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Wedding entertainment – the fundamental for a lively celebration

Wedding entertainment – the fundamental for a lively celebration

Wedding entertainment and music are pivotal in creating a lively atmosphere, setting the mood, and ensuring a smooth and exciting celebration flow.

Planning a wedding involves countless decisions, but ensuring your guests have an unforgettable experience tops the list. In this article, we delve into the world of wedding entertainment, bringing you expert tips, insights, and innovative ideas from renowned wedding planners Stefania Severino, Laura Comparetto from Loviù Events and Dashiell Ann Fernandez from The Wedding Knot by Dashiell. Get ready to be inspired and make your wedding day truly exceptional.

Wedding entertainment ideas approved by wedding planners

Choosing the wedding entertainment requires careful consideration and planning to ensure it feels coherent and seamlessly integrated into the event. At the same time, it's essential to incorporate surprising elements that delight and captivate your guests. When asked for some popular and tested options, Laura Comparetto from Loviù Events says that it is music. As she plans weddings in Sicily, her clients ask her for a lot of folk music after the ceremony. So, a folk band with traditional Sicilian music and then a big party with a DJ until late at night is a popular scenario.

Wedding planner: LOVIÚ EVENTS

Similarly, as Stefania Severino focuses on planning a destination wedding in Calabria, her couples from abroad really appreciate Calabrian music. These are groups of musicians who play ancient instruments in traditional costumes and play the famous tarantella. In her experience, foreigners are involved in dancing and having fun when these groups come on the scene. For additional wedding entertainment options, she advises getting unconventional tasting carts, as the guests are always fond of good food. Speaking on wedding music, Stefania Severino kindly recommends ensuring music for all moments of the wedding, from ceremony musicians to live wedding bands and DJs.

Dashiell Ann Fernandez from The Wedding Knot by Dashiell also underlines the importance of good and engaging music performances, and she shares that she often incorporates live bands, string quartets, and DJ sets. Additionally, interactive experiences like live painters, giant and interactive games and activities linked to photography, such as photo booths, have been significant hits among couples. Speaking of unique wedding entertainment ideas, her team at The Wedding Knot by Dashiell have incorporated themed performances, such as opera singers, magicians and casino operators, in their planned weddings.


Setting the tone for a wedding with entertainment

The right entertainment can transform a wedding from a simple gathering into a captivating celebration. As we already touched on, it begins with the fundamental of every celebration – music, which sets the mood from the moment guests arrive. A string quartet might evoke elegance and romance during the ceremony, while a lively jazz band or DJ can create an energetic and festive atmosphere at the reception.

Beyond music, incorporating unique entertainment elements like magicians, dancers, or interactive photo booths can add layers of excitement and engagement, ensuring the event feels dynamic and well-rounded. Thoughtfully chosen entertainment helps maintain the flow of the evening, transitions smoothly between different parts of the celebration, and leaves a lasting impression on everyone in attendance. In essence, wedding entertainment isn't just about filling time; it's about crafting an experience, thus, it is crucial to choose the best wedding entertainers.

Laura Comparetto from Loviù Events agrees that entertainment is fundamental at a wedding. Stefania Severino adds that it is non-negotiable when planning an event. By different entertainment options, you complete the event and make the guests feel good. Dashiell Ann Fernandez from The Wedding Knot by Dashiell resumes that entertainment is pivotal in setting the wedding's tone – it transforms the atmosphere and enhances the guests' experience, reflecting the couple's personality and style.

Wedding planner: LOVIÚ EVENTS

Speaking of wedding reception entertainment, one person who is truly crucial in keeping it all together is the wedding host. It is important to find the wedding host services that suit your vision and style, as the manners of hosting an event vary. Dashiell Ann Fernandez from The Wedding Knot by Dashiell agrees that a skilled host is vital for maintaining the event's flow and keeping the energy levels high. Her tips for finding the right host include looking for experience, a charismatic personality, and positive client testimonials. Dashiell Ann Fernandez, for instance, hosts her weddings herself, and her couples and guests love it as she knows the couple already from the planning process.

What to consider when deciding on wedding entertainment

The main factors to consider when deciding on wedding entertainment options to include are the age of the guests, the style of the wedding and the location where the wedding is taking place, Stefania Severino shares. Laura Comparetto from Loviù Events adds that budget and party end times are also important factors to keep in mind.

Wedding planner: LOVIÚ EVENTS

Dashiell Ann Fernandez from The Wedding Knot by Dashiell resumes that couples usually decide based on their tastes, guest demographics, and the wedding’s theme. Budget and venue constraints are also significant factors. And, of course, the timeline, as well as ensuring staying within the hours included in the packages of the vendors’ service.

Speaking of wedding music selection and hiring wedding musicians Stefania Severino advises to think carefully about the type of music they make and whether it is suitable for a wedding celebration. Might your guests like it? Do they have a great presentation? How many elements are there? And, of course, it is important that the band can manage to cover the entire duration of the reception, ensuring music style variations and different tempos to ensure the event dynamics.

Wedding planner: STEFANIA SEVERINO

Dashiell Ann Fernandez from The Wedding Knot by Dashiell shares some tips for selecting the right musicians – first, it’s essential to see live performances or demos, second, to check the references, and, third, to ensure their style aligns with the wedding’s vibe. Clear communication about the playlist and expected interactions with guests is also crucial. Plus, knowing if they can potentially play and sing songs that are out of their repertoire is a bonus when crafting a tailored wedding playlist.

Regarding wedding music, Laura Comparetto from Loviù Events always recommends her couples opt for what they have always dreamed of. For example, for the outdoor ceremony, a violin or harp is always welcome to accompany the bride's entrance and get the guests even more excited. For the reception, background music to give room for discord and quiet dining, like sax, is very suitable.

Wedding planner: LOVIÚ EVENTS

A great option for wedding musicians is Radio Kings Band, which is composed of passionate musicians and energetic performers dedicated to transforming wedding dreams into reality. Their enthusiasm for music and celebration shines through as they collaborate closely with couples to ensure every detail aligns with their vision. What sets Radio Kings Band apart is their complete customizability. They can cater to every couple's unique preferences, whether a touching trio for an intimate ceremony, a vibrant 14-piece ensemble for a lively reception, or any combination in between. In addition to their versatile musical offerings, the band is more than willing to learn new songs upon request. They also provide comprehensive MC and DJ services, ensuring that the event flows seamlessly from start to finish.

Wedding music: RADIO KINGS BAND

Entertain your guests with style

To ensure coherence in both aesthetics and experience, it is important to integrate the entertainment with other elements of the wedding, such as the theme, venue, and even the menu. Dashiell Ann Fernandez from The Wedding Knot by Dashiell tells that, to achieve this seamless harmony, the wedding entertainment should complement the theme and venue. For example, a harpist might enhance a vineyard wedding, while a jazz band could elevate a vintage-themed reception.

Aligning the entertainment to the menu can also create a cohesive experience, like a Spanish guitarist for a Mediterranean meal or an Italian folk band for a pizza night theme. Laura Comparetto from Loviù Events adds that in ensuring the coherence of the event, it is important to align the entertainment with the couple’s style and preferences as the couple themselves always acts as the glue holding all the elements of the wedding together.

As already mentioned, music is one of the elements that holds it all together. Music has the power to define the success of a wedding, which is why ANDREW MACKENZIE DJ offers an exceptional musical entertainment solution designed to elevate your celebration. With ANDREW MACKENZIE DJ, you won’t experience automatic reproductions; instead, you'll enjoy live mixing and song selections tailored precisely to your preferences and the atmosphere you wish to create. He is readily available to provide invaluable advice and meticulous planning ahead of your big day. This personalized approach ensures that your wedding's soundtrack will be nothing short of perfect.


Music ensures the overall atmosphere and vibe, but to elevate the experience, it is important to integrate interactive wedding entertainment for wedding guests. When inquired about common strategies she recommends to ensure guests are engaged and entertained, Stefania Severino advises offering something that will occupy them in the downtime of the event and not disturb them during dinner. Dashiell Ann Fernandez from The Wedding Knot by Dashiell elaborates that interactive activities like photo booths and games keep the energy lively. Plus, it is always nice to include trivia during dinner. To have the surprise effect, Laura Comparetto from Loviù Events advises involving multiple vendors who come with their distinct styles, expertise and ideas.

Wedding planner: STEFANIA SEVERINO

Wedding entertainment: challenges, trends and wedding planners’ favourites

Wedding entertainment is a dynamic aspect of wedding planning, often presenting both challenges and opportunities. One of the primary challenges is balancing the diverse tastes of guests while maintaining a cohesive atmosphere that aligns with the couple's vision. Dashiell Ann Fernandez from The Wedding Knot by Dashiell adds that additional challenges regarding wedding entertainment planning include timing issues and technical difficulties. Solutions include detailed pre-event planning, sound checks, and having a backup plan. Laura Comparetto from Loviù Events reveals that a common challenge is budget considerations, as some couples do not expect certain prices, so her team look for alternatives.

Speaking of wedding entertainment trends, Stefania Severino shares that, in her experience, everyone loves live instruments, especially sax. Dashiell Ann Fernandez from The Wedding Knot by Dashiell adds that, recently, there’s been a surge in personalized wedding entertainment and bespoke performances, like custom songs. Tech-driven experiences, such as VR setups or LED dance floors, are also gaining popularity.


Finally, we asked wedding planners about their favourite type of memorable wedding entertainment. Stefania Severino prefers music she’s not used to seeing often, such as black voices or swing with vintage clothes as they always give character to the event. Dashiell Ann Fernandez from The Wedding Knot by Dashiell adores integrating local cultural elements, such as a Tuscan folk band in an Italian countryside wedding, which offers a unique and immersive experience for guests. But Laura Comparetto from Loviù Events sticks to classics – the show band and a DJ who can make guests dance until dawn.

In conclusion, wedding entertainment is a pivotal element that can elevate a wedding from memorable to truly extraordinary. By carefully considering current trends, understanding potential challenges, and heeding the advice of experienced wedding planners, couples can craft a seamless and captivating experience for their guests. Whether through live bands, interactive activities, or unique performances, the right entertainment ensures a joyous and unforgettable celebration that reflects the couple's unique love story.

Wedding planner: LOVIÚ EVENTS


Author: Renāte Berga

Wedding planners: Loviù Events, The Wedding Knot, Stefania Severino

Wedding music: Radio Kings Band, Andrew Mackenzie

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