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Cotó Films

Cotó Films


+34 665522601; +34 665522597



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In 2014 I graduated in Film and Audiovisual at ESCAC, specializing in film editing. Since then I have not stopped working as a freelance videographer and editor.

My passion for wedding films started while I was studying in college. Shortly after I graduated, I went to work with one of London's leading wedding film companies, thanks to the Erasmus Scholarship for Young Entrepreneurs. In early 2017, I attended a workshop for Wedding Filmmakers in California. After these two experiences, I decided to create my own wedding film production company: Cotó Films. Cotó means cotton in Catalan. I decided to name it like this so it would convey a white, natural and delicate image.

After all these years, Cotó Films has now grown into a little studio, where I have a team of videographers that help me. With our films we honour the beauty of love. We make films that are timeless and classic. Our goal is to capture every important moment of your wedding day and that your film moves you every time you watch it.

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