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Wedding package – a good deal or a deal breaker?

Wedding package – a good deal or a deal breaker?

A wedding package seems like a tempting offer, and in many cases, it is. But before choosing a wedding package that promises saving wedding costs and efficient wedding planning, consider all the details you could customize with a wedding planner that makes your wedding unique. Which is best for you? We hope you will find out after reading all about wedding packages.

What is a wedding package, and what should it include?

A wedding package is an offer provided by venues, hotels, resorts, or wedding agencies to simplify the process of planning and organizing a wedding. It typically includes a variety of services and amenities necessary for a wedding ceremony and reception. Wedding packages offer a pre-selected set of options at a fixed price, thereby reducing the need for individual selection and negotiation of each service.

A typical wedding package may include the venue, catering, decorations, photography and videography, wedding coordinator or wedding manager, ceremony essentials such as chairs, a sound system, lighting equipment and arch, music or DJ, and accommodation. While it’s very convenient that most of these are covered in a wedding package, there are some aspects that couples usually would like to customize. For example, food, drinks, decorations and music are the elements that make your wedding special.

Most couples prefer to create a food and drinks menu, order decorations that fit their wedding style and even put together a wedding playlist featuring songs meaningful to them. Before purchasing a wedding package, check if you can customize any of these or at least if there are any favourable choices.


Local and destination wedding packages

Couples can purchase wedding packages for both local and destination weddings. Local wedding packages focus on providing essential services for the ceremony and reception, such as venue rental, catering, decorations, photography and videography. Local wedding packages often include local vendors familiar with the area, making coordination and communication more straightforward. Destination wedding packages are specifically designed for couples who have their wedding in a location away from their hometown or country.

These packages are often offered by resorts, hotels, or wedding agencies in popular destination wedding locations such as tropical resorts, beachfront venues, or picturesque international destinations. Destination wedding packages typically include services and amenities tailored to the specific location, such as beach ceremonies, outdoor receptions, and cultural elements. They may include accommodation options for the couple and their guests, as well as assistance with travel arrangements, local permits, and legal requirements. These are very convenient because planning a wedding abroad can take a lot of time, communication and finances. Although, these packages may require additional coordination and logistics due to the distance and potential language or cultural differences.

Wedding planner: BARCELONA WEDDING

Pros and cons of choosing a wedding package

The choice of whether purchase a wedding package or not often comes down to your personal preferences and values – is convenience and efficiency more important to you, or is it a deeply personalized wedding experience? If your lifestyle is busy and you would like to simplify your wedding planning process as much as possible, a wedding package is a viable option.

Wedding packages provide wedding cost savings compared to booking services individually. Venues and vendors included in the package typically offer discounted rates or bundle their services at a fixed price. Also, wedding packages are efficient in terms of time management. Instead of spending hours researching individual vendors, couples can review the package options and make decisions more efficiently.

Additionally, wedding packages often include the services of experienced professionals, ensuring high-quality services and a well-executed event. Not less important, venues and vendors included in wedding packages often have established relationships with each other. This can result in better coordination and communication between service providers, leading to a more seamless and harmonious wedding day. Lastly, wedding packages can reduce some of the stress. By having a dedicated team or coordinator to handle the logistics, couples can focus more on enjoying their special day without worrying about the minute details.

Wedding planner: BARCELONA WEDDING

While wedding packages may work perfectly fine for some couples, there are some additional aspects to consider to determine if a wedding package will be enough to fulfil your expectations and wishes for your wedding. The main shortcomings of the wedding packages are their limited flexibility, less control over details and lack of personalization.

Also, speaking of financial aspects, while a wedding package can be a great way to save money, keep in mind that wedding packages often come with predetermined terms and conditions, including cancellation policies, guest count restrictions, and payment schedules. There can be several changes and adjustments during the wedding planning, so make sure you understand the package’s terms before committing to avoid any potential issues later on.

Also, there is a possibility of hidden costs. While wedding packages advertise fixed prices, it’s essential to carefully review the details to understand what is included and excluded. Additional fees or charges may apply for specific upgrades or services outside the package. Lastly, while some packages may offer top-tier professionals and high-quality products, others may provide more basic or standard options.


Wedding package vs Wedding planner

Wedding packages and wedding planners offer distinct approaches to wedding organizing. As discussed before, wedding packages provide a convenient and cost-effective option. They streamline the planning process with pre-selected options but may have limited flexibility for customization. In contrast, wedding planners offer personalized assistance and guidance throughout the entire planning journey. They provide expertise, tailored solutions, and a wide network of vendors to bring a couple’s unique vision to life. Wedding planners offer flexibility, control over details, and the ability to navigate challenges effectively.

Pricewise, wedding planners tend to be more expensive than wedding packages. Although, the cost comparison depends on your specific needs, preferences, and the scale of your wedding, as well as location, scope of services, and level of customization. Ultimately, choosing between a wedding package and a wedding planner depends on your personal preferences, budget, and the level of involvement you desire in the planning process.


Wedding planner’s thoughts on wedding packages

La Petite Italienne Weddings & Events is a wedding planning studio for exquisite bespoke weddings in Italy. It’s the perfect choice for sophisticated couples with delicate souls. We asked for their opinion regarding wedding packages. We also enquired about how the weddings they plan differ from the ones put together using a wedding package.

Evelina from La Petite Italienne Weddings & Events says that wedding packages could be a good solution, but it depends on the services offered and included. Couples have to pay attention to what is included in terms of the number of sit-down menu courses, in terms of rental fee hours of the wedding venue, etc. Sometimes there are a lot of things that are not included, for example, a non- standard floral arrangement, a bespoke stationery suite, themed corners that give that exclusive look at the wedding and a personalized touch, professional services such as the photographer or the videographer, or the transfer service.

Sometimes packages do not include the aperitif or just a short one, or the wedding cake. If you intend to choose a wedding package, make sure that it is complete, with detailed services and a planner at your disposal for some days.

Evelina explains that a tailored planning process gives you the plus of having suggestions and proposals that perfectly match the needs of the couples and their personality. Couples can have a high-customized and nonstandard solution for many aspects of the event, something that can give a surprise effect to the guests, something not seen before, something exclusive. She thinks this is the real advantage that a wedding package could provide you—moreover, attention to details that do not have equals and a dedicated approach. La Petite Italienne Weddings & Events offers consulting for every single aspect of the wedding, from the beginning to the end, from the little one to the bigger.


Entrust your wedding to a wedding planner dedicated to you.

Wedding planners are professionals who offer personalized assistance and guidance throughout the entire wedding planning process. Planners provide expertise, industry knowledge, and a network of reliable vendors. They assist with vendor selection, contract negotiations, budget management, timeline creation, and overall coordination. Not less importantly, wedding planners can also handle unforeseen challenges, provide creative solutions, and offer emotional support throughout the planning process.

If you’re looking for your New Zealand destination wedding planner, Alexandra Kate Creative Studios are there for you. They are the curators of the best day of your life, acting as planners, stylists, and nerve relaxers, assisting you in every aspect of your wedding from start to finish, customizing your experience and ensuring no detail is overlooked, whether you need full planning or just assistance in the final weeks and day of your wedding – rest assured, they have you covered.


But if you’re planning a wedding in Spain or Italy, contact Barcelona Wedding. They specialize in meticulously planning and designing unforgettable destination weddings and marriage proposals in Spain and Italy, focusing on every intricate detail to create a truly unique and romantic celebration. Whether you desire an intimate ceremony in Spain or a lavish affair in a historic Italian villa, their team curates each aspect to guarantee a flawless and extraordinary event.

With stunning venues, exquisite décor, personalized services, and exceptional cuisine, their goal is to surpass your expectations and craft memories that will endure a lifetime. Entrust them to transform your dream wedding or marriage proposal into a captivating reality amidst the enchanting settings of Spain and Italy.

Wedding planner: BARCELONA WEDDING

Author: Renāte Berga

Wedding planners: La Petite Italienne Weddings & Events / Alexandra Kate Creative Studios / Barcelona Wedding

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