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How to make your wedding day look stunning in a video

How to make your wedding day look stunning in a video

Renowned wedding videographers share wedding video tips and aspects that, from their experience, significantly impact the final video outcome.

Stunning wedding videography starts with wedding planning

Carlos from enlazArte explains that everything starts with pre-planning consultations. Understanding the couple's vision and expectations is paramount. To facilitate this, enlazArte provides a detailed questionnaire and conducts pre-wedding meetings with their clients. This dual approach allows them to tailor their videography to perfectly mirror the couple’s personality and the essence of their relationship.

Through the questionnaire, enlazArte explores the nuances of their story and preferences, while the meetings offer a space for deeper discussion and clarification. This comprehensive pre-planning process ensures that the final video not only captures the day’s events but also embodies the unique bond and journey of each couple.


Valentina from vs.wedding.films believe that a professionally crafted wedding video preserves the atmosphere, essence, and all the precious moments of your special day, allowing you to relive it for years to come. It captures the highlights, emotions, and nuances of the event in a way that photography alone can’t and weaves them into a dynamic, emotive and timeless keepsake of your love story. Several essential aspects improve the collaboration with your wedding videographer and significantly impact the final video outcome.

Valentina shares that the key aspect is timeline and schedule. When planning your wedding, try to give your videographer as many details about your day and insights into your vision as possible. The videographers can apply the best wedding video techniques but, if they don’t have enough time, the result will be rushed. Have a well-planned timeline to ensure that they have enough time to capture all the important moments of the day, but also allow for some buffer times in between in case something unexpected comes up.


Additionally, Valentina advises to plan enough time for the photographer and videographer. It is often thought that the photographer and videographer can always work simultaneously. However, sometimes it is not possible to capture everything at the same time. There might not be enough space to apply your wedding day video ideas, or there might be some very static scenes that don’t work for the videographer who needs more movement. Especially for the couple shooting, it makes a great difference to add a little extra time for the videographer to specifically create some moving and dynamic scenes.

vs.wedding.films note that seamless coordination with other vendors, planners, and venue staff is essential to avoid conflicts and ensure everyone is on the same page. Above all, the communication with the photography team is a game changer. Going through the schedule together, discussing the positions during the key parts of the wedding and understanding each other’s workflow and vision leads to a better, more efficient collaboration without interferences.


Laura from Raw Love Films agrees that the wedding planning is crucial for the final video outcome. To achieve cinematic wedding videos, decoration is important to make the most out of the place and the wedding they are filming. She notes that putting more thought into the design of the wedding lighting can add a lot to the atmosphere of the wedding video. Moreover, she finds it very important to plan where the guests will stand when they make the speeches.

Raw Love Films shares a wedding video lightning tip – it is important to plan and design the lightning conditions in advance. There are professional lighting designers who specialize in creating gorgeous wedding lighting environments.


Wedding Movie Team adds that, for capturing emotional wedding moments, create a well-structured timeline that allows sufficient time for each aspect of the day to be captured. Avoid rushing through key moments. Salvatore Esposito from SE Wedding Films agrees that there are many crucial details for the wedding film to work well. The first one is to have a timeline as accurate as possible. Each vendor would know exactly what is happening at each moment of the wedding, and videographers are included in these. He knows there could be some changes, but if you or your planner work well before the wedding to plan all meticulously, it will help everybody, including the couple.


Giordano from Dolcevita Wedding Cinema shares that, although his wedding videography style is oriented towards the persons, the customers, to be able to tell a story through the camera, which is one of the most important days of their life and also is the one that will remain with them forever, the attention to the details and the search for a design that perfectly suit for the location and the venue, certainly help to create those vibes that make the difference. Thus, the role of the wedding planner is certainly massively important for the final result of his films.

For the nature of Giordano’s work, the crucial element of a wedding day that can make the difference is what happens during the preparation of the bride and groom. It is during this moment that a story is going to be built, which often arises from the friendship between the bride and the bridesmaids, the parents or just the emotion of reading the letter the future husband has sent to her before the ceremony. Another important moment for the mood of the video and also for the aesthetics, unfortunately often underestimated, are the dances and the party. A good DJ, the right environment, an open bar setup, and lights certainly make everything groovier and party-oriented.


Júlia from Cotó Films resumes that a well-planned wedding is very important to achieve a good video, and the videographer must know everything that is going to happen during the wedding in advance, so that they can be there, filming, when the important things take place and work as a team with photographers. Other important things are the décor and aesthetics. The video will be as beautiful as the things, people and places filmed.

Try to get the décor, dresses, invitations, flowers, etc. in the same style. She advises us to fill the time with entertainment. Bored guests make bad videos. Not less important, think of the light. Get dressed in bright and beautiful rooms. Keep in mind that the middle of the day is not a great time light-wise. And try to do the whole event in one single place. It will be so much more relaxed and happier for everyone.


The importance of the wedding venue and lighting conditions

Carlos from enlazArte shares that the choice of venue and its lighting can dramatically affect the video's aesthetics. Understanding the natural light's flow throughout your venue at different times can greatly influence the cinematic quality of your wedding video.

It's crucial to discuss and plan with your videographer and wedding planner about the best times for capturing those pivotal moments, taking into account the light available. If natural light is limited, discussing lighting design options with your videographer can also enhance the outcome. This collaboration can aid in scheduling parts of your ceremony and reception during the hours when the lighting will beautifully complement your video or in arranging additional lighting to ensure every detail is illuminated perfectly.

Valentina from vs.wedding.films agree that the location greatly influences the visual aesthetics of the video. When choosing a location, reflect on the general theme and atmosphere that should align with your vision of the wedding. If the style, ambience, and decoration are consistent throughout the whole wedding day and all rooms of the location, the video outcome will be more uniform and well-rounded.

Also, think about possible disturbing elements and how you can avoid them. In the best-case scenario, the videography team can check out the location in advance. If that’s not possible, when choosing a wedding videographer, you can always send them photos and videos and explain to them where and when which sections of the wedding take place.

Another aspect that Valentina from vs.wedding.films find important is the lighting conditions. Lighting plays a crucial role in videography – it affects the mood, clarity, and visual appeal of the footage. Cheap artificial lights or a lack of light can significantly reduce the quality of the video material. Try to discuss the available natural light, different lighting situations during the day and possible additional lighting setups for the wedding video shot list with your videographer.


Both Carlos from enlazArte and Valentina from vs.wedding.films stress the importance of sound quality. For realizing your romantic wedding video ideas and capturing the full emotional depth of your wedding day ensuring high-quality audio recording is essential. Vows, speeches, and ambient sounds play a significant role in enhancing the narrative and emotional resonance of your wedding video.

A strategic approach is to consider the use of discreet wireless microphones. These can be strategically placed to capture clear audio from various key moments without detracting from the visual aesthetics of your day. When checking out the location, pay attention to the general noise ambience and ask the venue staff about possible background noises throughout the day. On the wedding day, plan enough time for the videography team to properly set up the audio equipment and listen to possible suggestions about the position of the speeches etc.

Trust them, and they will do their best to minimize ambient noise and capture clean and crisp sound. When planning your wedding videography, it's prudent to discuss audio recording techniques with your videographer. Choosing a team that focuses on unobtrusive yet effective audio capture can make a profound difference, ensuring that every heartfelt vow and burst of laughter is preserved with clarity.

Cecilia from Semilla Wedding Films agrees that the place couples choose for the day of their celebration is the first element for making memorable wedding videos. The design and depth of the space are very important factors that should be present, as well as natural light in interior spaces. Not less importantly, large rooms so that the bride and groom's preparations can be seen. Above all, think about the flow of the day to ensure good wedding video storytelling.


Capturing the emotions in a wedding video

Wedding Movie Team believes that capturing genuine emotions and interactions between the couple, family, and friends makes the video more heartfelt and memorable. For this, there must be times when the groom and bride are free to stay with friends or among them.

Additionally, well-rehearsed and heartfelt speeches and vows often provide emotional highlights in wedding videos. Furthermore, the wedding video music selection sets the tone and enhances the overall storytelling experience. Thus, choose meaningful and appropriate music for your video. Wedding Movie Team summarizes that points put the videographer in the condition of making a fairytale video, although the only prerequisite is that the newlyweds enjoy the day.


Carlos from enlazArte believes that the role of a videographer extends beyond merely documenting the wedding day or producing visually spectacular content. It involves focusing on those nuanced, emotionally charged, and uniquely meaningful moments that construct the day’s true narrative. This approach ensures the final video transcends a mere chronological record, evolving into a deeply personal story, rich with emotion and profound significance.

For Carlos, the final and most pivotal element in crafting a memorable wedding video transcends the visual and technical aspects is the couple’s attitude throughout their special day. Approaching the day with positivity, embracing each moment with joy, and seeing the unexpected not as obstacles but as unique anecdotes to their story, enriches the narrative captured on film. It’s the laughter shared, the spontaneous dances, and the heartfelt interactions with guests that truly bring the essence of the wedding to life.


Couples who immerse themselves in the celebration, savouring every interaction and experience, naturally create an atmosphere that’s not only uplifting for everyone present but also translates into a vibrantly authentic and emotionally resonant video. Their genuine enjoyment and love become the heart and soul of their wedding film, turning it into a treasure trove of cherished moments. Thus enlazArte advises couples to consider videography not just as a service but as an essential element of their wedding planning. By choosing a videographer whose style and vision align with theirs, they can ensure that their special day is immortalized in a way that truly reflects their love story.

Laura from Raw Love Films says that the attitude of the couple is everything. If the couple is happy and dancing they spread their energy to everyone in the wedding, and you can tell everyone is enjoying when you look at people through the lenses. That´s what matters most when you see your wedding video. People won´t remember the flowers the couple put or the things they ate. They will remember how they felt that day.


Valentina from vs.wedding.films shares that the last but one of the most important aspects is building a closer relationship with your videographer. Give them a chance to get to know you better – incorporating personal touches and elements that reflect your story and personality adds depth and meaning to the video. Share lots of personal insights, traditions, and anecdotes during personal or online meetings in advance or fill out questionnaires the videographers often send out. This way, the videographer can look out for those details during the wedding day, weave them into the narrative and create a video that will feel more authentic, individual, and heartfelt.

Finally, also discuss must-have shots, unique angles, video references, and any other specific requests or preferences you may have. This helps the videographer to establish a shot list and creative direction in advance, to ensure that the final video reflects your vision, and to tell your story in a cohesive, compelling way.

Salvatore Esposito from SE Wedding Films agrees that the complicity and the real feelings between bride and groom are the deepest connection all over the story. Then, some stuff that reminds of the love story could be appreciated by each videographer, something that can tell about them, as a thing or more simply a customized vow. After all these, it's easier for videographers to work in beautiful landscapes and venues and with very tidy and elegant decorations.


In general, Salvatore loves to work with couples who are focused on their relationship and each other. When you can feel their feelings, it's very easy to produce a special memory. But he doesn’t mean something necessarily romantic: also the party, during the dinner, or even looking at how much energy they spent before the wedding to let it be something of an epic, is an expression of how they feel that day as the best of their life.

Momenti Wedding Films resume that, from their perspective, the bride and groom must inform the filmmaker about planned points during the wedding. Such as speeches or surprises and other scheduled appearances. The filmmaker should have a wedding day script. It is a very valuable material for filming and sometimes requires our preparation (microphones, lighting, etc.). Another important question for the bride and groom is to discuss their expectations and compare them with the offer presented by the filmmaker. This must be clarified before the wedding. Videographers don't have the space to clarify this during the wedding and, after the wedding, it's too late.



Author: Renate Berga

Videographers : enlazArte, vs.wedding.films, Raw Love Films, Dolcevita Wedding Cinema, Wedding Movie Team, SE Wedding Films, Cotó Films, Semilla Wedding Films, Momenti Wedding Films

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