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WeddingMovieTeam (WMT) is a close-knit group of friends with a passion for traversing the beautiful landscapes of Italy in search of captivating love stories.

Founded by Carlo, Nicola, and Matteo, our team is dedicated to authentic storytelling. We specialize in crafting genuine wedding reportages that capture real emotions because nothing brings us greater joy than witnessing your happiness.

WMT is not just about documenting weddings; it's about embarking on a heartfelt journey to narrate the unique tales of love found throughout the Italian peninsula. Let us be your storytellers, preserving the essence and joy of your special day with sincerity and artistry. #WeddingAdventures #LoveStoriesItalianStyle

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Each wedding is unique, and the cost is tailored to meet the individual preferences and needs of the couple. Factors such as the venue, the size of the event, and any additional services requested contribute to the overall pricing structure. This personalized approach ensures that the Wedding Movie captures the essence of the special day according to the client's vision and the unique aspects of their celebration.

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