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A Greek island wedding is an extraordinary celebration. Experience the harmonious blend of ancient traditions and warm Greek hospitality. Explore these captivating islands, and uncover the ideal  Greek island wedding venue that resonates with your heart. Allow the beauty and charm of each island to guide you towards a location that reflects your unique love story. Here are 13 Greek islands, each showcasing its distinctive character.


The island is home to the famous Palace of Knossos, an ancient Minoan palace with intricate frescoes and storied legends. Exploring the ruins of ancient cities like Phaistos and Gortyna offers a captivating glimpse into Crete’s past, making it a must-visit destination for couples interested in history. For a historical wedding venue, consider The Aghios Nikolaos Municipality in Crete, which offers various stunning places for a memorable wedding. From charming traditional chapels overlooking the sea to picturesque squares in the heart of the town, couples can choose from a range of beautiful settings.

From the dramatic Samaria Gorge, one of Europe’s longest canyons, to the idyllic pink sand beach of Elafonisi, the island offers a plethora of natural wonders. For a beach wedding venue, take a look at Elounda Beach Hotel & Villas, which is a luxurious resort located in the picturesque town of Elounda. With its breathtaking views of Mirabello Bay, private sandy beaches, and elegant venues, Crete offers a dreamy setting for a sophisticated and romantic wedding.


Zakynthos is blessed with captivating natural beauty. It boasts some of the most beautiful beaches in Greece, one of them being the famous Navagio Beach. With its crystal-clear turquoise waters, white cliffs, and iconic shipwreck, it provides a dramatic and picturesque backdrop for a beach wedding. Banana Beach is also a popular choice for beach weddings in Zakynthos. With its soft sand, vibrant blue waters, and a backdrop of lush greenery, it offers a picturesque setting for a romantic ceremony. The beach is well-equipped with facilities and has beach bars and restaurants nearby, allowing couples and guests to celebrate and enjoy the festivities in a beautiful seaside environment.

Zakynthos is also home to the mesmerizing Blue Caves, a network of sea caves along the island’s northern coast. These caves showcase stunning blue hues created by the reflection of sunlight on the water. Exploring the caves by boat is a popular activity, offering couples an otherworldly experience as they navigate through the cave systems and witness the magical colours.


Ithaca holds historical significance due to its association with the legendary figure of Odysseus and the epic poem, the Odyssey. The tales of his adventures and eventual return to Ithaca have made the island a symbol of perseverance and the quest for homecoming. Additionally, Ithaca is home to several archaeological sites. Excavations have revealed remnants of ancient settlements, such as the ruins of the Homeric city of Alalcomenae and the Acropolis of Paleochora.

If you’re a history lover, Ithaca is a perfect wedding destination. The island’s traditional music, dances, festivals, and local customs often draw inspiration from the Homeric tales and contribute to the island’s unique cultural identity. For an authentic and historical atmosphere, consider Perantzada 1811 Art Hotel, a charming boutique hotel located in the heart of Vathy, the capital of Ithaca. The hotel’s historic building, dating back to 1811, provides an intimate and romantic atmosphere for a wedding celebration. With its elegant courtyards, lush gardens, and a backdrop of traditional architecture, it offers a beautiful setting for a wedding.

You can find unique nature wedding venues in Ithaca as well. Ithaca is dotted with scenic olive groves that can serve as enchanting Greek wedding venues. These peaceful and natural settings, surrounded by ancient olive trees and overlooking the island’s stunning landscapes, provide a rustic and romantic ambience.


Spetses features traditional Greek architecture with charming neoclassical mansions, narrow cobblestone streets, and lively waterfront promenades. Boat trips around the island and neighbouring islets provide opportunities for relaxation. The quaint fishing villages of Kounoupitsa and Agia Marina offer a glimpse into traditional island life. If you’re looking for a traditional Greek wedding venue, Ayia Marina Church is a picturesque venue situated in a charming fishing village. This traditional Greek Orthodox church, adorned with beautiful frescoes and a charming bell tower, offers a romantic and intimate setting for a wedding ceremony.

The island’s main town is a delightful place for a wedding and exploration, with its boutique shops, taverns serving local delicacies, and inviting cafes. The Poseidonion Grand Hotel is a historic and luxurious venue with neoclassical architecture, elegant interiors, and stunning views of the Saronic Gulf, located in the heart of Spetses town.


Corfu has a unique cultural blend influenced by its location at the crossroads of Western and Eastern cultures. The island’s traditions, music, and cuisine are a fusion of Greek, Italian, and Balkan influences. But the island’s architecture reflects this diverse past, with Venetian-style buildings, Byzantine churches, and British colonial structures. The historic Old Town of Corfu is a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Many of Corfu’s natural and historical landmarks can serve as an unforgettable backdrop to your Greek island wedding. Corfu is home to several noteworthy landmarks, such as the Achilleion Palace, a grand neoclassical mansion surrounded by beautiful gardens. Built-in the 19th century for Empress Elisabeth of Austria, the palace showcases grand neoclassical architecture and offers stunning views of the surrounding landscape. Couples can exchange vows amidst the palace’s beautiful gardens, adorned with statues and fountains, creating a romantic and regal atmosphere. The island also features the dramatic cliffs of Cape Drastis, the charming Paleokastritsa Monastery, and the Canal d'Amour, a natural formation with stunning rock formations and crystal-clear waters.


The island maintains a slower pace of life, with minimal tourist development. Couples can experience the genuine Cycladic island lifestyle and immerse themselves in a serene and unhurried atmosphere. Also, Folegandros has a rich historical past, with traces of ancient civilizations. The Venetian Castle, located in Chora, is a prominent historic site that served as a defensive structure in the past. Kastro Square is a charming and historic square nestled within the fortified Venetian Castle of Chora. This open-air venue provides a unique and intimate space for a wedding ceremony or reception. With its stone-paved ground, traditional buildings, and stunning views of the surrounding landscape and sea, it exudes a romantic and timeless atmosphere.


Chios is home to well-preserved medieval villages, such as Pyrgi, Mesta, and Olympia, where couples can wander through narrow alleys and admire traditional architecture. If you’re looking for a historic wedding venue in Greece, Chios is a place for you. The island features fascinating historical sites, including the Nea Moni Monastery, a UNESCO World Heritage site known for its Byzantine mosaics. Chios has a distinctive cultural heritage that sets it apart from other Greek islands. The island is famous for its traditional shipbuilding and medieval traditions.

Chios offers a more off-the-beaten-path experience compared to some of the more popular Greek islands. It is less crowded and retains its authentic character. If you’re looking for an unforgettable wedding venue in Greece, The Citrus Estate is a beautiful wedding venue located in the citrus orchards of Chios. Surrounded by lush greenery and fragrant citrus trees, it provides a romantic and serene atmosphere for a unique outdoor wedding.


Symi has managed to retain its authentic Greek island character, free from mass tourism and commercialization. The couples can experience the island’s traditional way of life, indulge in local delicacies at taverns, and explore the narrow alleys lined with charming shops and cafes. Symi’s authenticity adds a special charm to a wedding experience. The island is dotted with scenic viewpoints, such as the Kali Strata steps, where couples can exchange vows with panoramic views of the Aegean Sea and the surrounding islands.

Regardless of the island’s smaller size, Symi has a unique architectural style influenced by the Venetian and Ottoman periods. The island’s colourful houses, elegant mansions, and charming squares create a distinctive and picturesque backdrop for a memorable wedding celebration. If you want to make architecture a part of your wedding experience, consider Symi Town Hall, which is a charming and historic venue. This neoclassical building, with its grand staircase, ornate interiors, and picturesque courtyard, offers an elegant and traditional setting for a wedding ceremony and reception.


Kefalonia boasts stunning natural landscapes, from breathtaking beaches and crystal-clear waters to dramatic cliffs and lush green mountains. The island is home to famous beaches like Myrtos, Antisamos, and Xi. Kefalonia is also renowned for its impressive caves. The Melissani Cave, with its underground lake and stunning blue hues, is a must-visit attraction. The Drogarati Cave, known for its remarkable stalactite formations and excellent acoustics, is another highlight. These natural wonders provide a unique and enchanting backdrop for your destination wedding in Greece. There’s a variety of wedding venues in Kefalonia. The island is home to charming towns and villages that offer a blend of traditional Greek atmosphere and modern amenities. The capital, Argostoli, features a bustling waterfront, vibrant squares, and a variety of shops and restaurants. Picturesque villages like Assos and Fiskardo showcase traditional architecture. Agia Efimia is a charming seaside village on the northeastern coast of Kefalonia with a picturesque harbour, colourful buildings, and panoramic sea views. Couples can choose from waterfront taverns, boutique hotels, or private villas as venues for their wedding.

Greek islands offer endless venues for a relaxed and fun celebration, but if you’re looking to add a touch of serenity and spirituality to your wedding, consider The Saint Gerasimos Monastery. It is a beautiful and historic Byzantine-style venue located near the village of Valsamata.


Cythera has romantic significance in Greek mythology. The island was believed to be the birthplace of Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love and beauty. Choose this island to add an extra layer of romance and symbolism to your wedding. Cythera has a rich historical heritage with traces of various civilizations – Venetians, Ottomans, and Byzantines. During the honeymoon, you can explore historical sites such as the Venetian Fortress in Chora and the Byzantine Monastery of Myrtidiotissa. If you’re considering a historic wedding venue in Greece, The Chora Town Hall features beautiful neoclassical architecture and a charming courtyard.

Cythera is also renowned for its untouched natural beauty. The island offers picturesque beaches with crystal-clear waters, secluded coves, and rugged cliffs. Famous beaches such as Kaladi, Firi Ammos, and Diakofti attract couples with stunning beauty and tranquillity. If you’re looking for a beach wedding venue in Greece, consider Kapsali Beach. Located in the picturesque village of Kapsali, it offers a beautiful setting for a beachfront wedding. Couples can choose to have their ceremony right on the beach or in one of the nearby seaside venues.


Renowned for its awe-inspiring beauty,  Santorini is an enchanting wedding destination that captivates couples globally, providing an exquisite setting where vows are exchanged amidst breathtaking cliffside views of the glistening Aegean Sea. With its iconic whitewashed structures and picturesque blue-domed churches, this Greek island offers an idyllic backdrop for unforgettable photographs.

Nestled gracefully at the tip of the Caldera, Fanari Villas Luxury Hotel in Santorini is a captivating venue that unveils awe-inspiring sunset views of the sea and Thirassia Island. Boasting 16 opulent suites, this 4-star boutique hotel offers upscale accommodation that exquisitely captures the traditional chic essence of Santorini. The hotel's allure is further enhanced by the charming village of Oia, perched above the Caldera cliffs, which entices couples with its enchanting architecture and mesmerizing scenery. The whitewashed exteriors and Santorini-style cave-like suites, adorned with handcrafted wooden furniture, harmoniously blend with the natural surroundings, while guests can relax in the outdoor swimming pool, relish terraces with stunning sea and sunset views, and bask in the romantic ambience that has made Fanari Villas a favoured choice for couples celebrating special occasions like honeymoons and weddings. With its prime location offering an unmatched view of the Aegean Sea, each evening becomes unforgettable as guests are treated to the breathtaking spectacle of Santorini's sunset.


Skopelos is covered in lush greenery, with pine forests, olive groves, and vineyards. The stunning landscapes extend to its coastline, where you can find beautiful beaches with turquoise waters and picturesque coves. If you’re dreaming of an intimate and quiet wedding celebration, Skopelos is the island for you, as it is known for its tranquil and laid-back atmosphere. The island has managed to preserve its authentic character, free from mass tourism and crowded beaches. The island’s main town features white-washed houses with colourful roofs, flower-filled courtyards, and cosy taverns, which can serve as your intimate wedding venue.

When looking for a wedding venue in Skopelos, one cannot dismiss Agios Ioannis Chapel. Perched on a rocky cliff overlooking the sea, this chapel gained worldwide recognition as the setting for the wedding scene in the movie “Mamma Mia!”. Plan your ceremony there or visit the chapel on your honeymoon to relive the magic of the movie.


Nature lovers will appreciate the beauty of Naxos. If you want to combine your wedding with an active honeymoon, the island’s mountainous interior is perfect for hiking, with trails leading to breathtaking viewpoints and ancient sites like the Kouros statues. You and your guests can also explore the charming inland villages, which provide a glimpse into the island’s traditional way of life. Apeiranthos is an authentic place for your wedding – a picturesque inland village nestled in the mountains of Naxos and known for its traditional architecture and narrow stone-paved streets. Couples can choose to have their wedding ceremony in one of the village’s quaint squares or a traditional courtyard surrounded by panoramic mountain views.

The main town of Naxos is a picturesque town with a charming harbour, narrow streets, and Venetian architecture. Portara is an iconic and historic venue located in Naxos Town. It is an imposing marble gate that stands on a small islet near the harbour entrance. Dating back to ancient times, Portara offers a mesmerizing setting for a wedding ceremony.

Author: Renāte Berga

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