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A wedding weekend in Italy is a celebration of love and romance, where the delights of Italy come together to create a magical experience for the couple and their guests.

From exchanging vows in historic villas overlooking the serene waters of Lake Como to savouring exquisite Italian cuisine under the Mediterranean sun, a wedding weekend in Italy promises not just an event but a journey filled with beauty, cultural richness, and the warmth of Italian hospitality.

Photographer: SARA SGANGA

What does a wedding weekend involve?

A wedding weekend refers to a series of events and celebrations that extend beyond the wedding day, creating a more immersive and extended experience for the couple and their guests. Instead of confining the celebrations to a single day, the wedding weekend often includes various pre-wedding and post-wedding activities that bring together friends and family.

A wedding weekend can involve a variety of events, depending on the preferences of the couple and their cultural or personal traditions. Remember that not all couples include every event listed here, and the specific events chosen can vary widely. The goal is to create a wedding weekend that reflects your wishes and provides an enjoyable experience for you and your guests.

Pre-wedding events

  • A welcome party or rehearsal dinner is usually held the night before the wedding. It's an opportunity for the couple, their families, and guests to mingle in a more casual setting. It often takes the form of a dinner. This can also take the form of a cocktail reception – an informal gathering where guests can enjoy drinks and appetizers, fostering a relaxed atmosphere before the wedding day.

Photographer: SARA SGANGA

Wedding day

  • You can make your morning preparations into an event by incorporating getting-ready activities for you and your wedding parties.
  • The preparations are usually followed by the first look – a private moment where the couple sees each other for the first time before the ceremony.
  • The main wedding ceremony, where the couple exchanges vows and gets married.
  • The traditional wedding reception typically features dinner, toasts, dancing, and other festivities.

Photographer: VALERIA D`ANGELO

Post-wedding events

  • Some couples host a day-after brunch. It's a more relaxed affair, allowing guests to recap the celebration and spend more time together before heading home.
  • You can also plan a farewell gathering – an informal event or activity to bid farewell to guests as the wedding weekend concludes.

Photographer: MAAIKE KOLNER

Additional events

  • A late-night after-party or gathering for those who want to continue celebrating after the official reception.
  • Post-wedding photoshoot for capturing moments in a different setting or attire after the wedding day.
  • Depending on the couple's background, there may be additional cultural or religious ceremonies or rituals associated with their roots and beliefs.

A wedding weekend allows for a more personalized and intimate experience, as guests have more time to interact and celebrate with the couple. It is also an opportunity to incorporate additional cultural or personal traditions that might not fit into a single-day event.


Who to invite to a wedding weekend?

In planning a wedding weekend, you are flexible to invite different guest groups to various events, tailoring each gathering based on the relationship and the nature of the occasion.

For example, all wedding guests are typically invited to the welcome party. It's a relaxed gathering where guests can mingle before the formalities of the wedding day. In contrast, a rehearsal dinner is more intimate and generally includes the wedding party, close family members, and out-of-town guests. It is a chance for those closely involved in the wedding to connect before the main event.

Day-after brunch also includes close family members, the wedding party, and out-of-town guests. It's a more relaxed gathering, providing a final opportunity for those who have travelled to spend time together.

All wedding guests are invited to the ceremony, as it is the central moment of the wedding weekend and inclusive of everyone attending the celebration. Additionally, the reception is a main celebration where all wedding guests come together to share the joy of the couple's union.

Remember that you can communicate event-specific details clearly on invitations to ensure that guests are aware of which events they are invited to attend. This approach allows for a personalized and inclusive wedding weekend experience.


A wedding weekend: an alluring concept for a destination wedding

A wedding weekend within the context of a destination wedding offers an enriching experience. The extended timeline of a wedding weekend allows for a more leisurely pace, enabling you to spend quality time with your guests, many of whom may have travelled from various locations. Additionally, the couple can incorporate local cultural experiences, activities, and diverse settings throughout the weekend, showcasing the unique features of the destination.

A wedding weekend in Lake Como, Italy

Lake Como is a beautiful and timelessly elegant destination for a wedding weekend. Nestled amidst lush hills and charming villages, the stunning landscape of Lake Como provides a breathtaking backdrop for wedding ceremonies and celebrations.

The region is renowned for its historic villas and elegant estates, many of which offer panoramic views of the lake. These venues, adorned with gardens, terraces, and architectural charm, provide a romantic setting for a wedding. Lake Como's rich history, frequented by artists, writers, and aristocrats, adds cultural significance, infusing a sense of grandeur into wedding celebrations. Lake Como exudes an exclusive atmosphere, making it an ideal choice for couples desiring an intimate and private wedding experience. Various transportation options, including private boats, add to the charm of the area.


My Lake Como Wedding are experienced wedding planners intimately familiar with the area, ensuring that couples receive professional support in orchestrating their dream wedding. My Lake Como Wedding combines an unwavering love for weddings with an obsession for meticulous organization. With a decade of experience, their enthusiasm for creating a magical experience extends beyond the breathtaking locations, ensuring that clients not only choose a beautiful setting but also entrust their special day to capable hands.

By working with My Lake Como Wedding, couples can relax, knowing that their wedding will be a seamless blend of beauty and professionalism. The team's commitment to their clients' wedding and guest experience is a testament to their dedication and expertise in curating unforgettable moments.

Wedding planner: MY LAKE COMO WEDDING

Planning a wedding weekend in Italy

Organizing a wedding weekend involves careful coordination of various events and activities to ensure a seamless and enjoyable experience for you and your guests. First, define your vision and determine the overall theme, style, and atmosphere you want for your wedding weekend. If you’re envisioning a Lake Como wedding, then wedding planners at My Lake Como Wedding will assist you with this and the following steps.

Secondly, establish a budget that accounts for all aspects of the wedding weekend, including venue rentals, accommodations, catering, activities, and decorations. Next, develop a guest list to help determine the size and scope of your events. Consider who you want to invite to each specific event within the weekend. While doing this, choose the dates for the wedding weekend, keeping in mind the travel plans of your guests. Accordingly, secure room blocks at hotels or resorts for your guests. Consider offering a range of accommodation options to suit different preferences and budgets.

Wedding planner: MY LAKE COMO WEDDING

Thirdly, identify events for the weekend and determine the timing and locations for each event. Communicate the details of the wedding weekend to your guests through invitations. Provide information about travel arrangements, event schedules, and any recommended activities.

Fourthly, and most importantly, hire and coordinate vendors such as a wedding florist. Selecting the most experienced vendors will ensure avoiding any unforeseen challenges and interruptions. By choosing local vendors, you can embrace the destination's culture and features. One of the most beautiful ways to do that is by involving local floral artists.

Wedding planner: MY LAKE COMO WEDDING

Anneris Flower Farm, situated near Venice, is an environmentally conscious floral design farm founded by a skilled landscape gardener. Focused on sustainability, the women's team at Anneris Flower Farm passionately crafts arrangements in sync with nature and the changing seasons. Using flowers predominantly cultivated on their farm, the team ensures that each arrangement is unique and possesses a timeless and natural design.


Motif Floral stands out with a commitment to contemporary sophistication, specializing in crafting exquisite wedding flowers using locally sourced and seasonal blooms. Their focus on organic and stylish designs creates captivating arrangements that reflect a dedication to both aesthetics and sustainability. The team curates bespoke floral arrangements tailored to align perfectly with the couples' visions. The unique floral experience offered by Motif Floral seamlessly blends modernity with timeless Renaissance elegance, creating an atmosphere of sophistication and beauty.


Capture your wedding weekend in beautiful wedding photography and videography

Capturing your wedding weekend in photos and videos is an essential aspect of preserving the precious moments and emotions that define this special occasion. These visual records serve as a tangible and enduring representation of the joy, love, and celebrations that unfold throughout the weekend. Professional photographers and videographers ensure that the visual documentation is of the highest quality, capturing not only the major events but also the intricate details of the venue, decorations, and the overall aesthetic of your celebration.

Photographer: SARA SGANGA

These visuals create a comprehensive narrative, telling the unique story of the journey of your union. Wedding photos and videos serve as a bridge between generations, becoming part of your family's legacy and offering future family members a glimpse into the love and joy that marked your union. In the age of social media, these visuals also offer immediate sharing capabilities, enabling you to showcase the highlights of your wedding weekend.

Maaike Kolner, an Italian destination wedding photographer, embraces simplicity in her approach, focusing on capturing precious memories and emotions through timeless and authentic images. Distinctive in her style, she eschews trends for a more enduring aesthetic, creating photographs that stand the test of time. Maaike's photography is characterized by its documentary and reportage style, offering a spontaneous and genuine portrayal of individuals who are free-spirited and deeply in love with life. Her work is a testament to the belief that the captured moments will live on as cherished memories.

Photographer: MAAIKE KOLNER

Elisabetta Riccio is more than a photographer; she is a storyteller with a passion for capturing the essence of weddings, elopements, and editorial moments. Originating from a background as a documentary and editorial photographer in Milan and New York, Elisabetta seamlessly transitioned her search for beauty into crafting timeless narratives for weddings worldwide. She specializes in destination weddings, infusing delicacy, discretion, elegance, and creativity into every story of love she tells. Elisabetta's unique style combines photojournalism and editorial elements, resulting in natural, contemporary, intimate, and romantic photographs that beautifully document the dreams and emotions of each couple.


Sara Sganga, a distinguished wedding photographer, specializes in luxury and exclusive weddings. With a keen eye for impactful, emotional, and creative snapshots, Sara's work is a testament to her deep connection with events and her inherent sensitivity. Her signature lies in capturing the essence of each moment through the play of light, creating timeless and elegant photographs.

Photographer: SARA SGANGA

Valeria D'Angelo, a wedding photographer, brings a unique and refined vision to her craft, characterized by delicacy, intimacy, and an evocative allure. Valeria focuses on details, whispers, and meaningful glances. With a deep appreciation for beauty and a profound belief in the power of emotions, Valeria D'Angelo's photography tells stories that are enchanting and emotionally resonant.

Photographer: VALERIA D`ANGELO

The Wedding Movie Team is more than just a group of wedding videographers; they are a close-knit circle of friends who share a passion for exploring the breathtaking landscapes of Italy in search of captivating love stories. Founded by Carlo, Nicola, and Matteo, this team is committed to authentic storytelling, specializing in crafting genuine wedding reportages that capture real emotions.

Their greatest joy comes from witnessing the happiness of couples on their special day. Beyond mere documentation, the team embarks on a heartfelt journey to narrate unique tales of love found throughout the Italian peninsula, offering to be your storytellers and preserving the essence and joy of your wedding day with sincerity and artistry.


Surrender to the Italian charm by planning a wedding weekend

A wedding weekend in Italy transcends the traditional celebration. From the picturesque settings of Lake Como to the historic charm of Italian villas, every moment becomes a chapter in a love story woven with elegance and beauty. Italy, with its warm hospitality, famous cuisine, and a blend of modern luxury and historic allure, provides the perfect backdrop for creating cherished memories. A wedding weekend in Italy is an invitation to embrace the extraordinary.


Author: Renāte Berga

Wedding planner in Italy: My Lake Como Wedding

Wedding florists in Italy: Anneris Flower Farm, Motif Floral

Wedding photographers in Italy: Maaike Kolner, Elisabetta Riccio, Sara Sganga, Valeria D’Angelo

Wedding videographer in Italy: Wedding Movie Team

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