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Wedding vendor in the spotlight: photographer Carolina Sandoval

Wedding vendor in the spotlight: photographer Carolina Sandoval

Carolina Sandoval is a destination wedding photographer with great taste and passion for editorial photography that is elegantly reflected in her photography.

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Carolina Sandoval is a destination wedding photographer with great taste and passion for editorial photography that is elegantly reflected in her photography.

Intertwining aesthetics, emotions and stories in wedding photography

Intertwining aesthetics, emotions, and stories in wedding photography is an art that transcends simple documentation. It requires a deep understanding of visual beauty, a sensitivity to the emotional currents of the day, and an ability to weave a narrative that reflects the couple's love story. Caroline Sandoval excels in this realm, bringing a distinctive touch that turns wedding photographs into pieces of art.


Carolina Sandoval's work is characterized by a masterful blend of aesthetic principles. Her keen eye for composition, light, and colour allows her to create stunning images that capture the beauty of each moment. She understands how to enhance the wedding scene, creating a mood that resonates with the couples long after the moment has passed. From the excitement and nervous energy of the pre-ceremony preparations to the solemn vows exchanged at the altar and from the joyous celebrations of the reception to the quiet, reflective moments of the couple alone, Sandoval's storytelling is seamless and evocative.

Her ability to capture raw, authentic emotions is where her talent truly shines. Weddings are a tapestry of emotions—joy, love, anticipation, and even a few tears—and, as Caroline Sandoval reveals, it requires to be sensitive to capture all that. These emotional snapshots are the heartbeats of her wedding albums, providing a genuine connection to the memories.


Caroline Sandoval's work is not just about capturing moments but about creating an enduring legacy of love and beauty. Through her lens, she transforms the fleeting moments of a wedding day into timeless treasures, intertwining emotions and stories and presenting them beautifully.

BRIDE LIFESTYLE express interview with wedding photographer Carolina Sandoval

What do you believe, is the most crucial aspect for wedding photos to turn out great?

Good preparation and technique are the basis of a successful image, in addition, good involvement in the wedding day will make everything run more smoothly.


What sets you apart from other wedding photographers?

I listen a lot to my couples, and I try to capture their desired mood in my photographs. My style has an artistic but also editorial background and is sensitive and empathetic to the feelings of those in front of me, and this is evident from my photographs.

Why do you think people should invest in wedding photography and organizing weddings?

Because it is a unique memory, and it is worth investing in valid professionals.

How do you adapt your photography style to match the personalities of different couples?

I follow the mood of my spouses while maintaining my artistic side.


What editing process do you follow to reflect the mood and atmosphere of the wedding?

My editing is very natural; I don't use any presets or particular filters.

Can you share a memorable or unique moment you've captured that you're particularly proud of?

Remaining traditional, the brides' dances with their fathers, as well as the grooms with their mothers, are a truly touching moment to capture. Something particular? The unexpected flight of a guest from a cliff during the welcome dinner on the Amalfi coast, crazy!


How do you manage to stay present and enjoy the moment while capturing weddings?

I observe a lot before shooting, and I alternate moments in which I am very present with others where I follow the flow without continuously shooting.

What brings you the most satisfaction in life and your work?

Being able to stop the time with emotions. The wedding day is consumed very quickly by being caught up in so many things, and you don't have the opportunity to fully enjoy them, to look around, the photographs serve to freeze time and retrace it so as not to miss anything.

What does love mean to you, and how does that understanding influence your approach to photographing weddings?

Love over everything. The love I feel for my son. Sensitivity is essential to do this type of work.



Wedding photographer: Carolina Sandoval

Interviewed by Renāte Berga

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