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Pre-wedding stress is part of a wedding experience, and almost every bride faces it. When planning a wedding, brides are drawn into a whirlwind of unprecedented events, doubts, fears, and existential, organizational issues create tension. It can cause insomnia, anxiety, and even depression. Sometimes the stress level increases because we feel extra tired. Wedding planning is a consuming task added to the daily routines, and let's be honest – it takes a lot of energy and time.

When planning the happiest day of your life, there are often fears of failure.

Perhaps what we expect from a wedding day has been a dream for many years, and suddenly that day is approaching. For the anticipation of the wedding day to be pleasant and the negative feelings not to be remembered, it is important to introduce activities that will reduce stress in your daily life. The sooner you pay attention to it, the smoother the pre-wedding time.

1. Create an effective, stress-reducing daily routine

Routine is associated with stability. When planning a wedding, there are so many events, decisions, and new information, and you might feel like losing the foundation under your feet. Even if you use the help of professionals, develop a soothing daily routine that suits you at the very beginning of the wedding planning process. It can be a relaxing bath, candlelight, yoga, meditation, or a long walk. The most important thing is to do it regularly and try not to miss these soothing activities because it will signal to the brain that the usual rhythm is disrupted, which can cause additional stress.

Remember that wedding planning is new and unusual, so an effective daily routine will help keep your balance. These can be things you do every morning or evening, a visit to the spa, a massage or a relaxing sauna or bath on the weekends, or writing a wedding planning diary to help you understand your feelings.

2. Treat your mental health carefully

Experts are increasingly emphasizing that mental health is as important as physical health. Living in constant anxiety and stress, we are unable to perform our daily tasks, become forgetful, depressed, and nervous, suffer from insomnia and lack of energy, and are more susceptible to various viruses and diseases. Therefore, if you feel any negative feelings, do not ignore them. Tell your partner about them, and involve them in planning the wedding, perhaps, their active involvement will help reduce the stress and anxiety you feel.

Try meditation. It is recognized as one of the most effective ways to reduce stress, calm the mind and sort out thoughts. If it seems complicated, start by simply focusing on inhaling and exhaling. Relaxing music will calm you. If the thoughts do not leave your head, turn them into something pleasant. Settle in comfortably, close your eyes and imagine your last trip. Walk along the beach in your mind, imagining the smell of the wind and the ocean.

3. Be conscious, accept, and change

To get rid of anxiety, it is important to be aware of its causes. Perhaps fuss occurred from the uncertainty of what life would be like in the new status. Whatever the reason, it will be difficult to deal with stress if there is no understanding of its causes.

Educational books, informative programs, and expert advice on how to successfully perform self- analysis will be useful here. It is possible to find a coach who will help you to find solutions, change attitudes and work with your feelings to achieve better results.

4. Adjust the menu

Stress can affect your appetite. For some, it disappears, for others, on the contrary – it increases. If you have already bought a wedding dress, a quick weight change will not be good, sewing a dress takes time and finances. The nutrients and vitamins we take in our meals influence our mood, judgment, and energy levels.

Athletes pay close attention to their menu – their performance depends on it. A strict diet will cause additional stress and dissatisfaction, but if you are tempted to eat unhealthy snacks, you will feel tiredness, apathy, and, most likely gain weight, which will certainly not help to create a positive mental state. To evaluate your eating habits, try reducing caffeine, fatty foods, and processed foods. Nutrient-rich meals will not only allow your body's cells to regenerate more successfully and maintain a healthy weight but will also help your brain function properly, give you energy and make you feel great. Maybe the pre-wedding time is the right time to introduce new and healthier eating habits for a lifetime.

5. Ask for help

Nowadays, therapy is available to everyone, and there is no need to be afraid to ask for help from a specialist. A therapist, physiotherapist, or doctor can be a great helper to identify your feelings and resolve the situation. Don't be afraid to trust a professional! The involvement of a professional will allow you to maintain peace in other areas of life, as well as prevent possible pre-wedding panic attacks.

Author: Elisa Rudzite

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