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A wedding stylist specializes in creating the overall visual theme of a wedding, ensuring every detail harmoniously contributes to the wedding vision.

A wedding stylist is a professional who specializes in creating the overall visual theme of a wedding. Let’s explore the skills and responsibilities of a wedding stylist and how they can take your wedding day aesthetic to the next level by making your visions crystal clear and communicating them with the wedding vendors to execute every last detail to perfection.

How hiring a wedding stylist benefits your wedding experience

Wedding stylist responsibilities include selecting and coordinating design elements to ensure a cohesive and enchanting atmosphere. Wedding stylists possess a keen eye for detail and are skilled in transforming venues into captivating and personalized spaces that reflect the couple's unique style. They collaborate with other vendors, such as wedding decorators, florists, rental companies, and event planners, to bring the wedding vision to life seamlessly.

Wedding stylists choose and arrange decorations such as drapery, lighting, centerpieces, table settings, and furniture to transform the wedding venue. They collaborate with florists to select and arrange floral decorations, including bouquets, boutonnieres, aisle arrangements, altar displays, and reception centerpieces that complement the wedding design. Wedding stylists meticulously curate table settings, including tablecloths, napkins, plates, glassware, and cutlery, to ensure a harmonious and elegant dining experience. They may assist in designing wedding invitations, programs, menu cards, place cards, and other signage. They may also contribute to the design of the cake and dessert table, incorporating elements. Wedding stylists work with lighting specialists to create the appropriate ambiance, using techniques such as string lights, fairy lights, candles, and uplighting to enhance the mood and atmosphere of the celebration.

Wedding stylists help establish the color palette for the wedding, ensuring that it is consistent throughout all aspects of the event, from invitations to decor, bridesmaids' dresses, and more. Not less importantly, staying up-to-date with the latest wedding trends, a wedding stylist can provide insights into what's currently popular and offer fresh and modern approaches to wedding styling. They can help the couple incorporate trendy elements while ensuring the overall design remains timeless. Wedding stylists often create mood boards, collages, or visual presentations to help the couple understand the overall look and feel of the wedding. These visuals provide a tangible representation of the stylist's ideas and allow the couple to see the design come to life.

Wedding styling in France

Sparkly is a distinguished French agency, based in Bordeaux but also working abroad, specializing in wedding planning and styling. Their primary goal is to comprehend the couple’s desires and expectations, particularly the daring ones, to meticulously craft a wedding day. With a commitment to excellence, they oversee every aspect of the organization process, from the smallest details to any unforeseen challenges, allowing you to relax and enjoy every moment.

Embodying a blend of modernity, timelessness, and authenticity, their deeply ingrained creativity enables them to translate your aspirations into tangible realities. Sparkly Agency firmly believes that each wedding possesses its distinct essence, encapsulating the essence of your love story and rendering it truly unforgettable.

Wedding stylist: SPARKLY

Wedding styling in Australia and New Zealand

Alexandra Kate Creative is based in Queenstown, New Zealand, and specializes in crafting and executing bespoke wedding experiences tailored to your unique vision. Working closely with couples, they meticulously customize each detail, ensuring that no aspect is overlooked, whether you seek comprehensive planning for a week-long extravaganza or assistance during the final weeks leading up to the wedding day itself.


As dedicated curators, the team at Alexandra Kate Creative take on the roles of planners, stylists, and calming presences, guiding you through every step of your special day, from initial consultations and vendor selections to those cherished moments as newlyweds, where they are there to hand you your first celebratory glass of bubbles.


Wedding stylist vs wedding planner

Wedding stylist and wedding planner are two distinct roles in the wedding industry, each with specific responsibilities. Of course, you should discuss your wishes and the chosen professional’s offer to ensure you will see the desired outcome. To make the distinction clearer, we offer a brief comparison between the two.

A wedding stylist is primarily focused on the visual and aesthetic aspects of the wedding. They are skilled in design, aesthetics, and creative concepts, ensuring that the wedding's visual elements are cohesive and reflect the couple's style and preferences. In comparison, a wedding planner is responsible for the overall coordination and logistics of the wedding. Their focus is on the operational aspects, including budget management, vendor selection, contract negotiation, creating timelines, and ensuring a smooth flow of events on the wedding day. Wedding planners are skilled in organization, communication, problem-solving, and project management. They have a comprehensive understanding of the wedding planning process and are experienced in handling various challenges that may arise.

Both wedding stylists and wedding planners work closely with other vendors, with stylists as a part of the creative team but planners as a point of contact for all involved parties. On the wedding day, wedding stylists are often present to oversee the setup and styling of the decor elements, ensuring that everything looks as planned. While wedding planners are extensively involved on the wedding day, overseeing the setup, managing the schedule, handling any issues that arise, and ensuring that everything runs smoothly.

Note that there are also wedding designers whose roles may overlap with the wedding stylist’s work. While sometimes these terms are used interchangeably, a wedding designer typically has a broader scope of work, encompassing both the aesthetics and logistics of the event. The expertise of wedding stylists lies in their creative vision and ability to transform spaces into visually stunning and personalized settings.

Wedding styling in Spain and Portugal

Situated in the vibrant city of Barcelona, Spain, Stress & Success Events is an event planning and styling agency renowned for its bespoke services tailored to clients across Spain and various cities in Europe. Comprised of a dedicated team of stylists, planners, and organizers, they are committed to curating exceptional experiences for couples.

With an attention to detail and a keen eye for design, coupled with unparalleled planning and event management expertise, Stress & Success collaborates closely with clients to plan and execute every facet of their special day. From sourcing the finest vendors to conceptualizing a unique event theme and coordinating every intricate detail, Stress & Success Event Planners ensure that your journey to the wedding day is marked by effortless enjoyment, stress-free moments, and resounding success.


Specializing in crafting relaxed and chic celebrations that seamlessly blend with their surroundings, ByMATILDA, based in Portugal, excels in orchestrating events that unfold organically. From venue selection to vendor coordination, event styling, and logistical management, their comprehensive services ensure that every moment of your big day is meticulously curated. With a particular delight in day-of coordination, ByMATILDA relishes witnessing the culmination of meticulous planning, allowing them to witness the love shared not only between you and your partner but also among your closest loved ones.

Wedding stylist: BYMATILDA

Maria Miguel Weddings, a dedicated wedding planning company, endeavours to offer couples worldwide the chance to realize their dream wedding in Portugal, a setting as special as their love story. Their mission is to transform this pivotal occasion into a uniquely unforgettable experience where love takes centre stage above all else. Maria Miguel Weddings provides comprehensive services, including full wedding planning, styling, and coordination, ensuring every detail is impeccably curated.


Bridal stylist – your wedding fashion advisor

Yes, you can have a wedding stylist specifically focused on the fashion aspect of your wedding. A wedding fashion stylist is a professional who specializes in curating and coordinating outfits that align with the couple's vision, style, and overall wedding theme. They consult on wedding gowns, suits, tuxedos, and any accessories.


Wedding stylists can work with the entire wedding party to ensure their outfits complement the couple's attire. They ensure that the colors, styles, and fabrics of the attire for the wedding party members harmonize with each other and the overall wedding theme. Wedding fashion stylists may also offer advice on hair and makeup styles that match the chosen wedding attire and overall look. They will also consult on how your wedding attire will look in photographs. Certain fabrics and details can photograph beautifully, while others may not translate as well in pictures.

Having a wedding fashion stylist can be beneficial, especially if the couple wants to create a cohesive and stylish visual presentation with their wedding attire. They can take the stress out of finding the perfect outfits and ensure that everyone in the wedding party looks their best. If you have a strong vision for the fashion aspect of your wedding but need professional assistance in executing it, hire a wedding fashion.

Wedding stylist tips to create a cohesive wedding aesthetic

Whether a wedding stylist is necessary at a wedding depends on the couple's preferences, budget, and the level of attention they want to give to the overall aesthetics and visual presentation of their special day. For weddings with elaborate decor arrangements, multiple venues, or intricate thematic elements, a wedding stylist can handle the design coordination and execution, making sure everything comes together flawlessly.

Regardless of whether you hire a professional to help you bring to life your wedding vision, here are some wedding stylist tips to ensure your wedding has an exquisite style:

  • Start by discussing your vision and preferences. Share your ideas, inspirations, and any specific themes or colors you have in mind. Having a clear vision will guide you in curating the correct elements for your wedding.
  • Aim for a cohesive look throughout the wedding, from the ceremony to the reception. Consider how different elements can harmonize with each other.
  • Infuse your personalities and unique love story into the wedding design. Incorporate personal touches and sentimental elements to make the event feel unique and reflective of your relationship.
  • Concentrate on styling key areas such as the ceremony altar and reception entrance. These areas serve as focal points and will be highlighted in photographs.
  • Pay attention to details because they can make a big difference. Thoughtful details can elevate the overall experience for you and your guests.
  • Incorporate seasonal elements into your design. Whether it's spring florals, summer colors, fall foliage, or winter cozy accents, seasonal touches can enhance the atmosphere.
  • Don't underestimate the power of lighting. It can create a romantic and enchanting ambiance that complements your wedding style.
  • Experiment with textures and patterns to add visual interest. A mix of different materials, fabrics, and decor elements can create a dynamic and sophisticated look.

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Author: Renāte Berga

Wedding stylists: Sparkly, Alexandra Kate Creative, Stress & Success Event, ByMATILDA, Maria Miguel Weddings

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