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Greek culture is an inexhaustible source of inspiration in art, literature and fashion. Ancient Greek garments have something simple and naturally beautiful about them, and playing with their characteristic elements can serve as inspiration for a modern wedding dress. A Greece-inspired wedding dress will fit perfectly into a wide variety of wedding themes, from beach weddings to outdoor weddings and even formal weddings.

Classic Greek wedding dresses

Ancient Greece is associated with free-falling, draped clothing, pinned in different ways. When you look at these garments, you get the impression that the fabric in Greek garments is not intended to cover the body but to complement the body shape. Ancient Greek clothing is made timeless and elegant by the way it organically surrounds the body, following its shapes and movements. These outfits are not stiff, on the contrary, they are lightweight and flattering as fabrics unfold in all their glory right in motion. These features that make ancient Greek costumes outstanding in their simplicity are great guidelines to follow when choosing a wedding dress today because every bride wants to accentuate her body while feeling free.

In ancient Greece, women wore mainly two types of garments. One of them is a peplos - a simple, rectangular piece of wool fabric that was pinned together on the shoulders. The fabric could be folded and draped in different ways, it had a decorative strip at the bottom. The other, chiton, was similar to peplos but made of lighter fabric, most often linen. It consisted of two pieces that were fixed on the shoulders and wrapped around the waist with a belt. It could be both long and short, but in cooler weather, a shorter tunic could be worn over it. These outfits could be complemented by a himation worn on top of them in colder weather.

An integral part was various functional accessories – clips, pins, brooches, and belts which secured the outfits. These are less common accessories in wedding fashion today, so an original choice would be to add a luxurious brooch or pin to your wedding dress. The outfits were usually in light, neutral and natural tones, complemented by various patterns and embroidery. If you want to refresh your classic white wedding dress with interesting details, get inspired by the ancient Greeks and adorn it with decorative bands, delicate patterns, and unusual texture fabrics.


Of course, in ancient Greece, as in all times, there were differences between casual and festive clothing, as well as representatives of the upper layers of society wore outfits made of more sophisticated fabrics and more ornaments. Jewellery such as silver, gold, various gemstones and glass beads were important. The finishing touch to the image of the Greek bride is a loose hairstyle complemented by braids, hairpins and diadems.

Wedding dress for a goddess

Greek mythology is like a Pandora's box – it is explored and inspired by many, from historians to psychologists, archetype researchers and literary writers. Greek goddesses are a great source of inspiration for wedding dress designers and brides because the way they are portrayed reflects their character and essence. Every bride wants to wear not just a beautiful dress on her wedding day but an outfit that reflects her personality.

The goddess of wisdom, the warrior Athena could most likely be seen in a simple and comfortable chiton, complete with metallic jewellery. Artemis, the goddess of forest and hunting, and Demeter, the goddess of agriculture and nature, would also feel most comfortable in knee-length himation. In contrast, the goddess of love, Aphrodite, is depicted in delicate silk fabrics that radiate sensuality, tenderness and fragility. But as the goddess of marriage, Hera fits a tall, draped royal kiton, complemented by a luxurious headpiece, crown or diadem. Persephone is ever-changing because she is responsible for the change of seasons, so her image fits cloaks to put on or take off, depending on the weather.

Greek wedding dresses

Greece is associated with a laid-back lifestyle and the ability to appreciate and enjoy simple and beautiful things in life. It's not for nothing that Greek art focuses on the body and its beauty. The Greek-style wedding dress also wraps the body in a way that highlights its shape. Of course, loose and fleeting outfits are also inspired by Greece's warm climate, but they can be equally well worn in cooler climates, complemented by an extra layer of clothing. The Greek-inspired wedding dress is not only aesthetic and elegant, but it makes you feel graceful on your wedding day.

Author: Renāte Berga

Photo: Le Baobab Sposa

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