers: Joy Zamora, Klassen Weddings, People TrueLove Tellers, Sara Sganga Studio, Side by Side, Annalisa Bombarda, Lucia Franca

Destination wedding videographers: AR-videography, High Up Films

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